knock administrator ad collegendum administrator with administrator pendente absentia
administrator durante absentia administrator durante dementia auxiliary administration ancillary administration
administration pendente absentia administration durante absentia administration durante dementia principal administration
primary administration administratorship admissible in evidence receivable in evidence
admissible as evidence natural affection supporting affidavit affidavit in support
solemn affirmation affreightment lumpsum charter lump sum charter
time charterer time-charterer charterer demise charterer
peace officer admiralship lineal ancestor destroy
domestic animal animal domitae naturae avoidance of contract abrogation of contract
apartment appellant converter surveyor
land surveyor judicial legislation judge-made law stower
direct ascendant lineal ascendant ascendent extraordinary general meeting
blank subpoena benevolent society benevolent association joint-stock association
joint stock association incorporated society incorporated association non-profit association
nonprofit association fidelity insurance liability insurance fidelity bond
direct invasion minimize tenurial incident incident of tenure
salvage award award of salvage public hearing open court hearing
intentional wrongdoer intentional tortfeasor legislative authority legal authority
officer of justice material benefit material advantage confession of guilt
admission of guilt admission by silence tacit admission admission by conduct
evidential admission admission by privy notice of discontinuance notice of abandonment
notice of assessment assessment notice successor in title successor in interest
larboard larboard mere bystander lease for years lease of years
flat lease fixed lease lease in perpetuity perpetual lease
emphyteutic lease lease at will yearly lease verbal lease
oral lease six-monthly lease six monthly lease lucrative bailee
bailee for hire reciprocal bailment lucrative bailment bailment for hire
pilot vessel pilot-vessel pilot boat vessel
sea-going vessel seagoing vessel sea going vessel right of curtesy
courtesy inchoate curtesy curtesy inchoate cestui que trust
stray estray misplaced property mislaid property
salved property salvage property bodily harm bote
plough-bote plow-bote cart-bote hedge-bote
hay-bote boundary monument boundary stone legal monument
monument boundary mark writ of replevin writ of ejectment
icebreaker central registration branch central filing office common purpose
common design C A F cost and freight C F cost and freight home-trade ship
home trade ship termination of offer lapse of offer master mariner
corporate stock joint stock joint-stock capital stock
capitalisation accumulation causation causality
immediate cause legal cause proximate cause causa proxima
nova causa interveniens supervening cause fresh cause cause-in-fact
causation-in-fact concurrent causes alternative causes general average bond
survey certificate tonnage certificate certificate of tonnage certificate of release
location certificate certificate of location certificate of readiness certificate of perfection
seaworthiness certificate certification of title gratuitous assignment assignment in law
equitable assignment assignment in equity champertous maintainer champertor
ship-wright shipwright pro forma charterparty shock
nervous shock inherently dangerous thing general disclaimer paramount clause
clause of accruer accruer clause parties parties parties clause
reddendum defeasance clause proviso for defeasance clause of defeasance
revocation clause revocatory clause clause of revocation combiner
combination to injure co-executor co-executor rogatory commission commixtion
commixture commixtio common without stint common sans nombre
documentary discovery discovery of documents stock company jurisdiction in personam
jurisdiction in rem in rem jurisdiction jurisdiction in admiralty special skill
special competence condition collateral collateral condition resolutive condition
resolutory condition dissolving condition condition against alienation suspensive condition
commercial condominium business condominium vacant land condominium bare land condominium
intentional act intentional conduct wilful conduct deliberate act
steamship conference shipping ring matrimonial communication marital communication
restraint confirmatio republish confusion
confusio implied consent valid consent acceptable consent
ultimate user ultimate purchaser Consolato del Mar Consolato del Mare
Sea Consulate Consolat de Mar loading capacity contractant
legal duress contract of bottomry bottomry contract respondentia contract
contract of respondentia instalment contract voluntary contract gratuitous contract
purchase contract contract of purchase contract of adhesion mass contract
adhesion contract port charter-party port charterparty port charter party
berth charterparty berth charter marine insurance contract contract of benevolence
contract of beneficence construction contract building contract contract of hire
contract of tenancy hiring contract tenancy agreement contract for hire
contract of agency agency contract towage contract towing contract
contract of towage multi-modal transport contract multimodal transport contract sales contract
contract of sale land contract crew agreement severable contract
divisible contract written contract contract in writing uberrimae fidei contract
contract uberrimae fidei indivisible contract entire contract maritime contract
marine contract pre-contract preliminary contract precontract
pecuniary consideration contribution purchase agreement agreement of purchase
boundary line agreement boundary agreement partition agreement agreement for partition
sale agreement sales agreement conditional sales agreement conditional sale agreement
ship s articles escrow agreement head-agreement head-agreement verified copy
attested copy exemplification exemplified copy authenticated copy
concurrent owner joint representative co-representative joint personal representative
co-personal representative corporate body incorporated body body corporate
public service corporation public utilities company public utilities corporation public utility
public utility undertaking public-service corporation public service company tenancy in coparcenary
parcenary registered post registered mail ship-brokerage
ship-broker vessel broker ship broker covenant against incumbrances
covenant against encumbrances covenant of seisin covenant of title title covenant
covenant for title covenant real covenantor mortgage money
ocean cargo claim marine cargo claim execution creditor attaching creditor
credit credibility reasonable person test reasonable person standard
reasonable contemplation test sketch plan sketch mistaken belief
false belief hidden danger concealed danger unusual hazard
unusual danger inherently dangerous dangerous per se canceling date
execution debtor original declarant out-of-court declarant hearsay declarant
previous statement prior statement earlier statement prior consistent statement
previous consistent statement amendment statement amending statement death-bed declaration
dying declaration ante-mortem declaration statement of intention declaration of intention
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