EB-PVD vibration test system vibration thruster casting furnace
rotor assembly equipment rotor straightening equipment single-convolution bellow biological safety cabinet
biological safety isolator optical ranging infrared imaging tactile measurement
inertial positioning force measurement torque measurement superalloy
low expansion glass TE-PVD cemented tungsten carbide precious metal
noble metal sensor window coating process film integrated circuit
multichip integrated circuit electro-optical integrated circuit optical integrated circuit signal processing
toggle frequency butterfly throughput electronic vacuum tube coupled cavity tube
helix tube volume acoustic wave bulk acoustic wave elastic wave
HDDR dynamic signal analyser octave filter ruggedised equipment
bremsstrahlung ICP MS microfluorination actinide fluoride
minimum resolvable feature hetero-epitaxial material silylation technique organo-inorganic compound
lithographic processing simulator hetero-bipolar transistor logic processor main storage
primary storage main memory graphics accelerator graphics coprocessor
three-dimensional vector rate terminal interface equipment systolic array computer neurocomputer
neural computer optical computer starling computing element
leaf miner theoretical performance Message Authentication Code Fast Fourier transform
Joule-Thomson deuterium fluoride SLAR sidelooking airborne radar
silicon intensifier target Doppler laser interferometer thallium arsenic selenide line replaceable unit
shop replaceable assembly ultimate tensile strength electrochemical machining electrodischarge machining
electrical discharge machining line terminating equipment intermediate amplifier equipment repeater equipment
multiplex equipment statistical multiplex equipment transmultiplex equipment digital crossconnection equipment
media access unit electromagnetic radiation underwater acoustic wave spreading code
acoustic carrier frequency electromagnetic carrier frequency phased array antenna band scrambling
acoustic beacon topographic mapping magnetostrictive element electrostrictive element
hydrophone hydrophone group spacing heading sensor terrestrial geophone
optical sensor solid-state detector image intensifier tube multi-element detector array
focal plane array lead sulphide triglycine sulphate lead-lanthanum-zirconium titanate
lithium tantalate strontium barium niobate lead selenide IFOV
instantaneous-field-of-view MTTF mean-time-to-failure minicooler
deformable mirror adaptive optic mirror lightweight monolithic mirror FWHI
optical opacity switch single-transverse mode semiconductor multiple-transverse mode semiconductor Q-switched laser
neodymium-doped laser single-transverse mode output multiple-transverse mode output active cooling
heat pipe cooling SHPL super-high power laser magnetic gradiometer
intrinsic magnetic gradiometer gravity meter gravimeter ISAR
heterodyne detection tecnique homodyne detection technique range instrumentation radar manganin
CdTe cadmium telluride CdZnTe cadmium zinc telluride
HgCdTe mercury cadmium telluride optical fibre preform ZnSe
zinc selenide potassium titanyl arsenate silver gallium selenide zirconium fluoride
hafnium fluoride phosphate glass fluorophosphate glass titanium doped sapphire
alexandrite gyro-astro compass profilometer reflectometer
AHRS integrated propulsion system fly-by-wire control system fly-by-light control system
surface static data FADEC yaw control encrypted communication equipment
ocean salvage system seafloor navigation system surface-effect vehicle subcavitating hydrofoil
supercavitating hydrofoil contrarotating propeller reduction gearing hub assembly
superconductive propulsion engine ventilated propeller system base-ventilated propeller system power transmission system
anti-noise signal anti-vibration signal pumpjet propulsion system water tunnel
cryogenic refrigerator cryogenic container closed-cycle refrigeration system supersonic combustion ramjet
scramjet ablative liner fluid injection secondary gas
thrust tab servo valve staging mechanism directional solidification equipment
ceramic core environmental chamber vibration environment acoustic environment
production equipment production facility tip shroud airfoil-to-disk blade combination
gas bearing turbo propeller turbo-prop propfan
flywheel housing bullet tuna kawakawa Eastern little tuna
banknote escarole Military Medal War Cross
direct costs cheque guarantee bank cheque Silver-gilt Medal
Grand Officer Grand Master currency conversion translation of currencies
conversion of currency functional transposing sequence period of limitation prescribed period
term of limitation request for information shovel loader excavator-loader
insured item registered item coefficient Nordic Postal Union
competition law diplomatic pouch diplomatic bag aquatic invertebrates
total sugar straight feedingstuff export moratorium medfly
Mediterranean fruit fly fruit fly chlamydiasis related entity
Food Aid Committee intermediate product Community preference sifting
customs service customs administration preferential trade arrangement preferential arrangement
tariff nomenclature value declaration international organised crime Media II
public information campaign criterion for exclusion lift-truck National Liberation Front
National Liberation Front National Liberation Front National Liberation Front financial management weakness
Democracy programme financial management culture watertight door nonylphenol ethoxylate
dry powder inhaler value added added value suburban service
stabiliser contractual exploitation right fast reactor fast neutron reactor
pay-per-view service hire purchase glucocorticoid subscriber
Gold medal flow controller dimethoxyamphetamine cost of loans
endogamy significance level level of significance High Contracting Parties
cardiovascular Community Water Policy Antidumping Code attempted suicide
savings bank salmon trout commercial bank Joint Solemn Declaration
SCAN glycerin micro silica tariff guideline
liquorice prudential regulation reed acetylmethadol
optical brightener declining of jurisdiction coconut papaya
lychee Fisheries Monitoring Centre tangerine life-cycle management
cashew nut emerging market economy symposium gas blower
sieve tray desublimer white pox virus monolithic integrated circuit
pitch nuclear law nuclear regulation trade fair
trade week spent fuel element co-insurance actuarial service
risk assessment service claim settlement service tangible property claim to money
oil product pipeline additional capital energy cycle Additional Facility Rules
Additional Facility Rule irradiated fuel element coal gas dehydrated tar
distilled tar reconstituted tar pitch coke crude petroleum oil
Havana Charter Standards Code dispute settlement roster freedom of transfer
Limiting Party crankcase gas recycling flour treatment agent fuel injection system
upstream filter water pump auxiliary bench blower oil feeder
injector pump flow-rate hydraulic convertor dynamometer brake load induction manifold heater
fuel supply pump alcoholic butter coolant pump exhaust brake
dried apple pomace bleached starch protein hydrolysate trimaran
rotary evaporator Ministerial Troïka socio-educational instructor Container Pool Convention
movable tank platform flat Pool member internal traffic
hop cone disposable flint lighter public access profile rule on competition
competition rule oil pipeline bank security Oceanographic Research Centre
vertically-shared competence joint operation cannabinoid hard drug
narcosis WSSD national court individual exemption