intrusion invalid test involved ISOFIX
jacking point jack-knifing jockey wheel kingpin
kneeling knocking laden weight lambda factor
lane lane-change test large passenger vehicle latch
lay-by area lay-by road construction layer of glass
windscreen leaded fuel lead-free fuel drum brake
leading shoe lean mixture learner driver leg-guard
motorcycle lens of a headlamp level indicator LPG fuel system
levelling of headlights level road test aerodynamic lift
lift of a valve lift coefficient Cz lighting device light-integrating sphere
light trailer light van limited-slip differential lsd brake
lined shoe assembly liner brake lining assembly
link lip seal liquid-cooled engine liquid phase
little-end bush live axle load-bearing structure for a tyre
load-capacity index load cell load compartment loading unit
multimodal transport load point fuel injection load sensor
bench tests load setting load transfer under braking
lock actuator lock-off device lock-to-lock turn loose gravel
road sign lorry lower alcohols lower deck
lower yield point low-floor vehicle low-geared vehicle low gearing
for bumpers low-speed impact test LPG-fuelled vehicle lubrication circuit
for diesel engines lug-down test luggage rack luminance
luminous intensity machine testing main bearing mandatory sign
impact tests manikin manual transmission marker
road sign mass density mass flow rate master cylinder
maximum-load rating maximum technical weight maxi-volume tank McPherson suspension
mechanically driven supercharger member metal-active gas welding MAG welding
MIG welding metal-inert-gas welding methanol-fuelled vehicle machining
milling minivan mirror of a lamp misfuelling
corrosion tests mist cabinet mixed-applications tyre mobile barrier
modal split modulator monolithic catalyst monopoint injection
motor coach motorhome motor cycle motor vehicle
motorway mountings mudguard flap multi-axle bogie
multi-fuel engine multi-gear axle multigrade oil multipoint injection
multi-purpose vehicle multi-service tyre MST LPG fuel system multivalve
narrow road signal in national traffic natural gas NG
nearside needle valve front end negative scrub radius
net calorific value net power gear neutral
in new condition no-load speed non-dispersive ultraviolet analyser NDUV analyser
non-filament light sources non-petroleum product non-return valve non-skid surface
normal highway service in normal mode notchback car notch effect
octane improver odd sound off-road vehicle offset test
offset crash test offset impact offside off-track
oil-bath filter Belgium oil sump oncoming traffic
one-box car one-off vehicle one-piece rim one-piece drop-centre rim
one-piece wheel type of wheel opacimeter engine
open-chamber opening-roof vehicle operation optical fifth wheel
optional extra original equipment OE outboard position seat
outset wheel outer axle out-of-round oven
overall dimensions overall gearing overall transmission ratio gearbox
overdrive ratio overhang on a bumper over-rider
for light trailers overrun brakes overrun braking inertia braking
overspeed oversquare engine overturning test oxidizing catalyst
fuel additive oxygenated compound disc brake pad assembly
padding Panhard rod suspension parent Regulation
parking allowed parking brake parking lamp partial-flow dilution
particulate measurement system vehicle passenger passenger car
passenger compartment passenger vehicle passing beam passing-beam headlamp
passive restraint passive safety peak value pedal force
pelican crossing pelleted catalyst penalty for non-compliance pendulum impactor
in general performance tests photodetector pick-up van
pillar A-Pillar A pillar B-Pillar
B pillar C-Pillar C pillar pinking
pitching vehicle plastic lens plain bearing
platform plug plugging tyre structure
points by leaded fuel polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE port injection
position light position lamp positive-displacement compressor positive-ignition engine
positive locking post-exhaust valve-control device power power-absorption unit
power-absorption device power-driven vehicle power-operated door public-service vehicle
power-assisted steering power steering power-steering pump engine function
power stroke agricultural tractor power take-off PTO power weight ratio
diesel engine precombustion chamber preheating preload device
seat belt premium grade petrol containing CCR reformate premium low-lead gasoline
metal forming pressing pressure build-up pressure die-casting
pressure drop braking system pressure-limiting valve LPG fuel system
pressure regulator pressure-relief valve pressure shock pressure switch
air-brakes pressure-test connection pressure welding prime mover
in road traffic priority vehicle private car prohibitory sign
projection lens projector headlamp passive safety protection criteria
protective band protective device protective helmet public-service vehicle PSV
push-button rack-and-pinion steering racking of a structure radial-ply tyre
radial tyre radiator grille radius to rail-borne vehicle
raised idling speed rake of windscreen engine inlet ram effect
ramp angle range-change gearbox truck range switch
rate rated power reach of a control rear-biased braking
rear bulkhead rear-end collision rear hatch rear impact
rear position lamp rear registration-plate lamp rear-view mirror rearward facing seat
rebound suspension travel rebound stop suspension
recessed reciprocating internal-combustion engine recirculating-ball steering recovery of brakes
reduction ratio reference fuel reference horizontal ground reference mass
AGR Agreement reference road reflectance reflectorized material
reflex-reflective material reformulated gas regenerative braking registration of a vehicle
registration plate regrooving of a tyre regular grade petrol regulatory sign
relative density relay emergency valve release to release button
drop test release device of a cooling system relief valve
brakes relining LPG fuel system remote filling point
remoulding of a tyre RESS replacement exhaust-silencing system replacement fuel
in UN-ECE Regulations requirements rerating re-rubber to a tyre
research safety vehicle residual space resistance to progress restrained
vehicle occupant restraint retarder retention plate
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