devolution of functions direction of trade ministerial direction co-director
company director professional disabilities disbarment absolute discharge
conditional discharge oath of disclosure discontinuation of proceedings discontinue proceedings
discovery of documents administrative discretion age of discretion area of discretion
unfettered discretion discrimination flag right to dismiss dispatch note
dispatch slip despatch note displaced heir displaced share
right to alienate right of disposal induction disposition by a court
dispositions by will dispositions inter vivos administrative proceedings administrative dispute
disputed claim disputed claims professional disqualifications disqualification of a judge
disqualification penalty termination of a disqualification dissolution of injunction distraint of property
exclusive distribution licence consular district judicial district disturbance of possession
diversion measure diversion of profits dividend accrued dividend freeze
interim dividend ordinary dividend preference dividend unclaimed dividend
division of prosecution dock genuineness of a document official document
public documents documentary bill domestic sector donation inter vivos
conveyance inter vivos indirect donation reciprocal donation dormant claim
dormant law fact beyond doubt classify as doubtful sight draft
driving offence dual economy part dues duplicate document
duplication of rights act under duress duty to abstain official duties
duty free goods probate duty registration duty taxes and duties
easement of support earmarked transfer legal easement negative easement
positive easement effective agreement cost-effectiveness methods direct election
election committee elective office elective function elective post
eligible investment attainment of independence emergence to independence achievement of independence
emergency medicine disaster medicine public emergency emergency legislation
emergency decision blind alley employment regional employment team encumbered estate
mortgagee encumbrancer Endowment Fund enforce
enforce a right enforceable right enforcement judge right to enforce
right of enforcement enforcement clause form of enforcement enfranchised tenant
leasehold enfranchisement enjoyment of a right judicial inquiry preliminary inquiry
supplementary inquiry entailed interest claim entitlement credit entry
rectifying entry transfer of entries cross entry contra entry
equalisation contribution equalisation tax equalisation charge interest equalization
full-time man equivalent errant spouse established by law establish the offence
establishment of identity central establishment office peace establishment conditional estate
intestate estate leasehold estate unencumbered estate absolute estate
freehold estate real estate Court lump-sum estimate ethical drug
eviction order debit an account real evidence evidentiary item
competent evidence admissible evidence assessment of evidence hearsay evidence
indirect evidence circumstantial evidence corruption of evidence direct evidence
evidence of guilt evidence on oath inadmissible evidence inferential evidence
presumptive evidence circumstancial evidence law of evidence unchallengeable evidence
evolving case-law ex-parte proceedings ex gratia compensation ex parte application
examination in chief exception clause competitive exchange depreciation current rate
exchange permit exchange control permission exchange economy exchange transfusion
self-executing execution judge executive sale executive session
diplomatic exemption exemption claim exemption clause exemption from jurisdiction
exemption from liability exonerating evidence expansion of staff expatriate employment
business expectations recurrent day-to-day expenses political expediency fungible goods
expendable property expenditure account official expenditure clerical post
clerical job management expenses reconditioning expenses court expert
expert witness handwriting expert second expert opinion further expert opinion
sworn expert exposure of a child extension of a bill extension of jurisdiction
extension of tenancy extension of lease extenuating circumstances extrabudgetary
extratribal European Nuclear Congress colour temperature redundancy
stand-by requisition index-linked barking machine
debarker barker size fine paper
absorbency cross cutting auxiliary public employee pay freeze
sole-employment clause adoption leave anti-strike bonus anti-union behaviour
closed shop clause articulated bargaining authorisation for dismissal authorisation for hiring
automatic effect autonomous union autonomous work team blacklisting
flagrantly illegal action blatantly unlawful conduct positive-sum bargaining integrative bargaining
immunity from seizure immunity from attachment civil sanction trade union delegate
shop steward collective interest company-level agreement invention by employees
company savings scheme compressed working week concession agreement constitutional principle
cost-of-living index zero-sum bargaining distributive bargaining decentralisation of bargaining
decentralised bargaining derogation agreement dispute prevention sabbatical leave
sick pay employers federation employers pool employment-related costs
Motor Development International enterprise plan gender diversity executive manager
Orthodox Press Service full-time trade-union official give-and-take agreement ideologically oriented enterprise
inderogability juridification labour economics acquired rights clause
merit pay increase monthly pay system national multi-industry bargaining non-established public employee
notification procedure parity principle performing artiste personnel audit
physical unfitness precariousness profit-sharing agreement profit-sharing reserve
public employee registered membership relief weekend shift remote surveillance
right of objection right to notify right to organise semi-autonomous work group
signing-on contract site delegate social balance sheet forward-looking analysis
ex ante exercise staff reduction external subcontract internal subcontract
supervisor trade union confederation trade union dues trade union federation
trade union mark union pamphlet win-win agreement employee liability
workforce delegate general strike workplace delegate workplace-level elections
Administrative Management Service qualified acceptance conditional acceptance return of assets
declaration of assets lump-sum assessment presumptive assessment empirical assessment
exempt from attachment express agreement petition of appeal notice of appeal
preemption agreement option agreement thing attached property attached
relator action right to appoint right of appointment et al
and others abandonment of a child abduction by consent abduction of a minor
abettor of a crime above par abettor of disturbances able seaman
fixed abode above-quota delivery absence of evidence conviction in absentia
absolute veto abstract journal statistical abstracts abstracting periodical
indexing and abstracting abuse of process abuse of veto child sexual abuse
adhere to a treaty acceptance house acceptance of a bill acceptance of a judgment
partial acceptance Automatic Train Protection Advanced Train Protection automatic train operation
automatic train control requirements packaging bypass
return-air plenum chamber return-air plenum mixing-box plenum chamber photoelectric cell
wood-fired boiler forced-circulation boiler natural circulation boiler hot-water heating boiler
hot-water boiler low-pressure hot-water boiler electrode boiler high-pressure boiler
fire-tube boiler firetube boiler steam boiler low-pressure steam boiler
high-pressure steam boiler water-tube boiler watertube boiler low-pressure boiler
locomotive-type boiler locomotive boiler residential boiler electric boiler
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