dispersion product propylene-glycol-ether gas cracker phthalic acid
shareholders credit employment scheme recycling plant reclaimed product
interest-bearing loan investment credit interest-bearing shareholders credit notarial agreement
orthochromatic film registration fee public money public resources
public funds current price receipt per passenger-kilometre exceptional loss
non-wage staff benefit negotiable costs principal activity core business
Regional Transport Inspectorate Regional Transport Department restrictive clause diamorphine
diacetylmorphine light building power transmission line process of liquidation
industrial building optical reader form application form banking subsidiary
better fortunes clause equal footing stock exchange law consultant bank
professional guarantee fund UKIG bromodichloromethane benzo ghi perylene
tryptose dipotassium hydrogen phosphate soya peptone iron ammonium citrate
ferric ammonium citrate real currency EUROPAP centre capitals region
decentralised concentration gift tax acoustical ranging acoustical imaging
setting time division of shares Electricity-from-Coal Law innovative new product
PP-BCF PA-BCF FDTCI romifidine
detomidine brotizolam non-detectable anti-personnel mine non-self-destructing anti-personnel mine
dumb anti-personnel mine verification mechanism mine clearance mine clearing
demining mine clearance specialist mine clearance instructor cargo rice
brown rice running tap test guidelines registered letter
letters rogatory storage costs smoke leakage air permeability
water vapour permeability fixed capital current liability medium-term arrangement
short-term arrangement allocation of surplus operating charge extraordinary charge
conversion difference soft aid initiated customer common customer
market segmentation deep-sea fishery agreement conferring jurisdiction letter of confirmation
detailed complaint obstructive bronco-pneumopathic condition purchasing entity qualification system
recurrent contract contract awarded Eurometaux REGIE
European EEIG Network bibliometrics act of accreditation road rehabilitation
EFWS Emergency Feedwater System lack of transposition failure to transpose
OCIR benthic fishery no growth instrument of approval
maritime area dependent sea salt content salinity
land-based source offshore activity offshore source offshore pipeline
floating self-propelled craft liver biopsy NMACS biliary peritonitis
waste minimization flat wooden pallet remote control installation NESC
amicable settlement morality radiocommunications terminal importing member
Market Conditions Committee worked cereal grains germ of cereals concessional transaction
wheat equivalent dexamethasone neospiramycin sodium dichloroisocyanurate
lecirelin dinoprost tromethamine urban service international grouping
allocation body scan control administrative back-up oil record book
cargo record book Certificate of Competency stability information deck machinery
Survey Report File explosimeter fire-fighting installation public address system
pressure alarm furocoumarine photomutagen photocarcinogen
musk ambrette photoallergen wheeled dozer persulphate
peroxodisulphate soil photolysis lysimeter field leaching
photochemical degradation soil dissipation soil accumulation nucleosil
intermediary institution excursion fare set-aside land sound cassette
audio cassette acrylic ester CVCS multiple-risk insurance
legal clause administrative clause plea of nullity over-regulation
over-legislation cellular telephony scooped ice-cream take home ice-cream
freezer cabinet glass packaging plastic container carbonated soft drink
one-way glass glass container per unit anti-littering tax
cryptofax parenteral drug use penal institution CBVD
cerebrovascular disease gas delivery pipeline TCM+TCA fibrescope
National Statistics Institute non-destructive test scraper spindle
activity report operational fund letter of reminder dipentamethylenethiuram disulphide
heat shield shredding dressing Lomé Convention
ACP-EC Convention marker post mutual recognition agreement pedestrian area
VAT resources base VAT own-resources base chloroacetamide taking cuttings
deadly nightshade belladona final product clove
ginseng drug control drug-dependent offender PACE
wood pulp Corporate Telecommunications Network Common Systems Interface small infrastructure project
intermediate support structure Depositary Government offshore installation MCWES
merger control Political Affairs Committee cigarette spill TAO AFI
Inter-institutional Data-processing Committee proteinuria albuminuria UNCED
World Environment Conference Earth Summit EFTA Consultative Committee CMEA
token entry Ritalin methylphenidate hydrochloride vegetation protection threshold
radiation therapy radiotherapy therapeutic radiology actinotherapy
net material product pellet closed-door tour data storage assembly
voice telephony service state-recognised childcare worker nurse - anaesthetics ancillary expenses
incidental expenses incidentials miscellaneous expenses unforeseeable expenses
unforeseen expenditure ancillary expenditure lingonberry decolorization
immunological medical product frozen sperm frozen semen ordered clone library
human genetic map epidemiological surveillance epidemiological health surveillance lambliasis
giardiasis infective agent infectious agent dormancy
lipid lysosome macrophage mutation
protein transgenic placebo dissimilation
dominance double-stranded DNA double-strand DNA inoculum
protoplast site specific mutagenesis site directed mutagenesis lincosamide
persimmon khaki recirculating system preventive medical treatment
preventive treatment prophylactic treatment prophylaxis preventive medical care
shotgun cloning heterologous DNA cloned genomic library tracer
marker single strand DNA catabolite repression mutant
hemagglutination hemoagglutination haemagglutination haemagglutination unit
haemagglutination inhibition IVPI intravenous pathogenicity index immunodoublediffusion
standard macrocell Dalacine clindamycin etoposide
mycosis fungal infection glutaraldehyde gram staining
Gram stain haemolysis hemolysis cythemolysis
HIV-positive person HIV seropositive person immunofluorescence infectivity
infectiousness interleukin intravenous drug user IVDA
IVDU intravenous drug abuser lysate oncogene
parvovirus sickle cell anemia sickle cell disease sickle cell anaemia
spyromycin spiramycin transfusion safety multi-antigenic approach
mtDNA mitochondrial DNA provirus sequence eukaryotic recipient
DNA sequencing somatotrophic hormone growth hormone HIV-testing set
host response HIV self-testing kit multicentre study salmonella
intradermal tuberculin test well reactor thalassemia
Mediterranean anaemia eosinophilia myalgia syndrome parasite check functional decline
mediastinal lymph node hepatic lymph node mesenteric lymph node retropharyngeal lymph node
submaxillary lymph node parotid lymph node nucleocapsid antigen immunotoxicity
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