protective helmet retention system protective helmet retention test
retracting belt retreading of a tyre retrofit retro-reflecting device
retro-reflective tyre reverse gear reversible wheel reversing light
reversing lamp revolution counter bodywork rich-burn engine
rich mixture moped riding pedal rigid chassis vehicle
rim offset on public-service vehicles riser of a stair risk priority number
roadholding road load power road load road tests
road speed road markings road train road user
road vehicle rocker valve gear steering
roll-bar roll rolled thread rolling
rolling resistance rollover rollover bar roll oversteer
rollover test roll stiffness roof lining roof rack
roof supports vehicle structure root mean square statistical term
rotary-piston engine rotating distributor round-off round-robin test
round to to on an engine RPM sensor rubber
running gear running-on running temperature running wheels
frontal impact test run-up track safety-belt anchorages safety glazing
safety hoop safety marking emissions measurement sampling
sampling-type opacimeter safety belt sash strap S-cam brake
petrol additive scavenger scavenging air electricity
screening sealant sealed beam headlight sealed cooling system
sealed housing road-making sealing coat seam weld
seat-back public-service vehicle seating area seating place
secondary-air injection securing securing cone sedan
seizure of parts seizing of parts select-high control select-low control
self-adjusting brake self-centring steering self-contained equipment of brakes
self-energizing self-levelling system suspension self-locking differential
self-tracking axle semi-continuous braking semi-trailer tractor semi-trailing-arm suspension
service braking device service conditions LPG fuel system service valve
setting adjustment severity index SI shackle of a spring
shaft drive sharp-edged shear-strength test sheeted vehicle
sheet glass sheet-metal gauge shell shield bumper
shift gears to shock-absorbing material brake shoe
brake shoe assembly Shore hardness materials treatment
shot-peening shoulder strap show a light shut-off valve
side impact side-impact guard impact tests side-impact manikin
side-marker lamp side member sidewall of a tyre sidewalls rubber
signal signalling lamps signs and signals silencer
silencing system simplex drum brake public service vehicle single-decker
in single formation single vehicle single wheel sintering of a metal
siping tyres skid to slack
slave cylinder sled rig sled test automatic gearbox
slip of converter slippage test slip road slipstreaming
slow-moving vehicle SMV smoke meter Dutch word pl snorfiets
snorfiet soft tow soft verge soldering
solenoid valve solid tyre sound-level meter sound-pressure test
space-frame chassis spare part spare travel spare wheel
spark-gap setting sparkplug gap setting gap setting spark timing
special warning lamp in g kWh spectral tristimulus values speed control bump
speed-limitation device SLD speed symbol spiked tyre spin
spindle assembly spin-on filter on a shaft splines
split axle test split braking system split braking circuit split surface
splitter unit truck gearbox particulate measurement system splitting ratio
airbrakes landing flap spoiler air dam
spoke of a wheel safety belt spooling-out spot
welding spring loaded brake square engine squat
combustion chamber squish effect stake bed truck body
stamping of a mark for a vehicle stand to standard belt
standard deviation statistics standard-production equipment standard slack
stand by position standing road signal standing allowed
public-service vehicle standing area public-service vehicle standing place
motor starter static belt stationary vehicle
station wagon steady speed steady-speed test under steady-state conditions
steady-state turn steel-belted tyre steerability steered axle
steering angle steering boot steering control steering gear
steering transmission steering linkage steering mechanism steering rack
steering ratio steering shaft steering wedge steering-wheel
in a gearbox step-down in a gearbox step-up
public service vehicle stepwell stick-slip effect stiffener
stoichiometric ratio stop-cock stop lamp road sign
stopping allowed stopping device stopping distance driving wheel
straight-ahead position straight-track test materials testing strain
protective helmet strangle retention system public-service vehicle strap-hanger
stratified-charge engine lighting stray reflection materials testing
stress stress corrosion metal treatment stress relief
striker of a latch striker stripchart recorder stroke of a piston
structural member structural response structural part strut
strut suspension stub axle sub-frame subgroup
submarining of manikin substrate of catalyst public-service vehicle sunken gangway
supercharged engine sunroof supplement to a Regulation surface volume ratio
impact test survival space suspension seat suspension trim height
swing-axle suspension road sign swing bridge swirl pot
indirect-injection diesel engine swirl chamber front suspension swivel
in a gearbox synchromesh tack welding tailgate
on trucks tail lift exhaust tailpipe
tampering tamperproof tandem axle taper
taper-leaf spring taper roller bearing Technical Inspection Service tell-tale
temperature-controlled temperature read-out temporary-use spare wheel tensile test
tensile test-piece test steering equipment test test circle
test connections test cycle test fixture test equipment
testing ground materials testing test-piece test procedure
test pulse test report test run test station
test track impact test test trolley thirteen-mode cycle
thread rolling three-point belt throttle plate throttle slide
exhaust brake throttle valve mechanical part thrust-point
on a truck tilt cab tilting test tilt test
tilt platform time-delay switch timed sequential injection timed simultaneous injection
timing curve tipper tipping ram steering geometry
toe-in steering geometry toe-out toggle valve
toothed belt top gear four-wheel drive torque tube