plurality of offices photofit picture Free Citizens Alliance Lombard rate
ANUGA Food Fair DVGW International Tracing Service
State Security Police traditional cropping operator system German Communist Party
substantial holding privilege Federal Monopoly Administration WIFO Austrian Communist Party
ÖBJR Austrian Youth Council Development Finance Agency CDU-CPP
KDU-CSL Christian Democratic Party KSCM Security Information Service
Czech secret service Czech National Bank ARENA Nationalist Republican Alliance
FMLN Revolutionary Democratic Front Popular Orientation Party Salvadorean Popular Party
Democratic Convergence Salvadorian colón National Democratic Union Social Democratic Party
FENASTRAS United Revolutionary Directorate Truth Commission epkwele
ekwele National liberation movement currency board kroon
Estonian kroon Fatherland Front Pro Patria Union Fatherland Alliance
National liberation movement ENIP EPRDF Oromo Liberation Front
Oromia Liberation Front Eritrean Liberation Front OPDO DPPA
DPPC Gabonese Press Agency Gabonese Democratic Party Gabonese Progress Party
Social Democratic Party Knights of Georgia Horsemen valerian
common valerian new cedi cedi New Patriotic Party
National Democratic Congress PNDC AACR Independent Democratic Party
GSLP People s Revolutionary Government People s Revolutionary Army GULP
National Democratic Congress New National Party National Popular Army National liberation movement
Feicade National liberation movement PARLACEN Central American Parliament
Unicos URNG quetzal CERJ
Guatemalan Workers Party Guatemalan Republican Front FNCD Provisional Electoral Council
Haitian Armed Forces Democratic Unity Confederation gourde FRAPH
PAIN PUCH Haitian intelligence agency National Party
lempira króna Icelandic króna Social Democratic Party
People s Party Progressive Party People s Alliance Citizens Party
Social Democratic Alliance Independence Party Women s List Women s Party
Women s Alliance CCFF international financial statistics Indian People s Party
Bharatiya Janata Party ISRO Congress Party ULFA
JKLF People s War Group CPI-M National Security Act
TADA GNLF KRRS Karnataka Farmers Association
ICMR Khalistan Liberation Force World Hindu Council Indian rupee
INC-O Janata Party People s Party Janata Dal party
FIPB Border Security Forces Maoist Communist Centre NASSCOM
Indonesian Communist Party United Development Party Indonesian Democratic Party rupiah
Free Aceh People s Consultative Assembly ICMI Free Papua Movement
NIOC rial Tudeh Party Islamic Republic Party
Iran Freedom Movement KDPI SCIRI SAIRI
Iraqi News Agency Revolutionary Command Council Iraqi dinar ERNK
CESCA LASA Inter-American Investment Corporation CLADES
CONDECA Central-American Defence Council Felaban ICAITI
IAPA Inter-American Press Association Pan-American Union GWSS
glassy-winged sharpshooter CAIPA OPANAL ALDHU
Mediterranean Cooperation Group ANTA Malagasy franc franc
Monima kwacha MAFREMO Malawi Freedom Movement
Malawi Congress Party National Executive Council MANA Malawi News Agency
UMNO Malaysian ringgit Malaysian dollar Party Islam
United Sabah Party Sabah United Party New Economic Policy Rufiyaa
CNID ADEMA Mali Democratic Alliance Mali franc
Maltese pound Malta pound Nationalist Party FLAM
Mauritanian Workers Union Mauritanian People s Party Mauritanian Press Agency Rodriguan People s Organisation
PMSD rupee Mauritian Social Party Mauritian Militant Movement
Mauritian Socialist Movement horizontal financial cooperation Pronasol National Solidarity Programme
National Democratic Front peso PARM Federal Electoral Institute
Moldavian Popular Front MPRP tugrik tughrik
Mozambican Information Agency FRELIMO Mozambican Liberation Front Mozambique National Movement
RENAMO Mozambican National Resistance metical ADPN
Cabora Bassa Project SWAPO Democratic Turnhalle Alliance National Christian Action
UNPM United Left Front rupee NCSO
NCP-UML Unified Marxist-Leninist Party United People s Front Employment Contracts Act
National Party New Labour Party South Island robin MNSD
National Salvation Front National Electoral Commission National Republican Convention naira
CDHR NEPA NNPC National Conscience party
agricultural economy farm economics rural economics agricultural economics
Campaign for Democracy Nadeco National Democratic Coalition KCNA
Demilitarised zone closed loop mint lemon balm
tarragon autumn crocus exchange arrangements also
origan oregano camomile Asian Macaque monkey
cellular DNA polymerase envelope glycoprotein precursor gut cell virus cell tropism
overhead valve motor dent maize zinc-DD-peptidase river blindness
onchocerciasis fighter cover exchange-rate fluctuation margin spot market rate
charge parity time dwarf mistletoe Campaign against Torture PNAS
Belgian holiday bonus Technology Economy Programme CIME EDRC
PECC SPOCTU South Pacific Commission Palestine Liberation Front
PPSF COAG Committee on Agriculture DFLP
Palestinian National Council certification PAP-T ADOC
Panama Defence Forces balboa kina Temporary Daily Allowance
hooded pitohui guarani United Left MRTA
APRA gold sol Popular Christian Party Popular Action
Peruvian Communist Party agricultural land agricultural region agricultural district
Socialist Political Action Fredemo Democratic Front Unified Mariáteguista Party
Copri National Renovation party National Renewal Party New Progressive Party
Popular Democratic Party self-governing Commonwealth Qatari riyal Qatar riyal
Romanian Ecological Movement PNL-AT ADPR PDAR
Agrarian Democratic Party Romanian Communist Party Romanian Intelligence Service National Liberal Party
Romanian leu Democratic Convention Convention for Democracy Romanian Development Agency
LADO National Peasant Party CDNPP PNT cd
DNSF CNSLR National Privatisation Agency PSDR
SDPR PUNR RNUP Romanian Ecological Party
rationalisation restructuring communalisation Romanian Television
Rwanda franc Democratic Republic Movement Rwandan Press Agency Sama
riyal OIRAP CDLR tele-cottage
Nordic Investment Bank Scandinavian Airways System Scandinavian Airlines System SCAR
leone NPRC Revolutionary United Front People s Action Party
People s Liberation Front ration card ration book IPKF
Indian Peacekeeping Force cross-bench United National Party Sinhalese rupee
TULF Tamil United Front SLFP DUNF
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