make out distributor distribution dispatching
odds and ends divide cut through separate
unplug cut off finger take the trouble
data lining double helical smoothness
straight cure hardness dynamic
spring balance bleach erase result
side-effects tapering breakdown break down
stress pack vacuum-packed fit together
to interlock nipple stamping clutch
engage the gear store nest tangle
wheelbase prevent location punch
out-of-range heading upstream on the slant
on compliance with on going molten on the go
in return management embed fit into
fitted chain up link up anvil
nick optical encoder glue wood paste paper
congest get dirty inkpot coat
coating harden shut up thread needle
commitment pledgery bond put into gear
insert key machine include block
gears mesh span stake
put away take off wind unit
scaling scale funnel criss-cross
warehouse undertake enter collide
bracing brace spacer spreader
strut cross reference envelope wrap
span wing upside down stud threaded pin
headless bolt drift step-ladder space
space out become less frequent rough plan sketch
outline have a go clutch at rear axle
front axle wring wipe swaging
accurate correct crank copy
example exert experient explainable
subsidiary information explain operate actuate
burst state make a point outer
extinguisher puller extruding fettling
draft rough sketch draft rough out
deburring de-burr scaffolding trade-off
overheat ladder timescale echo
lighting lettering locknut wing nut
nut packing even mislay eject
throw out elasticity elastic band springy
electrify electric electro-magnet electrochemical
electroerosion shock hazard electrode spark erosion
electric household appliances element sling transmitter
emit blunt energy thickness
thicken epicyclic sponge scourer
mop up graduate specimen test tube
run out cleaner equation knee
square setsquare equilibrium stabilizer
outfit attachment counterpart bench
work bench shelf standard leakproof
sealed tight sealing tightness
delivery state surface texture mint condition vice
shaper extinguish switch off shut off
turn off tabbing label self-sticking label
draw throttling bail narrow
study autoclave steam room appraisement
appraise recess be wedged between be made of
be made from be geared to manufacturer making
manufacture factory make dummy
optional beam in-house make tedious
fatigue split crack tinplate
soldering iron wrought iron flat bar T steel bar
throttle down locking shut-down scrap-iron
scrap-iron merchant metal-tipped ironworks art metalwork
tail light sheet maple leaf foil
felt pen reliable fiber string
index card memo card wire yarn
leads electronique plumbline flex thread
filament flute die set pipe threader
film filter screen strainer
air cleaner fine thin finishing
surface finish shrinkage anchor flask
buckling flame flank sidewall
flange flexibility signpost arrow
fleet float fuzzy creep
fluctuate fluidity flow turning function
running work with back at the bottom
bottom foundry melt down cast iron
force strength pull-back force net force
resultant force twist drill end drill forge
cold forming high energy forming hydrospark format
size shape fork clutch fork
crucible furnace supply ing shatter
fragility milling mill mill
milling machine brake tab washer frequency
sintering chilly crease scrub
leak fuse model gadget
productivity gain trunking roller pinch roller
burnishing galvanize expanded range wide range
glove gard warranty travel
ground clearance packing clutch-facing wafer
toggle joint generator power unit generate
engineering solid geometry descriptive geometry hinder
slippery slippage slipe rubber
rub out inflating inflate pump up
slot relief groove dowel neck
cotter pin split pin gutter gradient
greasing grease greaser gram me
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