stacked beam anti G G force gain
receiver swept gain transmission gain fresh gale moderate gale
range gate whole gale galley gangway
gangway passenger gangway gantry travelling gantry
blind velocity gap electrode gap synchronous garbling garbling detection
garbling sensing end gas gate airside coach gate
approach gate detection gate receiver range gate sampling gate
scan range gate gate room gateway gating device
gating pulse capacitance fuel gauge capacitance fuel gage feeler gauge
feeler gage fuel pressure gauge fuel pressure gage hydrostatic fuel gauge
marking gauge marking gage narrow gauge system narrow gage system
oil pressure gauge oil pressure gage oil temperature gauge oil temperature gage
outside air temperature outside temperature external temperature OAT gauge
rain gauge rain gage reference gauge yield
give way GCA controller GEANS anti-backlash gear
balance gear bevel planetary gear bicycle landing gear brake gear
cantilever gear castoring gear clutch gear compensating gear
control gear dual landing gear elevator control gear epicyclic gear
forward retracting gear backward retracting gear herringbone gear idle gear
inward retracting gear outward retracting gear jammed gear reduction gear
retractable gear screw gear skid gear step-up gear
step-down gear tandem landing gear telescopic gear track-type landing gear
tricycle gear turning gear worm gear gear extension
gear retraction gear pump AC generator analytical function generator
arbitrary function generator autosignal generator clock-signal generator delayed pulse generator
frame generator function generator harmonic generator marker generator
moving-clutter generator printed circuit generator report program generator sorting routine generator
stand-by generator synthetic symbol generator time base generator vortex generator
wave form generator Expediency Council canard delta geometry coordinate geometry
DME DME geometry ILS geometry solid geometry geometry factor
geopotential geostrophic ghost beacon ghost signal
gills cooling gills gimbal joint gimbal mechanism
gimbal mounted gimbal ring backing box girder
side girder truss girder girder structure Group Inclusive Tour
anti-flash anti glare glare shield anti glare shield
foamed glass frosted glass glide landing glide ratio
powered glider sail flying gliding gliding turn
glint glossing Ground Link Terminal Ground Movement Radar
ground mapping radar gnomonic navigation grid go around
automatic go around visual go around go no-go signal go no-go test
gold-beater s skin golden triangle glide path indicator ground position indicator
climb gradient descent gradient flat gradient pressure gradient
runway gradient standard climb gradient steep gradient shallow gradient
voltage gradient wind gradient gradient of a slope gradient of climb
gradient wind security grading Efecot grading check
graticule graticule lines forward CG position rearward CG position
gravity tank orthodromic distance great circle distance great circle navigation
great circle flying greyout cathode grid central grid
gnomonic grid screen grid grid capacitor grid chart
grid communication system grid coordinates grid matrix grid point data
grid reference system grivation grid variation grooved
scoring grooving rough ground broken ground
falling ground rising ground high ground soft ground
ground bounce system ground clearance monitor ground derived ground environment
ground fog ground idling condition ground loop ground operational unit
ground range ground-referenced navigation ground run-up engine run up
ground running test ground servicing unit ground siting ground support equipment
Tactical Air Command collective address group date filter group task group
time group trunk group Gain Time Control intake guard
primary guard apron guidance azimuth guidance back track guidance
back course guidance beam rider guidance celestial guidance circling guidance
constant-bearing guidance directional guidance flare out guidance peacekeeping task
passive guidance pitch guidance policy guidance positive track guidance
roll guidance roll-out guidance stopping guidance surface guidance
talk down guidance terrestrial reference guidance track guidance flight path guidance
vertical guidance visual docking guidance guidance lights track while-scan
guidance while-scan guide bar guide vanes guide wire
nose wheel guidelines gulp light gun gun sight
lateral gust peak gust sharp-edged gust up gust
gust load factor gust lock gust upset gustiness
attitude gyro displacement gyro earth gyro fluxgate gyro
integrating gyro nuclear gyro rate gyro ring laser gyro
space gyro taxi-axis gyro gyro caging gyro panel
gyro reference platform gyro platform gyro run-up gyro stabilised
gyro uncaging binding sanction CAAS computer-aided approach sequencing
flying-control cable control tower cab Mobile tower cab pressurised cabin
sound-proof cabin cabin galley unit Security Bureau carrier cable
control cable coupling cable earth cable follow-up cable
leader cable lead-in cable leading-out cable multi-way cable
overhead cable quad-pair cable twin cable wire-centre cable
cable clamp cable conduit cable core cable duct
cable identification sleeve cable operated system cable rack cable terminal
cable tracing cable tray cable void cable sheath
Centralised Approach Control Civil Aviation Council CADS computer-aided departure sequencing
caging off-hook call Call up call word
range calling Minority carrier camber lower camber
upper camber Cancellation notam cancellation ratio cannibalise
canoe canopy canopy parachute canopy
cantilever Code Allotment Plan Equipment capability Evasive manoeuver capability
navigation performance capability Recovery capability Remaining communications capability self-diagnostic capability
upgrading capability Capacitance bridge rotating beam ceilometer capacitance feedback
book capacitor feed-through capacitor flow coordination cell binary cell
ganged capacitors CFCF Decca chain design capacity
Earth capacity slack capacity underemployed capacity idle capacity
passenger cargo capacity graphic chain seating capacity sustainable capacity
capacity clause CAPE Computer-Aided Planning Experiment Computer-Aided Planning Exercise
escape capsule capture Civil Air Regulations carbonization
accounting card data processing card accounting machine card aperture card
column binary card correction card edge-notched card verge-punched card
edge-punched card end-of-job card failure data card flip card
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