needle loop course-spacing machine direction course direction
wale wale direction run resist stitch length
loop length pulp fibre matt fibre delustred yarn
medium count yarn mechanically bonded fabric metal fibre softness
mollescence modular length moleskin fabric multifilament yarn
muslin printbonded fabric medium-tenacity type pulse regeneration
mesh network yarn non flammable covered yarn
twistless yarn flat yarn oxygen index limiting oxygen index
hopsack weave mat weave basket weave percale
Indian calico permanent press finish permeance pilling
plastic strain remaining strain permanent strain plated fabric
polynosic fibre poplin poromeric porosity
profiled fibre fur fabric half-cardigan stitch water resistance
rib fabric ring spun yarn woven rib fabric rib weave
tearing tear strength open-end spun yarn OE-spun yarn
raised pile tubular braiding grey goods loomstate fabric
greige fabrics face stitch face stitch wale sandwich laminate
segmented polyurethane secant stiffness serge selftwist yarn
stratified material shear stiffness bulky yarn high-bulk yarn
bulked yarn crease-resistant finishing laid rope loop breaking load
plain fabric smoothness slickness single knit
soil repellent soil release property melt-bonded fabric melt-spun fibre
canvas twisted yarn twist multiplier twist factor
twist direction twist value fibrillated-film yarn split-filament yarn
split-film yarn fibrillated yarn lace solid-braid
helically crimped fibre extruded fibre bursting strength stress
stress relaxation stability staple fibre yarn knitting
easy care drawing frame sliver stretchfabric roughness
piece dyeing stiffness card waste synthetic fibre fur
bagginess tangent stiffness textile product textile
textile-reinforced product textile material plastic-coated textile fabric textile structure
textured stretch yarn dry-laid nonwoven fabric transfer print warp
single bar tricot laid-yarn fabric strand of threads tufted fabric
heavy weight tweed twill fabric plain weave
two-ply yarn twofold yarn cover factor dense yarn
extensibility tensile properties elastomeric fibre elastomeric stretch yarn
stretch yarn wool fibre snagging milled cloth
engraved-roller printing warp direction satin warp-faced warp knitted fabric
warp knit union cloth water repellency pliancy
flexibility velour vigoreux printed yarn melange yarn
crochet viscoelastic strain delayed recovery voile
wet-laid nonwoven fabric wet breaking strength weft direction sateen weft-faced
weft knitted fabric weft knit thermostable fibre wettability
fabric construction webbing ribbon weight
bouclé yarn open loop mining and quarrying woven fabric
tuck stitch tuck loop Infrared Space Observatory Rwandan Patriotic Army
public-access building monoamine oxidase Presidential Committee bottomland
BDNF brain-derived neurotrophic factor NIWC Popular Party
European Polar System ITTF sovereign country hippopotamus
cockspur redshank International Farmers Union rowan
summer pheasant s-eye alkanet perennial quaking-grass keck
hogweed small mallow aspen great reedmace
bulrush sneezewort pheasant s-eye grey alder
lady s-mantle corncockle creeping bent bugle
narrow-leaved water-plantain floating water-plantain water-plantain common water-plantain
Jack-by-the-hedge garlic mustard wild leek field garlic
ramp ramsons wood garlic bear s garlic
freight subsidy alder marsh foxtail black-grass
marsh-mallow decommissioning commission common amaranth pigweed
redroot pigweed amaranth belladonna lily marramgrass
bugloss wild angelica mountain everlasting corn chamomile
stinking mayweed yellow chamomile lady s lace cow-parsley
snapdragon loose silky-bent woolly burdock thyme-leaved sandwort
common wormwood field wormwood mugwort madwort
blue woodruff common milk-vetch Alpine lady-fern lady-fern
garden orache orache common orache gram-positive bacterium
spring wild-oat common wild oat bristle oat winter-cress
roadway carriageway daisy hoary alison
silver birch birch trifid bur-marigold black-bindweed
hard fern tor-grass false brome wild turnip
great quaking-grass field brome soft-brome Hungarian brome
rye brome downy brome cheatgrass white bryony
common bryony field gromwell warty cabbage flowering rush
wood small-reed field marigold water-starwort common water-starwort
hedge bindweed hairy gold-of-pleasure spreading bellflower creeping bellflower
hairy bitter-cress sand rock-cress hoary cress curly welted-thistle
musk thistle sedge hard-head knapweed
common knapweed field mouse-ear mouse-ear common mouse-ear
sticky mouse-ear dwarf mouse-ear little mouse-ear small toadflax
tuberous chervil chamomile scented mayweed pineapple-weed
greater celandine good-King-Henry oak-leaved goosefoot maple-leaved goosefoot
many-seeded goosefoot red goosefoot upright goosefoot corn marigold
blue sow-thistle cowbane cabbage thistle marsh thistle
spear thistle hemlock hare s-ear mustard forking larkspur
Canadian fleabane hazel rough hawk s-beard succory hawk s-beard
flax dodder dodder greater dodder crested dogstail
thorn-apple wild carrot tufted hair-grass wavy hair-grass
flixweed foxglove hairy finger-grass oblong-leaved sundew
male-fern common spike-rush wiregrass Canadian waterweed
Canadian pondweed American willowherb rosebay willowherb fireweed
broad-leaved willowherb pale willowherb square-stalked willowherb water horsetail
marsh horsetail wood horsetail EUCARPIA blue fleabane
common cottongrass slender cottongrass broad-leaved cottongrass Scheuchzer s cottongrass
stork s-bill common stork s-bill common whitlow-grass treacle mustard
cypress spurge leafy spurge dwarf spurge petty spurge
giant fescue marsh cudweed meadowsweet dropwort
fumitory common fumitory red hemp-nettle large-flowered hemp-nettle
hemp-nettle common hemp-nettle gallant soldier common cleavers
goosegrass cleavers northern bedstraw hedge bedstraw
woodruff common marsh-bedstraw heath bedstraw corn cleavers
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