waveguide lens terminal let-down above sea level brillance level
certificated noise level first level freezing level grass level
initial approach level link control level lowest level minimum stack level
opposite direction level output level power level pressure level
quadrantal cruising level receiver grass level reference sound level second level
sensitivity level significant level speech level target safety level
level interrupt systems level off level speed level tail
level turn levelling off crank lever control lever
mixture control lever laminar flow control lock follow radar air traffic licence
endorsed licence private pilot s licence private pilot licence SCPL
fatigue life service life life test dynamic lift
service lift goods lift high lift scissor lift
thermal lift translational lift zero lift lift off speed
frontal lifting orographic lifting lifting bag alternating light
blinker light circle guidance lights code light condenser discharge light
controlled reading light course light cross bar light elevated light
fixed distance lights Nagorno-Karabakh Republic indicator light lead-in light
marine light occulting light overheat indicator light perimeter light
clutter rejection logic pulse light range light reading light
RAIL runway alignment light runway center-line light runway identification light
lighter than air runway threshold light scattered light semi-flush light
sequenced flashing light sodium light steady-burning light stop bar light
strobe light taxiway centre-line light tell-tale light threshold contrast light
undercarriage light undulating light unserviceability light warning light
light amplification Iron Cross begonia light valve apron lighting
channel lighting circuit guidance lighting double row lighting end lighting
obstruction lighting perimeter lighting precision approach lighting stopway lighting
taxi-channel lighting light intensity high light intensity low light intensity medium
limited CG limits creep limit safety limits
amplitude limiter noise limiter reply rate limiter suppression rate limiter
agonic line sight line aiming line centre line
chord line commuter line conveyor line cross-feed line
deviation line dispersive line extended centre line fathom line
feeder line gauge line working position mesh
grid lines ground line guidance line hyperbolic position line
indicated course line intermediate position line isogonic line laser line
longitudinal guidance line lubber line natural position lines parachute line
parking line party line power line power cable
raster line runway centre line sky line solid line
static line strobe line tie line tie line
tie line towing line turning line line abeam search
line check system line equaliser line facilities conversion rate
conversion price line of sight line-of-sight link flame-retardant
line trunk unit line up lined up linescan
direct communication link external data link hop radar link microwave link
radio-relay link surface link telemetry link torque link
link trainer actuating linkage brake linkage linkage point
linkage system casualty list live message live radar input
live test live transmission live show livery
liveware wetware humanware landline
land line Inter-Aid International low-level logic LLTV
low-light TV LMCS local mean time aerodynamic load
artificial load computer time load display load dummy load
gr wt gross weight gross load manoeuvre load
safe load securing of loads sling load structural loads
tail load traffic load water load wing load
yield load load adjuster load manifest load message
load resistance load sensing disc loading off-loading
power loading radio-telephony loading R T loading span loading
torsional loading bills loading factor lobe
Distinguished Flying Cross lobe switching localiser course bend sound engineer
aid-to location coarse location location device location indicator
salpingography compass locator attitude lock control lock
radio lock lock-in range lock on lock release
baggage locker clothes locker transponder lockout locus of points
aircraft log electromagnetic log engineering log navigation log
system log weather log log sheet logger
table look up look up instruction loom cable loom
ATC loop central scanning loop closed loop coupling loop
inside loop outside loop loop aerial diffraction loss
scatter loss spreading loss airside lounge public lounge
low pressure area depression flat low Icelandic low
orographic low shallow low shallow depression thermal low
thermal depression EEC calibration certificate low noise low profile
liquid oxygen LRCO air bridge long term costings
line trunk group visited network splash lubrication medium
Mach number Mach number technique Mach stem Mach front
MADEX MADAP extension machinable adaptive machine
buffing machine machine run MADAC Madrid automatic center
MADAP compensating magnet mains switch first line maintenance
improper maintenance on-condition maintenance corrective maintenance routine maintenance
scheduled maintenance maintenance and servicing maintenance run-up maintenance truck
MALS computer-assisted management automated management drag management
efficient cockpit management schedule management system management management engineering
passenger manifest abrupt manoeuvre advanced manoeuvre asymmetric powered manoeuvre
by-passing manoeuvre by-pass manoeuvre checked pitching manoeuvre circling manoeuvre
circle-to-land-manoeuvre ground manoeuvre path stretching manoeuvre side-step manoeuvre
water operation water manoeuvre missed approach point conformal mapping
aircraft nationality mark aircraft registration mark range mark recorder event mark
scale mark set mark tick mark track mark
electronic marker en-route VHF marker end-of-data marker end-of-file marker
end-of-file spot end-of-file indicator end-of-tape marker middle marker
range marker reflective marker slew marker rolling ball marker
stopway marker strobe marker touchdown marker touch down marker
trace marker tripod marker marking airport marking
centre-line marking closed markings inter-console marking inter-trace markings
paved taxiway marking runway-side-stripe markings stopway marking taxiway longitudinal markings
touchdown zone markings marking of strips marshaller marshalling
traffic marshalling marshalling unit MARTOS middle airspace
acoustic mass signal mast master agenda matched filter theory
t /