vacuum-wrapped liaison authority evisceration technique border inspection post
actinobacillosis actinomycosis sarcocystosis cysticercosis
oedematous meat cryptorchid pig lactiferous sinus golden jackal
Afro-Asian jackal locust organophosphate carbamate
pyrethrinoid cab rear panel feral pig sentinel piglet
service contract tollgate toll motorway n e i
n e s N i e not elsewhere identified not elsewhere indicated
not elsewhere specified not included elsewhere not elsewhere classified critical load
unleaded fuel lead-free fuel production fish armoured car service
courier service public debt management follow-up card aliphatic alcohol
convergence effect erythrodiol uvaol trilinolein
spectrophotometric investigation myristic acid arachidic acid eicosanoic acid
behenic acid lignoceric acid sensory analysis panel
review clause re-examination clause monitoring system rendering industry
formalin formol formaldehyde solution appeal procedure
palliative care aspirin acetylsalicylic acid tolmetin
pyrazole gear salicin salicylic acid
calculation of pensions photon SIMS breast-milk substitute
gardener third tier market plasma urokinase
loading solution buffered solution deep freezing quality of life
toxicological effect aquatic primary biomass method of detection detection method
European Development Pole project implementation unit right of reply closterovirus
satellite broadcasting equaliser direct satellite broadcasting direct satellite
Non-Destructive Assay non-destructive analysis LWGR RBMK
cash account tenant s liability polynuclear aromatics dioxin
standstill obligation authorised warehousekeeper interim allowance onshore sector
built-surface ratio real value capitalised earning power photo-oxidant
photochemical oxidant separate directive JRC outpost multiple international contracting
temporary posting temporary expatriation subsidised tourism research-industry interface
research-society interface technical steering group jarosite reprocessing off-site emergency
clearing of undergrowth bush clearance citrus cultivation area suboffice
courier service initiating device non-confidential summary information negative list
overspeed detection device screw lift accruing right acquired right
established right accrued right human insulin elver fishing
valliculture no-till farming no-till method zero tillage
direct seeding interlocutory proceedings EC-top secret EC-secret
EC-confidential security officer embargo formula benzalkonium bromide
drive-line benzalkonium saccharinate mexenone sulisobenzone
sulisobenzone sodium target tissue sulfonamide group ivermectin
benzylpenicillin ampicillin amoxicillin oxacillin
cloxacillin dicloxacillin chloramphenicol azaperone
nitrofurans group trimethoprim tetracyclines group febantel
fenbendazole oxfendazole levamisole levamisol
own-account carrier special regular service shuttle service occasional service
residual service Ministry of Transport pseudoephedrine acetylanthranilic acid
isosafrole piperonal safrole safrol
silk waste noil waste silk interline system
embryotoxic effect teratogenicity anchoring agent butylphthalyl butyl glycolate
butyl-methylcarboxybutyl phthalate sextolphthalate di- methylcyclohexyl phthalate di-isobutyl phthalate
methylphthalyl ethyl glycolate methyl-methylcarboxyethyl phthalate butylbenzylphthalate dicyclohexyl phthalate
lead hexafluorosilicate chlorfenac tetrapropyl dithiopyrophosphate aspon
barium acetate ethyl nitrite GMMO genetically modified micro-organism
phosphate buffered saline pustular vulvo-vaginitis infectious pustular vulvo-vaginitis low concessional loan
compressed natural gas excavator pre-stunning matching finance
consumer electronics charge-coupled device setting-off system social disadvantage
colour picture tube cash on delivery ADAM discussion seminar
air operator s certificate tuna seiner calendering machine calender
INNM application for revision contracting party natural person
public order public policy law and order local frontier traffic
capital gains tax waiter service interface port fish population
independent validation environmental review environmental protection system environmental audit
environmental statement environment statement contingency procedure double hull
VLCD very-low calorie diet low-calorie diet nautical tourism
boat tourism spring water source water water bomber
hazard warning signal hazard warning device thiophosphoric ester powder-actuated fastening
crawler-tractor dozer backhoe loader power shovel hydraulic excavator
OpCo operating company minimum guarantee fund portfolio of contracts
credit insurance equalisation reserve efficient portfolio management technical provision
due date repayment date date of expiry Lloyd s underwriter
service braking device secondary braking device parking braking device reserve of travel
anti-lock device controller modulator feeder organization
programming mandate tabagism tobacco abuse nicotinism
grass-fed beef transport premium PEPPER GVA UFL
concept of globality formation fund Tsetse fly declaration on forests
fostering Party of origin Affected Party Concerned Party
transboundary impact TR transfer note oil refinery crude oil refinery
asbestos-cement product groundwater abstraction log carrier interrupted transit
sick-bay LT certificate long-term certificate textile pulp
imprest account procedure fragmentation test mechanical strength test ball-impact test
abrasion test resistance-to-radiation test optical distortion test secondary-image-separation test
p-rosaniline hydrochloride basic fuchsin anhydrous sodium metabisulphite Schiff s reagent
ESCR consignment note CIM break bulk vessel vessel turn-around time
containerisable goods stock of containers third-country shipowner cross-trader
binder binder twine baler twine sisal twine
misappropriation of aid widow s pension widow s benefit widower s pension
widower s benefit basic process acid treatment photochemical pollution
citrus fruit fair inshore fishing deep sea fishing ignitability test
pluriactivity CEBV CFIDS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
myalgic encephalomyelitis postviral fatigue syndrome PVFS yuppie flu
chronic Epstein-Barr virus absorbable halogen compound hypochlorite bleaching mothproofing product
phenothiazine Euro-Odyssey non-sovereign territory O-acetylsalicylic acid
ferro-silicon notifier environmentally sound disposal environmentally sound re-use
specially engineered landfill incineration expression of interest stripping mechanism
daphnia ion chromatograph automatic washer peeled tomatoes
reducing gas recovery gas fatal by-product gas sticking mechanism
converter plasma coating refractory wear vacuum degasser
removal of scale descaling scale co-rolling
looperless rolling austenitic steel GDMS brittle fracture-toughness assessment
hydrogen permeation flue gas scrubber operational loading conditions galvanneal coating
aluminised strip hot dip coating off-shore application competitive threat
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