four-stroke cycle ASAP detra distortion of trade
DITRA deflection of trade Establishment Board paid sick leave
grant an application clinical expenses prosthesis expenses hospital expenses
pharmaceutical expenses Community tax local allowance disciplinary measure
instructions for use kidney fat FUPD ologopsony
newly created post post becoming vacant rank reimbursement of expenses
total remuneration compensatory leave downgrading table of salaries
manual duties establishment salary differential corrective payment
eligibility for promotion retirement notification of competition notice of competition
cost of accommodation non-active status dismissal for incompetence period of service
salary scale rituximab drying maltol
nepotism alpha-amylase rail freight freeway freight freeway
VANS value-added network service local service provider IPSN
SMEDA SME Development Agency ICEM ANRD
NCTS explicit call transfer user-to-user signalling Scientific Steering Committee
RIME explanatory report interpretative protocol Accession Convention
criminal jurisdiction mother convention life sentence extradition agreement
warrant of arrest accessory extradition fine make a reservation
logistical support logistic support final sentence conditional liberty
provisional arrest discriminatory prosecution operation coordination unit ILDE
LDEI third system third sector registration certificate
register of vehicles fluorescent fibre fluorescent imprint deliberate self-harm
shipping register register of shipping NRWG European Utility Requirements
benchmark exercise LOCA Important Bird Area bromoform
dibromochloromethane insurance cover private debtor public debtor
post-maturity interest risk portfolio risk ceiling respiratory disease
allergy ATYCA Stability Pact FRED
clopidogrel irbesartan anti-platelet drug ischemic stroke
myocardial infarction heart attack myocardium vascular arrest
symptomatic atherosclerotic disease RTD Framework Programme municipal undertaking pollution-related disease
RIET internet telephony special measures socio-educational instructor
unpaid leave vacant post off-season fixed allowance
aristolochic acid tetrahydrozoline tosylchloramide sodium silage making
mobile telephony trolling longline ECRI carfentrazone-ethyl
fosthiazate fluthiamide interregional secretariat international coordinating partner
remote ID autonomous offshore plant transplant labour force corporate technical memory
organisational learning affiliate background rights foreground
Jurists Fund Hoteliers Provident Fund Mariners Health Fund Seaman s Home
Seamen s Home safety accessory CSPRS SRMCR
pressure accessory permanent joint wellhead blowout preventer
hot-blast recuperator dust extractor blast-furnace exhaust-gas scrubber direct reducing cupola
gas converter melting pan re-melting steel casting
rotating machine mobile off-shore unit flexible casing hydrostatic test
co-morbidity comorbidity collocation generic access profile
Committee of Ambassadors Subcommittee on Sugar Commodities Committee cross-ply tyre structure
reinforced tyre structure tread groove main groove overall width
nominal aspect ratio outer diameter tyre size designation nominal rim diameter
theoretical rim measuring rim test rim chunking
cord separation ply separation snow tyre multiservice tyre
rolling circumference Average Combustion Time Average Combustion Length field generator
Portland-slag cement Portland-silica fume cement Portland-fly ash cement Portland-burnt shale cement
Portland-limestone cement low heat cement sulfate resisting cement white cement
low alkali cement calcium aluminate cement masonry cement calcium lime
dolomitic lime hydraulic lime hydraulic road binder mefenoxam
ethoxysulfuron famoxadone macroconstituent microconstituent
solanine cyanogenic glycoside anticarcinogen anti-nutritional factor
homologous system taxonomic species heterologous system segregational stability
horizontal stability allergenic potential sequence epitope homology gastrointestinal protease
skin prick test phenotypic selection biochemical selection intestinal flora
gut microorganisms host organism parent food organism BMPS
Info Point Europa flumioxazine flumioxazin PAGE
polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis fatty acid profiling biovar hexose alcohol
cellobiose dulcitol subphenotype trehalose
hypersensitivity reaction genomic fingerprinting working dilution sterile distilled water
ultra pure water tris-acetate-electrophoresis epinasty Kelman s tetrazolium medium
maceration buffer pelletbuffer PBS-T Phosphate Buffered Saline-Tween
phosphatase substrate PLEPCI Aristeion Prize architectural heritage
movable heritage movable cultural heritage non-movable heritage European heritage laboratory
transnational joint venture pan-European network hubbing service EVPNUA
EVUA special appeal permanent secretariat executive secretary
Administrative Committee Infoporc medical physicist extrajudicial document
Community air carrier safety functions officially approved organisation conversion training
plurinationality broad-spectrum antibiotic protection of minors protection of infants
European Numbering Forum ETNS easy access equal access
UIFS European Authority optimisation agreement supply agreement
Centraco National Operational Programme CIOP drought
dry sub-humid area profitable disease tropical disease molecular medicine
tropical medicine slavery traffic in children child trafficking
servitude serfdom plurinational International Steering Committee
judicial document recurrent training background vessel
piping nominal size steam engine actuating device
Cooperation Council air cushion radial tyre structure digestibility
poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate stunting tetrasodiumpyrophosphate radiotherapeutic practice
liability majority system majority electoral system mobile multimedia system
mobile multimedia digital information childcare leave request for amendment
dessert wine PABX degree of alcohol actual alcoholic strength
producer caustic soda IRCT cash account
bouquet restricted Translation Service poplar plantation
load area Zaire Republic of Zaire Yugoslavia
Alaska Arab world Ascension Island Ascension
Atlantic Buddhism Ceuta Corsica
Czechoslovakia Hawaii Herzegovina Hinduism
Christianity international Judaism Kurdistan
Kirghizia Leeward Islands Melilla Nordic Countries
Quebec Schengen Group Scotland Sikhism
Islam Spitsbergen Tristan da Cunha Vojvodina
Windward Islands language engineering parameter combating organised crime
alphabetic character alphanumeric code voice profile voice print
optical reading machine reading testing procedure test procedure
COMSEC Communications Security integrated information system growth stimulant
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