permanent marking tape traffic paint hot applied thermoplastic cold applied plastic
antiskid aggregate premixed glass beads retro-reflecting road stud traffic bollard
fixed danger lamp permanent warning device delineator road lighting column
vehicle restraint system transition barrier pedestrian restraint system pedestrian bridge parapet
curtain walling geotextile geocomposite geosynthetic
geogrid geomembrane geonet own-label product
private label product own-brand product genetically modified IBEX
yellow-legged gull Viracept nelfinavir human pathogen
naseberry sapodilla plum sapodillo plum chiku
bioweapon biological weapon vertical restriction vertical restraint
anti-infective anti-infectious agent aminoglycoside aminosidine
iminophenyl thiazolidine derivative marbofloxacin antiparasitic agent antiparasitic drug
antiparasitic ecto-parasite external parasite ectoparasite
thiazolidine cymiazole mitadiné grains mottled grain
sprouted grain Hagberg falling number virginiamycin bacitracin zinc
halofuginone tiamulin maduramicin ammonium binder
anti-caking agent anti-stick agent anticaking agent calcium aluminate
natrolite-phonolite radioactive caesium airport user self-handling
airport users committee catering service French Petroleum Institute counter-terrorist cooperation
national counter-terrorist agency operational intelligence Directory Manager Grotius
Sherlock SLORC SPDC torture
summary execution political arrest forced displacement forced migration
displacement national reconciliation examining magistrate ministry official
ministerial official criminal investigation officer court officer court interpreter
Energy Consultative Committee report COICOP arbitrary execution
democratic transition process European electoral unit chartering by rotation serious market disturbance
cermet metal ceramic composite ceramic metal laminated paperboard
carborundum textile bast fibre bast fibre degras
demobilised troops Geographical Committee Tempus II mobility grant
linguistic diversity multilingual service language industry tele-translation
tele-interpretation concertation network single checking system Community import licence
concomitant Decision pluralist democracy bilateral conference multidisciplinary conference
Document of Principle IVPN propellant gas horizontal action
audit firm regulatory body fraudulent activity obligation of confidentiality
virtual enterprise serious fraud illegal act accounting document
civil liability limited liability professional liability audited company
wrongful act book keeping record keeping professional secrecy
qualifying examination Mobile Information Centre haematotoxicity granulocyte test
acute neutropenia embryotoxicity RESAL bypass tunnel
aqueduct pumping station de-sanding primary settling
digestion facility flare pit chlorination facility guard post
equalising tank biogas generator slurry thickening sewerage manhole
expropriation accredited training institute settling tank rain-water
earthworks sludge digestion lawful authorisation target service
electoral constituency electoral district constituency Bulgarian State Railways
North Calotte Karelian Republic enclave industrial pollution
harmful emission metal industry neighbouring regions agreement Sustainable Cities project
identification code ESSN Danube Space GIEK
FEDERTESSILE complainant grey fabric finishing operation
fishing activity licence application eligibility to fish continuous satellite tracking
statement of boarding input tax AAVB MARS
chemical tanker chemical carrier radio duty company
appropriate certificate seagoing service disciplinary measure ARPA
straddling stock high seas area inspecting State port State
abuse of right intelligent manufacturing system International Steering Committee advanced manufacturing
agile manufacturing fractal factory bionic manufacturing holistic enterprise integration
recyclability rapid prototyping method global economy extended enterprise
umbrella organization drug tourism TFIS IADS
eligibility criterion application form migratory fish stocks ozone-depletion potential
ozone-depleting potential refrigerant refrigerating circuit evaporator unit
natural rubber intervention price established commercial market INRC
Deputy Executive Director Buffer Stock Manager Committee on Administration Committee on Statistics
Buffer Stock Account buffer stock book of accounts reference price
trigger action price trigger price activating price indicative price
market indicator price gas pipeline atmospheric distillation naphtha isomerization
etherification thermal power station hydroelectric power plant hydroelectric power station
hydroelectric station hydropower plant hydroelectric plant underground cable
submarine cable dry steam coal black lignite brown coal lignite
peat hard coal briquette patent fuel coal briquette
lignite briquette brown coal briquette briquette peat briquette
dried lignite lignite breeze hard coke unburnt coal residue
semi-coke gasworks coke coke breeze primary product
transformation sector visible parasite Euro-Mediterranean project surveillance authority
baseline authorised gear low-water mark low-water line
wet trawler OSEM Rear Party imazethapyr
cyanazine asparaginase thermolysine smartpower circuit
Inro CRDS OISIN regional group
CACM General Secretariat Permanent Secretariat replacement certificate
domino effect ITEF flammable highly flammable
flammable liquid flammable fluid extremely flammable gas tapered roller bearing
taper roller bearing platinum group metal MLCC multilayer ceramic capacitor
LPPM NYMEX TOCOM Tokyo Commodity Exchange
CJD-V NV-CJD variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease vCJD
COLIPA system control segment Iridium Systems Practices low earth orbit
drinking milk unprocessed milk raw milk pasteurised milk
sterilised milk jellied milk concentrated milk evaporated milk
cream milk powder whole milk powder dried whole milk partly-skimmed milk powder
semi-fat milk powder SFMP partly skimmed-milk powder rendered butter
butteroil dehydrated butter anhydrous butter butyric fat
butterfat concentrated butter reduced-fat butter three quarter-fat butter
three-quarter butter reduced fat butter low-fat butter half-fat butter
MFFB soft cheese semi-soft cheese semi-hard cheese
hard cheese very hard cheese acid casein rennet casein
rennet-casein paracasein total whey serum powder
whey powder powdered whey lactalbumin private generator
autoproducer independent producer transmission distribution of gas
distribution wholesale customer final customer direct line
economic precedence ancillary service integrated electricity undertaking vertically integrated undertaking
horizontally integrated undertaking long-term planning single buyer single buyer proposal
small isolated system first-stop shop non-confidential partner-search network new-technology-based firm
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