halons harvest of fish infrastructure development information warehouse
marginal areas meteorological variability mitigation low cost multi-effect protocol
multi-pollutant ozone depleting substances permit policy prospective analysis
recharge rate river runoff repository reproductive disturbances
seawater intrusion semi-natural sinks segregation of wastes
stratosphere recover traffic congestion timber production toxic release inventories
user-interface urban urban population urban mobility
waste accounting waste management infrastructure waste prevention waste prevention measures
water availability water erosion biota climate models
economic agency food productivity gaseous fuels groundwater table
impact indicator-based methylbromide policy making agents
policy-makers reference centre scoping study sound environmental policies
spills terrestrial habitats weather events wetlands loss
public relations public works salmonella second-hand goods
working hours black smoke comb jellyfish pristine
riverine forest set-aside Stage I Directive accesses month
acidifying substances advisory board Airnet Annual Indicator Report
Arctic Ocean atmospheric concentration atmospheric input atmospheric deposition
base line city background levels Climate Change Convention climate policy
climate change policy deposition fall-out contaminant fall-out damaging input
Danish EPA dataset deliverables drivers
EINECS environmental forecasting techniques European Topic Centre ETC AEM
ETC CDS ETC NC ETC S executive summary
fact sheets hazardous IMPEL information dissemination policy
information locator services Inter-regional marine forum Interregional Marine Forum low-cost mitigation
memorandum of understanding meta information standards multicountry non-energy taxes
ound environmental policies pathway PEEP percentile level
PHARE Topic Links pilot study policy initiatives policy instruments
policy relevant dates regulatory mandate response indicators Soilnet
source-oriented monitoring tanker spill the Dobris-Report topic report
topic workshop Toxic Release Inventories Tyrrhenian Sea user interface
waste scoping study yard sticks contaminated land remediation methyl chloride
chlorine monoxide sulphate effects-based approach route
material flows mire scriptural money acute pelvic infection
regionalising ETUCE decline jurisdiction janitor
registration of a document abandonment of claims reply access permissions
action managers action plan added value advanced communication systems
analytical methods arrests asset seizure automated processing systems
budget implications business plan clandestine immigration networks co-operating criminals
communication facilities competent authorities confidential informant contractual liability
controlled deliveries convention covert crime analysis
crime analysis reports criminal criminal activities judicial inquiry
criminal investigations criminal matters criminal organisations criminality trend reports
custody customs authorities data base development data integrity
data processing systems data protection arrangements data protection authorities data protection legislation
database management detention drug prices drugs intelligence unit
encrypted mail ethical standards Europol data files Europol Drugs Unit
Europol liaison officers evasion execution Financial Committee
financial expertise forerunner countries forfeit general situation reports
grievous bodily injury illegal trafficking index system informant
information security plan intelligence analysis intelligence products interception
intercepts international crime international drug trafficking international organised crime
investigation teams joint supervisory body key indicators law enforcement agencies
law enforcement co-operation law enforcement practices law enforcement techniques legal capacity
legal matters legal affairs legal rules liaison officers
licence number logistics major seizures Ministerial Agreement
mission statement motor vehicle crime multilateral initiatives national laws
national units NCIS network security non-operational team
non-personal information non-personal data observations tactical analysis
operational business operational requirements operations support participating informant
police co-operation police sector policy makers political control
post-convention pre-convention precursor chemicals privacy legislation
prohibited drugs pseudo-purchases racism and xenophobia racketeering and extortion
restrain restraint right of access rogatory letter
search warrant seconded officer seconding national unit secondment
security incident soft intelligence soft information software standardisation
specialised business specialised services static surveillance static observations
suspicious transaction system management threat assessments tracking systems
trafficking undercover user oriented service user requirement
witness protection work files INTOSAI Governing Board AFROSAI
OLACEFS EOTC utility model n-octanol water
Oral paste Modified-release granules hard capsule soft capsule
Modified-release capsule hard Modified-release capsule soft Modified-release tablet Oral gum
Pillules continuous-release intraruminal device Pulsatile-release intraruminal device Lick block
Medicated pellets Intramammary solution Intramammary suspension Intramammary emulsion
Intramammary ointment Teat stick Intrauterine solution Intrauterine suspension
Intrauterine emulsion Intrauterine tablet Intrauterine capsule Beak dipping
VET Dipping foot-stab use In ovo In-feed use
In-hive use Intramammary use Intraruminal use Nebulisation use
Oculonasal use Paravertebral use Pour-on use Skin scarification
Spot-on use Teat use Top-dressing use Water borne use
Wing-web-stab use automatic injection device balling gun dart
Dredging container Drench gun Implanter In-ovo injection device
Intramammary syringe Mouth piece Nasal applicator Nebuliser
Oral syringe Pour-on container Scarifier Spot-on applicator
Spray container Stab vaccinator Vaginal sponge applicator accidental damage
accounting accounting framework accounting matrices accounting period
accrual basis accumulation accounts acquisitions less disposals active population
actual collective consumption actual final consumption actual individual consumption actual social contributions
added value adjusted disposable income adjustment item aggregates
agriculture and forests analysis ancillary activity appearance of assets
assets assumption of liabilities autonomy of decision auxiliary financial activities
irrecoverable debt uncollectible account bad debt balance sheets
balancing item bankers acceptances banks barter
base period basic price benefits bonds
bonds and debentures bonus shares border workers borderline cases
breakdown buildings buildings and structures c i f f o b adjustment
c i f price c i f value calculation cancellation of debts
capital capital account capital consumption capital expenditure
t /