Transitional National Council National Transitional Council Islamic Workers Union ONDH
CRUA Islamic Armed Movement Renewal Renaissance
Algerian news agency APSI Patriotic Rally National Consultative Council
National People s Assembly National Dialogue Commission High Security Council holy war
jihad holy struggle GPRA Islamic Salvation Army
CIEEF CEMLA ANCOM Andean Common Market
PAIGH PAHO Pan-American Health Organization IASI
Inter-American Statistical Institute IANEC GSTPA Afta
FTAA East-Caribbean dollar ASALA Armenian Liberation Army
Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnak Revolutionary Federation Aspac Arab Common Market
Asian Clearing Union SARC ZOPFAN EAEG
Asian Productivity Organisation ACDA ACFOD Asian Development Center
administration AIDC AFTA Asian Statistical Institute
virion infectivity factor AVRDC Angola Press Agency Trade Compliance Center
LFEC MPLA justification painted stork
UNITA Family Research Council Angolan Armed Forces ONLF
Bahamian dollar Progressive Liberal Party Free National Movement Social Democratic Party
BDRCS Bangladesh Nationalist Party Bangladesh National Party BRAC
Social Democratic Party BSDG Belarusian Social-Democratic Gramada United Democratic Party
People s United Party Dahomey press agency Benin Press Agency ngultrum
Croatian Defence Council Cantonisation SRNA Brunei People s Party
CD-I Compact Disk Interactive Interactive Compact Disk Compact Disc Interactive
Bulgarian Communist Party BAPU CITUB Support
Bulgarian Agrarian Union Bulgarian National Bank Bulgarian Telecommunications Company ODP-MT
Senior Nutritionist Burmese Communist Party kyat AFPFL
Uprona Burundi Press Agency Burundi Democratic Front Frodebu
Burundi Democracy Front Supreme National Council PICC KPRP
Cambodian People s Party Funcinpec National Sihkanouist Army riel
Cameroon People s Union CICC ACTA CIDA
SAFLAC Party of Quebec CPPA Canadian Space Agency
Wildlife Minister AECL Export Development Corporation CWARC
Canadian Standards Association stipend Subgroup on Harmonization Charlottetown Agreement
RCMP sovereigntist glass reinforced cement CBDC
Teletype Exchange Service ICNI CARIFTA CDCC
Caribbean Basin Initiative Caribbean Revolutionary Alliance Caribbean Common Market Cultural Training Centre
CFNI heading header Cayman Islands dollar
Democratic Revolutionary Council LTDH Chadian Patriotic Front Chadian National Front
Chadian Press Agency service processor AICL graphic data processing
specialised data processing industrial data processing foreign intelligence service external intelligence service
Istrian Democratic Assembly Croatian Defence Forces Croatian People s Party CSLP
Social Liberal Party Croatian Social-Liberal Party Croatian Democratic Union standard of housing
Croatian Peasants Party Croatian Farmers Party Political Rights Association Young Communists Union
Cuban Communist Party State Security Department termination proof Dominica Freedom Party
UDLP Democratic Left Dominican Republic peso Dominican Revolutionary Party
Dominican Liberation Party Trans Manche Link ACAT SGTR
Army aviation Army Light Aviation Army air corps Carnaud Metalbox
backward file recovery Chunnel Channel Tunnel TMST
Transmanche Super Train multi-user resource CNGF punch card operator
captain Natural Law Party Inter-Governmental Commission Lt Col
Lt Col Lieutenant Colonel Capt Captain
Lieutenant Independent Broadcasting Authority FLOSY Yemeni dinar
Yemeni riyal Yemen Socialist Party National Democratic Front Workers Confederation
General People s Congress Special Presidential Guard Sovereign National Conference zaïre
underdeveloped regions UNIP Zambian Kwacha Kwacha
Labour Party ZANU-PF Zimbabwe Unity Movement Commercial Farmers Union
CIDIA interactive conceptual analysis agent-based concurrent engineering National Liberation Party
INBio National Biodiversity Institute FRUD peso
Guinean peso suli French-Guiana Space Center Guyana dollar
PPP Civic People s Progressive Party PNC Reform People s National Congress
Guyana National Service GHRA Guiana Trade Union vatu
Vanuaaku Party National Unity Party Orderly Departure Programme dong
SCCI Vietnam News Agency Western Samoan dollar tala
IJLP Nuclear Installations Inspectorate UKAEA peripheral subsystem
Trades Union Congress RSPCA OFGAS Royal Ulster Constabulary
Queen s Counsel TESSA CIDS Independent Television Commission
Financial Times Index IPLO Animal Liberation Front Vehicles Inspectorate
transfer value Greater London Authority order Inland Revenue
DHSS Department of Transport ECGD HFEA
JTIDS Northern Ireland Electricity NCCL Liberty
NDPB non-departmental public body Offelect offer
Serious Fraud Office Commonwealth Development Corporation petroleum revenue tax Police National Computer
Environmental Investigation Agency Press Complaints Commission hire purchase pound sterling
CABx citizens advice bureau statutory sick pay National Rivers Authority
Overseas Development Administration minimum lending rate Indonesian Nationalist Party Air Registration Board
ATC Evaluation Unit ATCEU National Engineering Laboratory Bar Council
wages council Employers Federation briefing officer CAFU
Ordnance Survey IRSF lower airspace Lower Air Space
lighting operator Ministry of Defence MRSA radar advisory service
special rules area special rules zone station telecommunications officer Lord Advocate
address card CEBR Bectu Transmanche Technologies
district health authority TGWU OPCS MCNS
London Commodities Exchange World Food Summit Neighbourhood Watch CPRE
British Athletic Federation Rugby Football Union English Rugby Union maximum investment plan
approved school British Actors Equity Government widow s payment
land survey office Citizen s Charter RPIX underlying inflation rate
National Farmers Union British Tourist Authority written permission veterinary investigation
overall approach Conservation Area independent contractor NWML
Foreign Office Plaid Plaid Cymru Party of Wales
recess Speaker Automated Trading System Advance Trading System
Public Record Office Normal Market Size IVEM Private Finance Initiative
Manpower Services Commission Red-Hand Commandoes RSAC USDAW
Shadow Cabinet HMSO private Bill public Bill