defrayal of interest modernisation loan vegetable water single notification dossier
deleted sequence plant nuclear genome target amount supplementary resource
additional resource VAT assessment base reference compensation Loan Guarantee Fund
monthly expenditure profile activated guarantee Nashi pear exemption certificate
recipient micro-organism parental micro-organism cereal-based weaning food Community scrapping measures
block train unloading price transit price monitoring agency
crop declaration permanent observer plenary agenda group-operated holding
zirconium sponge laminated safety glass glass granulate informatics framework contract
captive supplier electronic form machine-readable form e-form
beneficiary region cooperative research activity trade monitoring system kibbled grain
highly concessional loan rabies immunoglobulin acellular pertussis antigen proprietary know-how
immunocompromised patient varicella vaccine de-minimis market co-promotion agreement
co-promoter movement tracking form accumulation of material felting
colour fastness rayon regenerated fibre artificial fibre
knitted net tulle batting wadding
batt water-tightness hypertension total fertility
industrial plant industrial crop de facto population actual population
substantive error foil system non-automatic licence coordinating body
potassium hydroxide credit sale false flax gold-of-pleasure
camelina chicory exposed face ONCPB
uranium ore timothy agglomerated lignite trailer
Association Council corn-salad common cornsalad test gas
title clause Judge-Rapporteur Administrative Labour Regulation radioactive waste repository
voting by name Community anti-dumping legislation recovery operation hardener
thinner hygroscopicity environmental disorder habitat
habitat standard-vessel day metered dose inhaler Agricultural Information System
foreign investment company removal of peat turf-cutting peat-cutting
vermin epidemiological surveys epidemiological research peatery
peatland turf moor peat bog redox potential
oxidation-reduction potential predator root tubercle root nodule
noxious substance population density density of population tripton
rodent carnivore suspended matter growth inhibitor
behaviour pattern high-speed networking Executive Board Single Burning Item
white-lined chipboard grey board CEPI deadweight
collision beamer counterarming IEA Implementing Agreement
Understanding initiation Bangemann Group grading date
WVII-X possible large stellarator Longitudinal Conversion Loss high product yield
high stereospecificity black-tailed godwit nonvolatile storage non-volatile memory
Export Policy Committee Rapid Reaction Force CPISA velvet scoter
investor provisioning rate vacuvator pleading
geographical market geographic market inter-bank market negotiable instrument
original exposure rehabilitation of victims market value carcinogenesis
whitefly decision-making body withdrawal shareholders meeting
additional right development work Agricultural investment programme national guaranteed quantity
tourism impulse programme cruise ship cruising ship passenger cruise ship
cruise liner port of call port of landing port of discharge
European Shippers Organisation contact person subcontracting restrictive trade practice
anesthesiology anaesthetics neurosurgery neurological surgery
obstetrics and gynaecology ophthalmology pathological anatomy psychiatry
clinical biology vascular surgery gastro-enterology gastroenterology
dermato-venereology gastroenterological surgery tower crane sweet chestnut
European beech polychlorinated phenoxyphenol spruce recognised organisation
steering control steering mechanism steering political offence
equity swap insurance intermediation ORPAH psychic distress
illegal trafficking Health Act bullet-proof jacket bullet-proof vest
armoured vest riot shield anti-riot shield Community quota
readaptation aid protein partial hydrolysate ECAT public shareholder
ramjet engine pulse jet engine manipulator eligible costs
Austrian Postal Bank mortgage credit institution political group post-clearance import check
restructuring aid inland navigation local authority recommended practice
shore line aid for redeployment conversion aid ballast space
pilotage authority segregated ballast secondary crop non-fodder cereal
European Union Administrator agglomerated carbon terneplate spreadable fat
fat spread blended spread milk-fat content input unit
input device RSSI fire-extinguishing grenade operational pollution
International Tonnage Certificate combination carrier lifeboatman near-coastal voyage
PMSG common quality standard current access arrangements scrutiny period
white brined cheese EURO-ISDN pan-European ISDN mark pulse
return loss input port immunity interfering signal cable attenuation
frame alignment word multiframe alignment word sinusoidal jitter sinusoidal wander
input jitter Normal Operational Frame data link connection timer recovery state
peer busy condition total phase deviation tariff slippage victualling
barley starch oat starch burns treatment centre metallic glitter
whoopee cushion letter-post item postal parcel Colombo Panel
tritium breeding blanket process-plus-catalyst package integral-skin foam dehumidifier
virtual library telematics watch action water column sea-floor-water interface
sub-sea floor hydrothermalism active plate boundary sea-ice-system
surf zone swash zone subtidal ecosystem strategic marine research
underwater viewing scaling-up super-capacitor solar photovoltaic electricity
generic combustion annual adjustment allowance for shiftwork intervention wheat
reconstituted feed payment threshold repayment threshold banking pool
cracking aerosol propellent aerosol propellant quotation centre
waterproofing product Ministerial Decision Technology Cross-Licence Agreement initiation of proceedings
register latch pregelatinisation of starch Interchange Agreement WEEB
UNCID UNTDID head-off shrimp head-on shrimp
Joint Development Agreement Reciprocal Investment Agreement pozzolanic cement blast-furnace cement
blastfurnace cement high alumina cement basing-point system zone price method
pozzolana Portland cement destabiliser s tonnage EFTA Court insufficient working
insufficient processing Asean General Secretariat synthetic man-made filament artificial man-made filament
redistillation product sensitivity category hypophosphite phosphite
dumped import subsidies code open-market price anti-dumping complaint
subsidised import WTO Agreement government revenue currency retention scheme
Committee on Safeguards traditional ACP banana non-traditional banana EFIA
recovered halon TEAP threshold dose developmental toxicity
multi-generation study dominant lethal assay bi-layer film bi-layer technology
primary production waste agrochemical waste oily sludge tank bottom sludge
acid alkyl sludge filter clay natural gas purification oil regeneration
aqueous liquid waste basic organic chemical organic pigment organic dye
organic pesticide printing ink goethite bilge oil
shredder residue cargo sharing clause acquisition of land acquisition of dwellings
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