per capita income margin of tolerance Democratic Social Movement Dikki
Democratic Renewal Movement knotted net fabric transition plan change-over plan
inflationary pressure wage inflation initial investment penalty rate
settlement agent disturbance of consciousness clouding of consciousness day centre
delusion delirium depersonalisation depressive illness
depression derealization deviant behaviour abnormal behaviour
diplopia perception disorder perceptual disturbance distortion of perception
inability to concentrate distractibility drug abuse anischuria
bedwetting enuresis incontinence of urine aconuresis
environmental factor ergotamine group psychotherapy dependence-producing drug
habit-forming drug addictive drug neuroleptic cephalgia
caphalalgia medical authority henbane heroin addict
high blood pressure impairment of perception laudanum levophenacylmorphan
medicinal herb memory psychiatric patient mentally ill person
MAOI monoamine oxidase inhibitor myoclonus naloxone
national health service neurological disorder neuron neurone
nerve cell dimenoxadol pharmacologist sociopath
psychopath physical dependence pseudohallucination neurosis
relapse rate relief from tension relaxation schizophrenic psychosis
schizophrenia ataractic drug ataraxic ataractic
self-administration soft drug solvent thinner
dilutant settlement date surrogate substitute
non-opposition procedure short-term loan thymoleptic therapeutic community
maintenance treatment toxicologist toxicology tremor
vertigo lightheadedness visual disturbance defective vision
withdrawal disintoxication absinth common monkshood
aconite pharmacological action pharmacologic action hearing capacity
auditory acuity chronic alcoholism weak-sightedness amblyopia
local anesthesia local anaesthesia anaesthetic local anaesthetic
anorectic agent appetite depressant anorectic opioid antagonist
opiate antagonist antiparkinsonian cough suppressant antitussive
anxiolytic agent anxiolytic apoplexy atropine
detoxication unit detoxication ward disintoxication unit disintoxication ward
drug treatment centre withdrawal centre detox centre mental clouding
mental confusion thinking disorder thought disorder confusion of mind
exciccosis dyspnoea respiratory depression dyspnea
ethyl ether hyperglycaemia hypoglycaemic pharmaceutical industry
alcoholic intoxication marijuana pupil dilation pupillary dilation
mydriasis miosis neuroplegic drug active principle
psychoanaleptic drug medical supervision personality disorder character disorder
respiratory disorder respiratory disturbance disorder of breathing social environment
social background imitative impulse psychopharmacon self-regulating community
psychic disorder emotional disorder eau-de-vie aconitine
alcohol betaprodine allylprodine alphameprodine
alphamethadol alphaprodine amobarbital anileridine
apomorphine arecoline benzedrine benzethidine
benzylmorphine benzyl isoquinolines betameprodine betamethadol
bufotenine respiratory rhythm respiration rate cannabis
cathine ketobemidone chandoo chloral
chloral hydrate chlordiazepoxide chlorpromazine clonitazene
coca leaf coca leaf chewing coca bush cohoba powder
cyclazocine dihydrodeoxymorphine desomorphine dexedrine
dexamphetamine dextromoramide diapromide diazepam
ethylmethylthiambutene ethylmorphine etonitazene rhinorrhea
etoxeridine fluphenazine furethidine glutethimide
haloperidol hashish hexobarbital hydrocodone
hydromorphinol hydromorphone hydroxypethidine hyoscyamine
imipramine isomethadone levomethorphan levomoramide
levorphanol lithium salt meprobamate mescaline
metazocine methadone hydrochloride methyldesorphine methyldihydromorphine
methylphenidate metopone dihydromethylmorphinone morpheridine
base-morphium muscarine myristicin myrophine
nalorphine narceine narcotine nicomorphine
quaker button poison nut norlevorphanol normethadone
normorphine ololiuqui smoking opium medicinal opium
prepared opium opium alkaloid ocycodone oxymorphone
papaverine poppy capsule poppy juice pentazocine
pethidine peyote mescal-button phenexodone
phenampromide phenazocine red tape excessive bureaucracy
phenomorphan phenoperidine piminodine preludin
prochlorperazine proheptazine properidine psilocin
quinine racemethorphan racemoramide racemorphan
Rauwolfia alkaloid reserpine scopolamine secobarbital
thebacon theobromine teonanacatl trimeperidine
trimethoxyamphetamine loss of conciousness tryptamine abulia
time sense sense of time compulsory abstinence long-term abuse
long-standing abuse occasional misuse occasional abuse regular abuse
rapid heartbeat acroesthesia poppy straw analgesic action
euphoriant action stimulating action excitant action narcotic action
hypnotic action paralysing action olfactory acuity social adolescence
chronic brain damage phychomotor agitation state of agitation aggressivity
aggressiveness alkaloid alcoholic alcoholism
alcohol dependence impaired judgement alteration in judgement slimming drug
amphetaminism amphetamine dependence antipyretic analgesic toxicological analysis
chromosomal abnormality personality inadequacy personality aberration anomia
specific narcotic antagonists drug blocking medication antidote treatment anuria
anuresis apathy apnoea group membership
drug supply network driving ability respiratory failure respiratory arrest
muscular atrophy reduced school performance short-acting barbiturate barbiturate type dependence
police drug squad burglary of a pharmacy cannabism cannabis addiction
impairment of judgement difficulties in judgement intelligence failure coenesthesia
cenesthesia change of mood brain chemistry pharmacochemistry
chromosome breakage chromosomal breaks crisis of civilisation drug clinic
special withdrawal clinic cocainism cocainomania cocaine addiction
coherent thought outburst fit of temper underground group
fringe group alcoholic coma sense of inferiority inferiority complex
psychopathological complication somatic complication aggressive behaviour compulsive behaviour
delinquent behaviour criminal behaviour infantile behaviour passive behaviour
drug use behaviour drug abusing behaviour headache tablet feeling of displeasure
seizure of narcotics feeling of estrangement feeling of insufficiency expansion of consciousness
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