NTBF AEJA financial restructuring voluntary redundancy
House of Representatives New Horizons Council of Ministers psychiatric clinic
telematic network zero tolerance SIGL report
Commission Work Programme polyester English Translation Division I-EDN
control method biosensor biocaptor remnants of war
debris of war Petersberg tasks Petersberg missions child sex abuser
criminal activity amfepramone alternative trading organisation Alternative Trade Association
association of criminals humanitarian association APAET police authority
judicial assistance enzymatically hydrolysed carboxymethylcellulose clobenzorex Tourist Code
national committee Habitat Canadian Labour Congress CSEC World Congress
National Business Council broken lease customs check police check
crossroads other costs external costs Bucharest Declaration
Bucharest Danube Declaration tax deduction deduction of tax parliamentary democracy
dexfenfluramine user charge decoding device implementation provisions
EMPH Danube country input fenbutrazate
phendimetrazine fenfluramine phenmetrazine fenproporex
phentermine magnesium phosphate National Islamic Front APAF
Agricultural Pre-Accession Fund Competitiveness Advisory Group hepatitis B tourist industry
regulatory instrument sensitive route open access lessee
fluctuation margin fluctuation band mazindol mefenorex
consumer movement plain pasteurised cream norpseudoephedrine New Democratic Party
part-work Progressive Conservatives Reform Party PICS
judicial practice Philoxenia RTTCP propylhexedrine
collective property child prostitution cultural resources legal reform
law reform reversionary interest encrypted service trade surplus
digital television healthcare tourism health tourism sex tourism
sex tourist producer group ESDP competent institution
competent State benefit reference period civilian service
transfer of residence accident while travelling pneumoconiosis sclerogenic pneumoconiosis
dependent child stamp tax stamp duty notarial fee
claim declaration contribution tax agent
sea pilot welfare institution extending fee-sharing adoption grant
adoption allowance prenatal allowance antenatal allowance rehabilitation benefit
supplementary allowance National Solidarity Fund disabled adults allowance special allowance
congenital hemolytic anaemia allowance for spasmophiliacs non-contributory widow s pension common ministerial order
dependent child benefit blind pension lone parent s allowance carer s allowance
family income supplement mobility allowance domiciliary care allowance blind welfare allowance
allowance civilian disabled civilian invalid incapacity to work
incapacity for work maternity allowance compensatory supplement nursing allowance
care allowance non-contributory family allowance nursing mother s allowance non-contributory invalidity pension
non-contributory old-age pension child-care allowance basic unemployment allowance basic pension
invalid care allowance family credit attendance allowance disability working allowance
unemployment assistance Social Insurance Code Social Security Code Social Code
Insurance Regulations National Pensions Office National Pension Office Occupational Illnesses Fund
Occupational Diseases Fund district administration municipal administration social commission
Railways Insurance office Mariners Insurance Fund Agricultural Old-Age Fund Federal Labour Office
Federal Employment Agency Provincial Directorate Inem National Employment Office
National Employment Institution Mariners Social Institute FFSA Family Allowances Fund
temporary incapacity permanent incapacity Miners Relief Society National Employment Agency
Mariners Pension Fund Mariners Retirement Fund NAII Agricultural Insurance Organisation
OAED Labour Employment Office local health unit Ministry of Health
maritime fund Agricultural Pension Fund Employment Office Miners General Fund
local office National Pensions Centre Employment Centre Regional Employment Directorate
National Employment Office National Manpower Agency Merchant Navy Pool Regional Insurance Office
road transport telematics Liberal Democracy party GRÜNE Greens
Agalev Alternative living CSP-EVP ECOLO
Ecology Green Party Ecolo-Verts Ecological Party PRL FDF
People s Union Radical Energy Other Europe PS app
Socialist Party affiliated UDF-AD UDF-FD UDF-PPDF
Green Party United Communists Fed Verdi Green Federation
Ind Sin Independent Left Pannella Reform Group SGP GPV RPF
CN-CC IU-IPC CNAC partnership framework
degree of freedom performance characteristic Probit analysis probability analysis
sampling ratio sampling rate towing device digital subscriber loop
Digital Subscriber Line secret floating liability money market
right to life right to marry nonylphenol chlorotrifluoromethane
ethyl methyl ether stent high pressure room for manoeuvre
margin of manoeuvre agglomeration distribution of tasks Securities Contact Committee
Committee on Nomenclature Nomenclature Committee Committee on Classification ACPH
innocent passage scientific observer continuous satellite-tracking system settlement of boarding
Bt-endotoxin glufosinate-ammonium glufosinate ammonium bacterial promoter
phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase protein kinase kinase prokaryotic promotor
maize borer corn borer virgin wool fleece wool
llama camel kashmir guanaco
silk kapok coir coconut
Sunn Henequen Maguey triacetate fibre
nylon fibre polyester fibre polycarbamide fibre elastodiene fibre
amiton chlorpicrin nitrochloroform trichloronitromethane
chloropicrin ethyldiethanolamine methyldiethanolamine wet nitrogen deposition
wet sulphur deposition strong acidity footbrake pedal pivot braking device
brake operation device reserve travel anti-slip provision compressor
control valve valve unit emergency break hand brake
park brake parking brake p-brake emergency braking device
parking brake ratchet footvalve quick-release valve isolation tap
self-sealing valve brake-power assist unit brake servo unit master cylinder
rigid brake pipe flexible brake hose brake lining brake covering
brake drum brake disc brake cable brake actuator
spring loaded brake spring brake brake pressure regulator brake proportioning valve
load sensing device load sensing valve load-proportioning valve automatic slack adjuster
retarder system retarder steering play steering system attachment
wheel bearing direction indicator lamp direction-indicator lamp direction indicator
hazard warning lamp anti-lock warning device warning triangle wheel chock
aural warning device audible warning device lifebuoy lifebuoy self-igniting light
immersion suit rocket parachute flare hand flare buoyant smoke signal
line-throwing appliance liferaft hydrostatic release unit rescue boat
survival craft lifeboat rigid rescue boat davit
float-free launching appliance free-fall launching appliance launching appliance embarkation appliance
embarkation ladder radar transponder radar reflector oil-filtering equipment
oil-content meter echosounding equipment echo-sounder speed-and distance-measuring equipment