refugee integration integration of refugees illegal activity discretion
chromyl dichloride inland waterway transport technical viability re-notification
budgetary structure central marketing system repetition of offences recidivism
European dimension level of protection global information society sectoral network
deceleration in activity accidental marine pollution framework for cooperation Europol Security Committee
Europol Security Coordinator Europol Security Officer security manual basic protection level
revised version third body child-pornography material physical integrity
education area excessive nationalism exaggerated nationalism respect for minorities
spirit of tolerance young volunteer public broadcasting system fair trading
consent by receiver established service provider commercial communication coordinated field
hosting educational pathway school partnership European knowledge centre
voluntary repatriation mobile worker adequate rest minimum rest period
night worker gas chromatograph economic entity preventive verification
in-depth verification macroscale siting microscale siting interfering source
standby duty region in decline HBES transmission and multiplexing
short range device mobile earth station irrigated land ISM equipment
vending industry coarse milling explosive atmosphere ad hoc consultation
landscape diversity Community Biodiversity Strategy trenbolone acetate electronic taximeter
low-voltage assembly automatic electrical control LBRDC ROMES
MMES metabolic diversity aquatic production secrecy of deliberations
labour-intensive service low-wage worker low-paid worker Eurift
adaptability telephone helpline remote clearing Judge-Rapporteur
implementation report contested decision user-friendly information society human research potential
scientific excellence technological excellence quality of drafting repeal clause
legal drafting fixed-line voice telephony fixed voice telephony research and training
anthropogenic impact anthropogenic activity land-ocean interaction hydrological risk
technological hazard socio-economic driver pre-sale contract Intra-ACP cooperation
joint programme sell-and-rent-back promotional structure innovation policy interface
validation file ice class environmentally-friendly manure application off-licensed premises
brewer full on-licence restricted on-licence club licence
landlord-brewer exclusive purchase promotional support small-scale entry
additional rent off-invoice discount business support miles per gallon
km l kilometres per litre g km grams per kilometre
rigid foam anthropogenic interference drug resistance biotic stress
abiotic stress biological nitrogen fixation collective dominant position nonretroactive effect
open sky agreement hydrogeological risk brewery enacting term
legal linguistic expert rent subsidy load bearing timber zero-option
drafting suggestion extractive industry support measure on-licensed public house
on-licensed premises cask-conditioned ale brand licence Parallel Agreement
consensus vote executive committee global technical regulation consultative status
Global Registry supply gas supply steam supply
market waste street cleansing waste garden waste green park waste
incineration on land incineration at sea spent solvent fine chemicals
non-halogenated spent solvent alkaline degreasing lapping polishing
forest people social sustainability victim of torture torture victim
prevention of corruption front underrun protection EC-Cyprus Research Committee documentary information
non-documentary information service arrangement economic sustainability jetty
waste disposal site water distribution grinding labour-intensive
tropical forest minimum value addition analogue handset Designating Authority
coastguard drug identification number cupric chelate manganese chelate
zinc chelate cupric acetate cupric methionate copper methionate
manganous hydrogen phosphate seasoning lanthanide polyacetal
perfluoroalkoxy alkane latex foam coconut fibre trisodium hexafluoroaluminate
cryolite glyoxal ethandial dicoumarol
ethylene dimethacrylate cyclohexyl acrylate fenobucarb tetrachloroplatinate
mepiquat chloride ethidimuron dimethachlor ebullioscopy
membrane osmometry vapour phase osmometry spectrofluorimetry BCFss
steady-state bioconcentration factor depuration rate constant dilution water bluegill
electron-capture detector Regulatory Authority manganous carbonate countervailable subsidy
health certificate manganous chloride manganous sulphate polychlorinated naphthalene
uptake rate constant tax offence fiscal offence leading position
assistance receiving stolen goods receiving stolen drugs commission of offences
power of supervision power of control objective responsibility culpable behaviour
insufficient supervision insufficient control administrative penal legislation punitive character
civil law case rightful owner customs duty offence organised financial crime
vulnerability to fraud operational assistance criminal investigation transnational organised fraud
administrative cooperation centralisation of procecutions Community data-protection law investigation secrecy
right to block right of blocking legal effect awareness raising action
awareness action multimedia content industry prison conditions conditions of detention
civil peace victims rights rights of victims prison system
alternative to prison alternative penalty prison overcrowding overcrowding in prisons
involvement in crime mafia-type activity internal legal position external legal position
special security regime ethnic discrimination religious discrimination emotional deficiency
educational deficiency anti-drugs policy anti-smuggling policy personalising sentences
semi-custodial arrangements fine-day tagging electronic surveillance
prison warders post-release follow-up activity right to inspect refugee detention centre
fiscal exception reparation of damages administrative investigation preservation of confidentiality
right of access social reintegration reintegration into society prisoner
freedom of opinion supervisory body custodial sanction custodial sentence
deprivation of liberty imprisonment incarceration custodial penalty
prison right of complaint falsifying evidence destroying evidence
arms industry armaments industry dock work company careening company
basis for allocation dredging equipment slag heap rescheduling of debt
debt rescheduling consolidation of a firm goat keeping publicly owned shipyard
empty vehicle variable-section underframe descender multicultural integration
Uruguay Round negotiations official fuel consumption fuel economy label fuel economy guide
promotional literature potential climate change driving behaviour processing agent
closed refrigeration circuit processing off site non-confined direct-evaporation system water cooler
gas liquefying unit ice machine TACA Decision revised TACA
inland transport service through rate conference service contract terminal handling charges
LCLSC equipment usage charge handover charge special stowage charge
arbitrary charge equipment charge handling charge individual service contract
multi-carrier service contract outport additional surcharge emergency surcharge special equipment surcharge
oversize additional charge fitting additional charge optimal stowage fee Friulan
Sami language immersion social security fraud recreation area
paedophile act paedophile offence act of paedophilia integrated family policy
perinatal surveillance unit wall of silence family at risk global disarmament
Cold War ethnic tension culture of competition body of rules
monopolised market authorisation system applicable exception system prior authorisation system
decision granting exemption cooperative joint venture declaration of inapplicability specialisation agreement
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