EPDP Eros Tamil National Army CPSL
Federal Party SLMC New Tamil Tigers Moslem Congress
Swiss People s Party Swiss franc Swiss Social-Democratic Party Integration Office
Swiss Olympic Committee Swiss Youth Council ISSAS Automobile Party
Workers Party Swiss National Bank Swiss Railway Network Swiss Federal Railways
Federal Banking Commission Swiss Broadcasting Corporation League of Ticino POCH
Swiss Liberal Party Radical Democratic Party Swiss Bank Corporation SAEFL
SSNP Syrian pound National Progressive Front Municipal Council
Democratic Progressive Party Nationalist Party Kuomintang new Taiwan dollar
Straits Exchange Foundation Tanzanian shilling Revolutionary Party TANU
CNRM FRETILIN Secretary General Timorese Democratic Union
Democratic Opposition Union People s National Movement United National Congress Social Democracy Party
Public Participation Administration People s Labour Party bitter kola ITRF
DEIK Reformist Democracy Party TOBB Republican People s Party
People s Republican Party Revolutionary Left Democracy Party Nationalist Action Party
National Action Party New Democracy Movement Uganda shilling National Resistance Movement
National Resistance Army Uganda People s Congress Uganda Patriotic Movement Ukrainian Popular Movement
Democratic Nationalist Movement karbovanets Ukrainian National Assembly Uruguayan peso
inter-republic economic committee GOSPLAN State Planning Committee State Planning Commission
differentiated conversion coefficients rouble NKVD State Bank
Interior Ministry Democratic Russia Union Treaty Supreme Soviet
MGIMO agricultural town FROG EEC type-approval certificate
lessor polyethyl acrylate Internet firewall firewall
parliamentary question linear bond conceptual data model Belfox
Belgian Standard trade union association closed shop gratuity
Cement Industry Federation standard allowance supplementary old-age allowance disablement pension
testimonial pay scale leave of absence excused absence
CRISP Gaia International Congress Centre Brussels Tariff Nomenclature
ABTO Central Economic Council Responsible Young Drivers after-acquired property
action for rescission compound interest anatocism antechresis
condition of avoidance reciprocal contract bilateral contract heir apparent
Redundancy Payments Fund Welfare Fund sale by auction person alienating
authorised representative refuting evidence rebutting evidence written evidence
documentary evidence private deed private document private agreement
oral evidence execution creditor decisive oath use right
easement auxiliary guardian Belgian Packaging Institute bankruptcy judge
WTCM hatha-yoga holiday apartment official conciliator
counter-notice pay policy administrative fine stay-in strike
sit-down strike statutory job security labour prosecutor temporary-employment business
overlapping shifts contractual job security independent contractor contracting for services
employee s liability demand for reinstatement supplementary legal provision workday
industrial doctor tools and equipment work rules basic information
company auditor protected employee professional sportsman payment in money
safe-keeping obligation boatman waiting day individual earnings record
fixed holiday continuous working outside medical opinion del credere clause
thirteenth month s pay just cause double holiday allowance split job
mandatory legal provision business information year-end bonus end-of-year bonus
Hansenne experiments notional pay senior management post executive post
dangerous work dangerous establishment guaranteed daily pay guaranteed income
guaranteed monthly wage guaranteed monthly pay guaranteed weekly pay dock work
resettlement grant indirect commission individual dispute industrial trade unionism
intercompany medical service national multi-industry agreement framework law company welfare service
pay restraint policy seafarer s papers new working-time arrangement normal working hours
intermittent strike restriction on dismissal letter giving notice transfer of earnings
death of employer death of employee takeover by workers joint body
joint subcommittee suitable employment pension record personnel register
picketing postnatal leave antenatal leave economic strike
lay judge source of law constitutional strike representative employers association
great tiger moth redundancy payment Employers Social-Accounting Secretariat social document
fundamental social rights social elections solidarity strike spontaneous strike
piece-rate action democratising the enterprise payment by task
language use technical disruption temporary-employment business worker special work
roster holiday allowance union delegation fixed pay
redundancy compensation lightning strike position of trust replacement employment contract
replacement contract substantial reason emergency powers decree work clothing
employees representative Disaster Victims Identification Belgian TeleWorking Association Exxon Chemical Belgium
EEC type-approval mark alien register estate in abeyance State Authorities Act
institutional act quittance acknowledging settlement individual labour law company agreement
dispute of rights special excise duty ESBG waste ink
ink waste Febetra Belgium-Europe-Belgium Party Walloon Employers Association
Socialist Revolutionary Brigade Homeland Party Flemish Militant Order Dolores
Dollar-Low-Rescue Flemish Economic Federation VITO General Workers Union
VLAM low velocity zone governmental organization Belgian National Bank
Flemish Community Commission KCTU section central government
municipal Corporation indictments chamber local employment agency Walloon Export Agency
guided light transit Walloon Region controlled language COCOF
French Community Commission King Baudouin Foundation Save the Children AGCD
Belgian Textile Federation NCMV Belgian Survival Fund alpha-defensin
Federal Information Service National Weapons Factory FN Herstal Council of Regency
security firm foster care foster home care family fostering
grounding earthing gendarmerie programming language
public interest body four-pointer six-pointer ten-pointer
twelve-pointer fourteen-pointer American elk feral cat
Abkhazian salary scale xeroderma of Kaposi AIRC
Airworthiness Committee CAEE executive committee FANS
Air Worthiness Division Air Research Bureau Operations SARPS
STAP Statistic Panel Technical Assistance Bureau COCOLI
National Electricity Office AMDH OADP National Democratic Party
dirham Maghreb Arab Press Justice and Spirituality Justice and Charity
OMDH Moroccan Labour Union Independent National Rally Constitutional Union
UNFP Social Centre Party National Front UGTM
ALCS BMCE CCMS Outreach Programme
MIDS Political Affairs Division CICR Verification Data Base
NECAT NATO Environmental Catalogue Command Control Communications Joint Verification Experiment
tactical air-surface missile TASM Allied Mobile Force NACC
Euro-Atlantic Partnership-Forum Cincent CINCNORAD Cincnorth
Cincsouth Comaircent Research Study Group NAFAG
out-of-area NAFAG SCAT dual-capable aircraft
Defence Research Group New Party National Delegates Board AASC
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