licensee section initial payment annual payment
paediatric drug paediatric medicinal product paediatric medicine preventing illnesses
paediatric use polyuse emerging trend network structure
affordability proactive policy territorial approach antitrust activity
low budget film competition indicator unfair contract provision minimum guaranteed provision
pre-paid service fixed line integrated policy approach cabotage right
non-profitable route licence condition service standard judicial culture
judiciary Governing Board Scientific Committee unauthorised banknote
National Analysis Centre colour copier LMDP WRACS
PLIP integrated return programme railway sector international freight service
diversionary route path allocation marshalling yard train formation facility
market unity nitrate level lead absorption cognitive development
kidney dysfunction muscle meat grunt fresh herbs
stem vegetable extraordinary administration procedure victim s expenses stoning
material costs index labour costs index materials weighting labour costs weighting
deflator of sales sheep s milk pre-emptive killing suppressive vaccination
AEIF ERTMS ETCS ERTMS GSM-R misleading information
intention to mislead - rolling stock gauge infrastructure gauge freight terminal
budgetary constraint Edicom peeling shelling
protection of copyright confidentiality arrangement revenue-producing monopoly targeted measure
target action nutrient constructed normal value exporter producer
hard prolonged-release capsule transposing act national implementing measure non-transposal
legislation transposing - vitamin-enriched food supplement unrefined gold apparent discrimination
AHLC ECRO ECTAO Consultative Group
International Management Team Joint Liaison Committee LACC Sector Working Group
TFPI MOPIC RTDI prudential reason
currency exchange office law firm surrender clause short-sea shipping service
Draft Ministerial Decree racist attack ex ante examination FCRS
tolerance level occasional drinker inexperienced driver motorcyclist
sober driver powder filling flameproof enclosure date of withdrawal
Project Cycle Management prospecting licence smuggled diamond issuing State
operational munual non-military crisis management inter-pillar coherence technical adviser
customs irregularity successive sales overvaluation undervaluation
delivery by hand russeting animal-health measure incident risk
slaughter technique movement restriction carcase destruction outbreak of BSE
risk of infection audit procedure disease diagnosis screening procedure
BSE suspicion BSE indigenous case discrete adipose tissue domestic carnivore
eartag number renal lymph node lumbar lymph node sternal lymph node
caudal lymph node networking dynamics transnational partnership award process
technical capability alleged violation tariff package self-regulatory organisation
self-regulatory body relocation of firms case of non-conformity infringement situation
item of evidence customs value starting material computerised tracing system
stairway of excellence European conference encouraging denunciation car-coat
press stud suspension of class withdrawal of class course provider
science commentator project initiator European innovation area undeveloped innovation potential
leather finishing liquoring of leather linguistic island diaspora
meridian zone separate collection recovery system ecological burden
environmental information restrictive interpretation noise culture oral vaccination
neutralising antibody arachnid lightning strike accelerated electron irradiation
air cycle machine air starter avionics cooling dance sport
ballroom dancing brake fire confidential reporting configuration warning
damage tolerant demobilised former soldier European Forecasting Network gamma irradiation
hail strike handling difficulty health monitoring system FRM-II
isolation system item of mass landing incident medical reagent
national frequency plan navigation channel occurrence reporting over speed warning
ozone precursor substance party to a conflict passenger address system precautionary landing
probe heating system reportable occurrence self-sufficient stage structural arrangements
structural failure structural fatigue structural stiffness subsistence stage
tail strike take-off incident thrust reversing system turbulence check
uncontained failure work rope site visit inspecting authority
occurrence of non-compliance locating lug INEC facilitator
fighting bull Compliance Committee basic parameter living marine resources
ecologically related species boarding procedure quantity rebate SB unit
retaining flange post-war situation pellet plant cold blast cupola
hot blast cupola ratite meat wet strength aid MCPD
cargo market import depot bulk transport facility hub depot
Common Defence Organisation transport by pipeline sale by network refiner
local storage wholesale market transit contract group of depots
travellers cheque contingency operational plan survey network monitoring plot
timeband one-tier system human dignity right to work
right to property gender-balanced participation equal treatment directive gender audit
gender blind gender planning gender role irregular employment
paid work informal work Parliament position reproductive rights
sex-disaggregated statistics sex trade pivot language feed-producing chain
centre of knowledge JEV programme environmentally sound disposal industrial noise
residential area textured filament yarn slat decompression
depressurisation aircraft depressurisation sunset clause whole-body vibration
paramethoxymethylamphetamine PMMA war crime selective slaughter
EEVC multi-franchise dealer mppm OBNOVA
technological measure High Level Conference urban policy multidisciplinary approach
diversion of substances sassafras oil scheduled substance miniature produce
mini aubergine baby aubergine cultivar of courgette mini courgette
baby courgette mini cabbage baby cabbage cultivar of cauliflower
mini cauliflower baby cauliflower buffalo meat Exclusive Fishing Zone
coating resin alcohol abuse self-regulatory control proof of age
youth culture rights-management information wake event wide format printer
duplexing requesting court requested court notification of delay
platform for discussion growth dynamics public debt ratio government debt ratio
pro-cyclical stance RCAP EBPP e-invoicing
electronic billing electronic invoicing e-billing insurance liability scheme
energy taxation household disposable income updated convergence programme employee ownership scheme
reform package internet penetration updated stability programme childcare allowance
concentrated non-employment active welfare state STRCOM Steering Committee
Capabilities Commitments Conference precondition Stop II genetic contamination
overstated production costs intermediate costs underreported sales recover
collect understatement of commitments ineligible expenditure audit
helping spouse assisting spouse joint working document legal linguistic finalisation
co-chair legislative authority A point B point
Conciliations secretariat reconciling the positions women s studies overall agreement
supernumerary embryo gender studies competitive tender Preparatory Commission
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