Equipment Code EQTNAME Equipment name EQTRECNUM
Equipment Record Number escort escort team evaluation visit
excess equipment explosive demolition GEOLOC geographic co-ordinates
ground target hand-over LOCSEQ Headquarters Indicator
highlight report host State Party in-country period INF inspection team
inspected State Party inspecting State Party Inspection of Certification inspection schedule
inspection site Inspection Summary inspection team inspection team leader
instructed discussion intra-group inspection invitational method Joint Consultative Group
joint inspection Joint Multinational Inspections JMRIT Joint Multinational Team
Lead Embassy lead nation LDATE Location Effective Date
LOCRECNUM location record number Message Text Format military significant
military airfield Military District Code MDNAME Military District Name
military storage site missed violation monthly matrix multi-purpose attack helicopter
NPOE National Verification Unit Nation Code NATNAME
Nation Name NATO collective figures non-military purpose notifiable military activity
NOFES Notification Front-End System object of verification OOVIND
Operational Database open a reduction event open-ended experts meeting over-subscription
parent record ASTR PSTR photolog
Point of Entry Point of Contact RPOE post-inspection
pre-inspection requirement press guidance proportionality recategorization
Red Data reducing state reduction event reduction liability
reduction monitoring reduction period reduction site relocation
repair to MOS residual period resource board round up
Seminar on Verification severing specified area Standing Item
Standard Item static display stationary team stationing State Party
storage site SUBCAT Subcategory Code EQSUBNM
Subcategory Name TLE Transfers Treaty Limited Item transport crew member
trial inspection troubleshooting hot-line TPOE NUIC
Unit Record Number VICS Verification Support Staff VERITY Management Plan
VERITY Query Menu VERITY Questionnaire Vienna Document excimer laser
Arctic haze Hydergine multiplexing workgroup computing
interpersonal computing cut throat Caninde macaw Wagler s macaw
blue throated macaw special share golden share lean production
lean manufacturing USAREUR rapid eye-movement sleep REM sleep
REMS paradoxical sleep neighbourhood bank complaint
analysis and programming group of undertakings data-processing quality control public network
micro-computing software package proceedings boiling water bath gravity hydrometer
employers organization employers association grid hormonal action
MMM-N collection past pollution dairy stock
safety of milk ATARS short-term debt extract
acceptance statutes extract condenser
dilute presentation precision criterion splash-head
drying procedure dilution wash-bottle fitting demineralised water
graduated measuring cylinder error of parallax HOPE fat extraction flask
flask boiling flask wash bottle rancid flavour
homogeniser partly skimmed milk dipper sampling equipment
water content indicator scope inlet ventilation port
circular opening ammonium oxalate by difference pentahydrate
tongs plunger recirculate rack
percentage by mass test portion recognised analytical quality test report
control vessel complete sealed package fat-collecting boiling aid
strength cresol red weighing room pre-dry
siphon volumetric solution aqueous colour solution solution
ammoniacal ethanolic solution Sejm Secretaries volatile flammable solvent digestion apparatus
sampling technique discharge point discharge outlet tube
limb block of shares debenture holder bond holder
business premises mortgage debenture mortgage bond equal pay
certificate of employment foreign exchange market overhead expenses topside
roller apparatus viral-caprine arthrite encephalopathy suffering animal billygoat
broncho-pneumonia confirmation buffy coat counting basin
animal waste distomatosis come into contact contagious epidymitis
epizootiological micro-agglutination test plasma agglutination test ferrets
infected infected area area infected free from a disease
lagomorphs enzootic leucosis generalised lymphadenitis canine distemper
exotic disease viral haemorrhagic disease mammal mastitis
meningo-encephalomyelitis place into quarantine myxomatosis cleaning operation
subcutaneous parasitism pericarditis peritonitis pleurisy
hermaphrodite pig uncastrated male pig swine pretitrated
organoleptic property putrefaction accord disease-free status re-establish disease-free status
swine erysipelas health anti-foot-and-mouth disease serum suspension
veterinary test tissues and organs toxaemia desensitizing treatment
tularaemia veterinary abdominal cavity atloido-occipital joint
bone-in bovine meat beef bovine
female bovine animal bovine animal clot of blood blood clot
carpal joint castrated uncastrated nasal cavity
refrigerating room chilling room chiller nasal septum
health conditions proper conservation retained destruction of meat
diaphragm operating distance chine of pork splinter of bone
bone splinter eligible for intervention eligible costs eliminate
fatty covering feather bone veterinary expert bronchial lymph node
iliac lymph node sublumbar lymph node pancreatic lymph node precrural lymph node
sub-sternal lymph node retro-pharyngeal lymph node gastric lymph node gland
reference laboratory traumatic lesion backstrap digestive liquid
caudate lobe non-discriminatory manner external masseter mediastinum
mucous chain muscle striated muscle veterinary approval number
scapula fleshbearing bone palpation pelvic cavity
pericardium diaphragm pillar pleura warm weight
sheep farmer psoas standard quality examination for trichinosis
boned scapular cartilage serous domestic soliped
ischio-pubeic symphysis cutting table tarsal joint internal temperature
tendon thoracic cavity uterus lumbar vertebra
lamb meat ineligible meat viscera distribution of shares
assets and liabilities financial assistance deferment assets in cash
additional report allotment of shares allocation of dividends other assets
bonuses and rebates interim profit corporeal assets opening balance sheet
market orderliness negotiable bill uncalled capital category of activity
class of issuer customs bond certificate representing shares additional certificate
tax charge interest charges investment charges extraordinary loss
collection commission commission and brokerage selling agent s commission insurance company
internal accounting records profit appropriation account annual own accounts undertake business
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