measuring programme meat mechanical equipment mechanical industry
mechanical vibration medical science medicinal plant Mediterranean climate
Mediterranean forest Mediterranean wood medium melting
membrane mental effect merchant shipping metainformation
metal product metal products industry metal waste metal working
metallic mineral metallurgical industry metals meteorological disaster
meteorological parameter meteorological research meteorology methanisation
method methodologies metropolis microbiological analysis
microbiology microclimate microclimatology microcomputer
microecosystem microelectronics micropollutant microscopy
microwave migrant labour migration in general migratory bird
migratory fish military activities military air traffic military equipment
military zone milk mill mine
mine filling mineral mineral chemistry mineral conditioner
mineral deposit mineral extraction mineral fibre mineral industry
mineral matter mineral oil mineral pollution mineral resources
mineral waste mineral water mineralisation mineralogy
minimal cost planning minimisation of damage mining basin mining district
mining industry mining law mining product mining regulation
mining site restoration mining waste minister competence ministerial decree
minority miscellaneous product miscibility mist
mites mitigation measure mixed farming mixed forest
mixed use area mobile home mobility physical mode of transport
model modelling moisture molecular biology
monetary assessment monetary economics monetary relations money market
monitoring monitoring criterion monitoring data monitoring equipment
monitoring network monitoring station monitoring technique monopoly
monument moral persuasion morphology mosaic
mosses motor vehicle motor vehicle industry motor vehicle pollution
motorway mountain mountain climate mountain forest
mountain management mountain protection mountain range mountain resort
mountainous area mowing mud sediment mud flat
multilateral agreement multimedia technology multinational firm multispectral scanner
municipal cleansing service municipal engineering municipal environment plan municipal environmental policy
municipal law municipal level municipal sewage municipal water management
municipality muscular system mushroom music
mussel farming mustelids mutagenicity testing mutant
mutated micro-organisms release mutation mycetes mycology
mycorrhiza myth national account national accounting
national boundary national economy national economy cost national environmental accounting
national fishing reserve national legislation national park national planning
nationalisation natural area natural areas protection natural environment
natural fertiliser natural fibre natural forest natural gas
natural gas exploration natural gas extraction natural heritage assessment natural independence law
natural material natural monument natural park natural radioactivity
natural regeneration natural resource conservation natural risks prevention natural scenery
natural sciences natural stone natural value nature
nature conservation nature conservation legislation nature conservation organisation nature conservation programme
nature protection nature reserve navigation navigational hazard
need neighbourhood law neighbourhood noise neighbouring owner
nematodes nesting nesting area neurotoxicity
nervous system toxicity neutralisation new community new installation
new material new technology new town newsgroup
nimbyism nitrate nitro compound nitrogen cycle
nitrogen dioxide nitrogen fixation nitrogen monoxide nitrogen oxide
oxides of nitrogen nitrogen oxides nitrogenous fertiliser noise analysis
noise barrier noise disturbance sound emission noise emission
noise emission levy noise exposure plan noise immission noise legislation
noise level noise measurement noise pollutant noise pollution
noise protection noise spectrum noise type noise-free technology
nomad nomenclature non-biodegradable pollutant non-built-up area
non-conventional energy non-demesnial water non-durable good non-ferrous metal industry
non-metallic mineral non-metals non-polluting energy source non-polluting fuel
non-renewable energy resources non-renewable resources non-residential building non-returnable container
non-target organism non-trade activity non-volatile substance standard
norm normalisation North Atlantic Ocean North-South conflict
North-South relationships novel food nuclear accident nuclear debate
nuclear energy nuclear energy legislation nuclear energy use nuclear explosion accident
nuclear fission nuclear fuel element nuclear fusion nuclear hazard
nuclear physics nuclear reaction nuclear reactor nuclear research centre
nuclear risk nuclear test nuclear test explosion nuisance
nursery plant breeding nutrient nutrient balance nutrient content
nutrient cycle nutrient medium nutrient removal nutrition
oaks objection obligation to inform obligation to label
observation satellite observatory in general occupational medicine occupational safety regulation
ocean ocean circulation ocean dumping ocean exploitation
ocean-air interface Oceania oceanic climate oceanography
odour off-peak travelling off-site official duty
official hearing offshore mining oil binding agent oil boom
oil disaster oil exploration oil extraction oil industry
oil pipeline oil pollution oil pollution abatement oil production chain
oil recovery vessel oil refinery oil residue recuperation oil slick
oil tanker oil-based energy old deposit old hazardous site
old installation olfactory pollution on-line service on-site wastewater treatment
ontogenesis open lawn open sea open sea fishing
operating data opinion survey optimisation of installations order
ordinance ordinary industrial waste ore mining organ
organic carbon organic chemistry organic fertiliser organic improver
organic matter organic nitrogen organic pollutant organic pollution
organic substances organic waste organisation organisation of teaching
organisms not systematic organisms taxonomy organohalogen compound organoleptic property
organonitrogen compound organooxygen compound organophosphorous compound organosulphur compound
ornithology orography Orthoptera Oslo agreement
osmosis outer space overburden overexploitation
overfertilisation overfishing overflow overgrazing
overhead power line overpopulation overwintering ovines
owner of waste ownership oxidation-reduction oxides
oxidisable material oxidising agent oxygen content oxygenation
oyster farming ozone depletion potential ozone layer ozone layer depletion
ozonisation packaging waste packing industry paint