agrarian revolution rural social policy motor road recovery vehicle
break-down lorry trolleybus continuum of education plan of operations
policy-making organ policy-making body parking disc intermittent line
broken line axis line continuous line traffic lane
deceleration lane acceleration lane road verge crossing for cyclists
pavement footway pedestrian refuge central reservation
road divider central dividing strip opposite direction traffic professional category
priority road project evaluation project appraisal property rights
project agreement road junction intersection T-junction
road fork road hump evidence China white
Mon Tai Army tong special force Triad
Bonanno family Heybetli family Lucchese family Colombo family
Gambino family Genovese family subsidised crop restrictions soil bank program
allocation crop restrictions acreage restrictions premium for cultivation
incentive for cultivation difficulty of adaptation enlarge existing farms upgrading of farms
input-output relationship factor-product ratio revaluation revalorization
invisible export export declaration export quota export policy
volume of exports deficiency fund compensation fund income equalization supplement
unloading period agricultural equipment rural resettlement transfer of farmsteads
relocation of farmsteads escape clause state subsidy governmental aid
stock-piling subsidies farm hill programme hill agriculture farm at risk
assisted farm rationing control bilateral
internal economy domestic economy severance allowance land market
land reform agrarian reform real estate speculation boycott
gross gross imports gross investment deficit
currency exchange restriction foreign exchange reserves currency quota
biocatalysis rendering of services service industries differential tariff
discrimination village rehabilitation village renewal village development
restrict production transit duty average fixed costs average cost
intra-community market ownership limitation import permit import permit
import agency suspension of imports import freeze embargo on imports
volume of imports uniform tariff disparity of income elasticity of income
compulsory storage compulsory stockpiling teleaddiction final product
compulsory purchase decision making Charter of Development development financing
developing region development scheme development planning development process
development project collection marketing season crop year
producer subsidy control of production export export restrictions
exportable promotion of exports export licence export bounty
financial aid revenue tariff revenue duty acreage subsidy
location of plots location of fields scattered holdings fragmented holdings
compulsory rotation compulsory cultivation investment support threshold five-year plan
tourist accommodation regional disparities general expenses indirect costs
overhead costs overheads general costs community project
total costs total cost total national economy grain compensation fund
grant profit maximisation land reclamation sliding scale
global quota bulk quota border levies marginal revenue
marginal returns land improvement public holiday trade relations
dopaminomimetic agent non-tariff barriers obstacles to trade impediments to trade
trade flow channels of trade traditional trade flow commercial treaty
trade volume Alternative Mediterranean Conference sloe blackthorn
violet sweet violet kidney vetch herb-robert
herb robert black bryony round-leaved sundew restharrow
white water-lily grass-of-Parnassus bog bean milkwort
common milkwort cellular telephone cellphone broom
lady s-mantle common maidenhair fern great masterwort traveller s-joy
old man s beard mountain avens round-headed leek black horehound
clusterhead pink birch bolete larch bolete false chanterelle
red-cracked bolete downy bolete honey fungus parasol mushroom
shaggy parasol common yellow russula Caesar s mushroom The blusher
death cap wood mushroom false death cap grass-green russula
wood blewit horse mushroom forest mushroom yellow-staining mushroom
velvet shank St George s mushroom qualifying service summer truffle
winter truffle Slippery Jack bay bolete peppery bolete
birch bolete parrot toadstool engine management system engine control unit
amethyst deceiver Deceiver fairy ring mushroom wood woolly-foot
russet shank rooting shank slimy beech tuft little wheel toadstool
The miller grisette tawny grisette destroying angel
panther field mushroom stinking parasol Common Ink Cap
geranium-scented russula Primrose brittlegill ugly milk cap octopus stinkhorn
session auxiliary interpreter auxiliary session interpreter INDIGO Croatian Privatisation Fund
Unified Memory Architecture chief medical officer TPFO Topex-Poseidon Follow-On
Aero International Regional semtex rate of return asymptomatic period
GCHQ Government Communications Headquarters recurring expenditure recurrent expenses
teleport spokesperson spokeswoman spokesman
roosting NUCLEAR herd effect bandwagon effect
minor local authority reduction in force Frepaso servicing
SWAA virus-like particle French Haemophiliacs Association SFOR
stabilisation force Multinational Stabilisation Force complete haematological remission cytocidal retrovirus
DNA chain terminator haematopoietic malignancy immuno-staining inner protein coat
sor gene Southern blotting leukaemia inhibitory factor re-employment
refresher course protein-calorie malnutrition Mycobacterium Avium Complex rectal intercourse
sodomy anal intercourse Bell s palsy blood screening test
bronchodilator constitutional symptoms B symptoms Burkitt-like histology
candidal oesophagitis capture assay coated tongue competitive assay
confirmatory test core protein dental abscess diffuse alopecia
diploid xeroderma dry skin dysphagia
enzymatic processes registration fees erythematous candidiasis influenza-like symptom
flu-like symptom follicular depletion haploid histocompatibility
HLA complex immunogenicity inhibitor interstitial shadowing
intraoral wart IVIG intravenous immunoglobulin invasive cervical cancer
irritable bowel syndrome isosporidiosis papulopruritic eruption itchy folliculitis
Karnofsky s scale ketoconazole liposome lymph node biopsy
lymphoma lymphoid cancer marasmic-kwashiorkor meningitis
microcephaly registry MTCT perinatal transmission
Petra mother-to-child transmission needle exchange programme nuclear subcompartment
opportunistic oral thrush thrush oral candidiasis
pediatric AIDS paediatric AIDS parasitosis parasitic infection
pentamidine peptide persistent fever primary CNS lymphoma
primary brain lymphoma prior infection primary infection pulmonary oedema
pulmonary edema replication respiratory alkalosis retroviral drug
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