redemption premium redemption price redemption value reference person
regional accounts regional territory regionalization regions
regrouping reinsurance corporations relationship renting
operating leasing rents rerouting reserves
resident units residents resources resources and uses
rest-of-the-world accumulation accounts rest-of-the-world balance sheets rest-of-the-world capital account rest-of-the-world current accounts
rest-of-the-world financial account retirement schemes revaluation account sales
satellite accounts saving savings deposits scope
used asset second-hand asset secondary activity secondary instruments
sector accounts sectors securities securitization of loans
self-employed persons sequence of accounts services services to households
shares shoplifting short-term loans short-term paper securities
single-use growing crops small tools SAMs social accounting matrices
social contributions social insurance benefits social insurance schemes social security benefits
social security funds specialized financial corporations sport and recreation personnel
staff human resources standard legal descriptions standard loans
state government regional government statistical units stocks
storage services strike price structure students
sub-sectors subdivision subsidiaries subsidies
subsidies on production subsidies on products subsoil assets supply matrices
supply table s surface water s surveys swaps
synoptic presentation system of accounts tangible fixed assets tangible non-produced assets
taxes taxes on gifts taxes on imports taxes on income
taxes on products taxes on wages technical assistance personnel territorial enclaves
territorial water s theft time deposits time of recording
tool for analysing total economy total population tour operator services
tourists tradable trade margins transaction value
transactions transactions in loans transactions in products transfer costs
transferable deposits transfers transport costs transport equipment
transportation of goods travel treasury bills treatment
uncompensated seizures underwriters undistributed profits unforeseen obsolescence
uni-regional units unincorporated units units of analysis
unquoted shares use matrices use table uses
uses and resources valuables valuation value-added-type taxes
volunteer services voting power shares wages and salaries war damage
warrants wealth welfare work in process
work in progress goods in process workers written-down replacement cost
zero-coupon bonds neutral holding gain economically active population debentures
final consumption life insurance pilot non-flying local staff
official salary scale personal file Deputy Directors
dependent child allowance education allowance family allowance expatriation allowance
orphan s pension law of succession partial permanent invalidity Special Unemployment Fund
public-spirited act severance grant invalidity insurance scheme life insurance scheme
underpayment overpayment breach of obligation Disciplinary Board
termination of employment resettlement allowance arbitration board EDU-management
transitional provisions pay scales Director Deputy Director
Assistant Director intelligence Exchange of Information Operational Support
technology Strategic Planning Head of Analysis Investigation Support
IT Services Technical Support Directorate Support Head of Training
Head of Security Head of Personnel Welfare Services Head of Finance
Operational Analysis Performance Analysis Recruitment Officer IT Computer Operations
IT Development IT Application Support Legal Adviser Internal Communication
Internal Training First Officer Finance Second Officer Directorate Assistant
Analytical Assistants Directorate Support Assistants General Services Assistants Specialised Drivers
Drivers Security Officers Operators Qualified Workers
competent national authorities open recruitment Head of Unit Selection Board
external expert Europol National Units Europol Convention compensatory leave
remuneration for overtime overtime pay Annual leave Special leave
Traveling time rent allowance removal expenses mission expenses
dependent child rapporteur abuse of procedure procedural step
decision A distinguished furnishing of evidence departing from decision A priority year
cancel oral proceedings accidental anticipation discretionary power discretion
evaluation of evidence assessment of evidence could would approach problem solution approach
permissible permissibility categories of claim emphasis added
decision A confirmed general technical knowledge common general knowledge conservation of evidence
decision A followed decision A applied procedural statement standard of proof
priority period period of priority prejudicial to novelty novelty destroying
second non-medical use second appeal postpone oral proceedings audi alteram partem
extra effect additional effect bonus effect surprising effect
technical teaching exceptions to patentability exclusion from patentability legislative history
notional skilled person average skilled person secondary indicia department
adjourn for deliberation adjournment for deliberation priority interval combinabon invention
process invention method invention selection invention use invention
previous case law earlier case law means of proof evidence evidence
discretionary power discretion particular embodiment submissions
prohibition on patenting omnibus claims accompanying person presentation of arguments
pleading possibility of reproducing repeatability reproducibility
possibility of repeating discretionary power discretion first appeal
statement of case general procedural principles inter partes proceedings ex parte proceedings
industrial property protection use-bound substance protection admissible cross-appeal proceedings
cross-appeal sequential appeal proceedings reformatio in pejus reply
counterstatement reproduction of a product reproduce the invention opponent
appellant appellant patent proprietor main request auxiliary request
subsidiary request alternate request restitutio in integrum re-establishment of rights
claim to a composition combination claim apparatus claim device-by-process claim
dependent claim process claim product-by-process claim use-bound product claim
use claim independent claim process claim main claim
sub-claim adjourn oral proceedings novelty test travaux préparatoires
preparatory work types of claim public prior use substantial procedural violation
abandonment of subject-matter APEC Summit Social Summit critical vision area
residual effect residual treatment effect carry over effect biological recovery period
environmental fate labelling arrangement criminal prosecution
budgetary revenue basic instrument consolidate estimates payments due
call for funds discretionary tendering procedure bovine virus diarrhoea BVD virus
mucosal disease virus bovine diarrhoea pestivirus scrapping budgetary accounts
monthly statement replenish the accounts actual cash requirements bluetongue orbivirus
Europol staff second medical use second therapeutic application second medical indication
early after depolarisations fully fledged currency clearing house hedged position
fixed conversion factor Onmi-directional beacon drug treatment agapanthe
calla lillies lift-ground etching sugar-lift aquatint