converging environment multimedia computer digital wireless service simplified legal procedure
moderately harmful rollover stability network of cinemas cinema network
risk analysis methodology profile selection meat-processing company meat-processing sector
technological organisational change linguistic audit technological advance combating exclusion
innovative approach open learning creator designer teleplacement
hearse laying in a coffin coffining coal sector
fight against corruption combating corruption anti-corruption measure active personality principle
passive personality principle joint enterprise scheme International Fisheries Agreement single mother
RIPC Rural Carrefour Urban Forum network of lecturers
priority information campaign expensed subsidy SCAZ employment commitment
fund management company securitisation vehicle insurance reinsurance company captive finance company
fieldmouse Polfin Liner Conference sto-ro stowable ro-ro cargo
sto-ro cargo common control system telephone transmission tunable laser
line selectable laser laser transition slew wing aircraft oblique wing aircraft
tilt-wing aircraft tilt-wing airborne vehicle radar frequency agility frequency agility
optical amplification semiconductor optical amplifier signal analyser rotary atomisation
vacuum atomisation real-time bandwidth monospectral imaging sensor multispectral imaging sensor
hyperspectral imaging sensor personalised smart card discrete component stored programme control
primary flight control optical switching pulse compression power management
token sense crypto variable secret parameter hot isostatic densification
active tooling unit spectral efficiency trellis coding melt extraction
run out fixed algorithm synchronous transport module immunotoxin
equivalent density monocrystalline whisker polycrystalline whisker instrumented range
space qualified spread spectrum radar synchronous transport signal specific tensile strength
dynamic adaptive routing multilevel security sub-unit of toxin variable geometry airfoil
end-use certificate institutional reform appeal authority training aid
affirmation in lieu victim service unauthorised absence SNIRB
period of maturing ageing finishing maturing
inter-municipal undertaking late payment Spokesman s group implementing regulations
exercise powers to fill a vacancy to post category A
category B category C category D service
remuneration starting grade perform functions to staff working conditions
social welfare bodies working day performance of duties holder of a post
refuse permission to former official reasoned decision police regulations
subordinate threat through grave negligence obtain compensation to
staff association special experience pension contribution official on secondment
in exceptional circumstances family circumstances service pay notional step
months of service notional salary particular duties pregnant woman
practitioner s fees duly established total pension difference in age
divorced wife provisional pensions definitive pensions pension increase
facts complained of official charged call witnesses to depositions
relevant evidence extract from a regulation salary before deductions temporary staff
highly specialised post local practice sickness scheme remarriage
terminate a contract to conditions of engagement grading days actually worked
monthly remuneration employer s contributions occupational expenses personal expenses
exceptional services tax proceeds place of assignment official car
currency of a country estimate removal firm mission
problem of accommodation first-class rail fare level of remunerations joint index
retrospectively place of leave institution s medical officer descendants
surgical expenses radiography expenses massage expenses orthopaedic expenses
loan disciplinary measure disciplinary action length of service
entitlement to pension year of service minimum subsistence figure public-spirited act
rates of contributions disciplinary measures selection board removal from post
offence lodge a complaint to notification of a decision special provisions
inventor award a bonus to definitive provisions exceptional merit
total staff complement total staff final provisions members and alternates
conditions for election local section senior officials marking tests
form reasoned report death of spouse distance by rail
one hour off extra time worked income from employment head of household
primary educational establishment temporary fixed allowance place of recruitment class
half fare night travel own car rail fares
public transport hotel bill time to think reflection period
exclusive distribution incentive scheme recommended resale price incentive fee
risk of insolvency insolvency risk lending rate security agreement
telematics technology collusion instantaneous bandwidth production facilities
image enhancement Budgets Personnel and Administration at - request
active employment termination of service resignation compulsory resignation
basic post sums repaid implied decision rejecting general implementing provisions
second vote pecuniary advantages pecuniary benefits scale of remuneration
original classification initial classification survivor s pension grade
salary class transfer administrative status compensatory leave
special leave surviving spouse transitional provisions autolysis
autolyse child psychiatry neuro-psychiatry neuropsychiatry
phenoxymethylpenicillin phenoxymethyl penicillin retention of title caching
structural stability fiscal pressure legislative process agreement service contract
stroke instrument panel dashboard steering transmission
steering linkage antibiotic resistance de facto control open air discussion
popular courts Gacaca justice EUEB RRTF
LRDP democratic government human rights violation human rights abuse
consolidation of democracy democratic consolidation consolidating democracy Ministry of Labour
legal adviser article law enforcement service forensic research
closer cooperation closure of accounts taking of evidence specification of expenditure
classification of expenditure dash Delors II package Delors I package
own resources Decision summary budget tables indicative financial programming guarantee expenditure
financial solidarity loan guarantee own resources system customs duties
budget-balancing resource repayable advance non-repayable advance intergovernmental advance
instalment fourth resource repayable aid breakdown
redeployment measure net balance provisions cancelled commitments
budgetary decision-making process budgetary imbalance steering committee balance-of-payments support
out-turn in payments grand total Community GDP agricultural duties
structural operations technical adjustment expenditure ceiling own resources ceiling
multiannual allocation commitments correction for inflation multiannual operation
negative co-decision EEA financial mechanism deficit carried over yield from levies
cash position operational restriction non-addition rule non-operation rule
cultural environment technical consumer goods non-governmental youth organisation protective award
failure to cooperate professional football team illegal content qualification-round match
mobile student non-mobile student laser pointer fibre production industry
combating counterfeiting LIFE-Nature starter measure co-op measure
assist measure LIFE-Environment LIFE-Third Countries standby mechanism
counterproductive effect drug precursor chemical reassessment of conformity bromoethylene
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