identification response identification sleeve text element identifier flight idle
ground idle intermediate fix IFF SIF IFIS
International General Aviation ignition lag IGOSS International Geophysical Year
International Hydrographic Bureau indicated horsepower Integrated Instruments Systems illuminant
illumination cockpit illumination eye illumination AILS
Advanced ILS CPILS Correlation Protected ILS glide path bend
feedback impedance image impedance load impedance impeller
siamese fighting fish inertial measuring unit time inbound inbound controller
inbound heading inbound track inclusive tour sweep increment
incremental displacement sensitivity adiabatic index dispersion index flakiness index
noise exposure index time increment index zone index command heading indication
gyroscopic attitude indicator artificial horizon indicator bank indicator climb indicator
AHSG EAA clock indicator cloud height indicator heading indicator
heading repeater compass repeater indicator crash position indicator cross-wire indicator
deviation indicator distance-to-go indicator diversion indicator fuel flow indicator
fuel quantity indicator gear-up indicator gill position indicator gradient indicator
ground speed meter ground speed indicator gyro horizon indicator gyroscopic directional indicator
landing situation indicator boost gauge boost gage network acknowledgment indicator
nozzle area indicator omni-bearing indicator pitch attitude indicator stimulant
analeptic radio aids indicator repeater indicator RVR indicator
side-slip indicator signal strength indicator stopping position indicator synchroniser indicator
three-axis trim indicator wind velocity indicator indoctrination inducer
leakage inductance weather-sensitive industry INERU air-derived data
background information bank azimuth information bird activity information collision hazard information
distance-to-go information domestic information en route information hazardous meteorological information
noisy information pre-flight information support information information feedback system
flare out initiation track initiation turn initiation initiation of identity
injector Inertial System inscriber commissioning inspection
precautionary inspection routine inspection security team inspection site proving inspection
automatic relay installation torn-tape relay installation elevation instruction range instruction
instrument approach system nose intake ramming intake non-ramming intake
wing intake intake guide vanes traffic advisory intelligence interchange of aircraft
air-ground interface computer-computer interface digital interface external interface
high speed interface interface node atmospheric interference multi-path interference
permissible interference self interference unsynchronised interference interlace pattern
interleaving storage interlocking interlocking circuit interlocking pattern
all-call interrogation roll-call interrogation range-ordered interrogation round-robin interrogation
whisper-shout interrogation interrogation pattern SSR ground interrogator look-ahead interval
random flight intruder atmospheric inversion rotary converter
inverter inverter frequency inverter interference inverter
phase inverter static inverter IOCE intermittent positive control
interrogation recurrence frequency IRFIS IRMS Inertial Reference System
IRSM isallobar isallotherm ISDU
ISJTA ISLS isocline isogriv
isohyet isopleth inertial sensor unit inertial sensor system
inclusive tour charter International Transit Route IUAI clamp jack
crash jack flap control jack jack panel jack point
water jacket jacking jamming active jamming
JATCRU Transatlantic Forum jerk Job Entry Sub-system
business jet closed jet fan jet fan engine
fuel jet intermittent jet tip jet widebody jet
wide-bodied jet wing-mounted jet jet area control jet blast
jet chart jet code jet competitive band thrust spoiler
jet deflection unit jet efflux MNPF Multinational Police Force
jet liner jet nozzle jet pickling jet power plant
jet roar jet sheet jet stack jet steering
jet transport jet upset SIAF Spanish-Italian Amphibious Force
jetstream core Standing Armaments Committee jetway track jitter
ball-socket joint butt joint cable joint dummy joint
fillet joint flush joint lap joint piston ring joint
sleeve joint slip joint JORP Jet Pipe Temperature
JRSA Joint Support Committee Jet STOL Transport JTST
jet stream target jump radar miss jumper wire
jumpering alloy junction diffused junction doped junction
emitter base junction fused junction grown junction straight junction
oblique junction Y junction General Tax Code keyboard display station
keelson change-over key Morse key piano key
push-to-talk key taper key key holing technique manual input keyboard
identification keyer identification feature on off keying keying cycle
keying head keying rate main beam killing target killing
revenue passenger kilometer aircraft recovery kit signalling kit caging knob
knurled knob kurtosis KWIC Administrative Services Section
HPNS continuous reinforced concrete accrual accounting accrual basis accounting
accruals accounting ethylene-propene rubber back channel back computing
back-scattering back-up function back course tape backing
backplate buckle back reaction back-up circuit
alternating side band back-up facility back-up storage unit back-up tape
background paper backing wind backing backlash
anti backlash backwash air baffle Bagtrac
baggage trace control surface balance directional balance flight balance
Neutral balance shrouded balance balance mass balance error
Preplanned balancing Preplanned schedule balancing black ball needle and ball
ballistic Pibal pilot balloon armature band
cruising band guard band narrow band bandboxing
bandspread speech bandwidth gentle bank static data bank
snow bank vertical bank banked antenna bar
bus bar clearance bar connection bar connection strap
connecting link downwind wing bar organic cropping biological cropping
horizon bar rudder bar sight bar alidade
single bar stop bar stretched bar task bar
task identification bar centre-line barrette terminating bar towing bar
upwind wing bar bar magnet bar scale barogram
barograph barrel fuselage non-volatile database lifting barrier
central data base collection cost base compass base cost base
diffused cloud base fluctuating cloud base seaplane base flying-boat base
octal base ragged cloud base volatile data base seat pan
seat base single contact base time base triggered time base
base year approach surface baseline inter-station baseline basket
batten prejudice anode battery WEUCOM
WEU telecommunications network floating battery Eurocom Main Group stay-full battery
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