inculpatory statement incriminating statement self-serving declaration self serving declaration
self-corroboration self-confirmation hearsay statement hearsay declaration
statement of defence common defense common defence defence of volenti
deforciant meliorating waste ameliorating waste degree
measure of care degree of care degree of attachment degree of annexation
degree of kinship degree of relationship degree of kindred quantum of proof
standard of proof degree of proof period of limitation non-reversible lay time
non-reversible laydays non-reversible lay days releaser releaser relinquishment
delimitation delimit substantive tort affirmative tort
symbolical delivery symbolic delivery setoff setoff trivial annoyance
trifling annoyance descendent descendent direct descendant lineal descendant
descendant descendant specific description particular description secured indebtedness
bonded debt duty to act duty of action duty to rescue
descent cast defamer group defamation class defamation
spoken defamation oral defamation direction to pay order to pay
direction regarding funds exculpate disculpate settle
simple concealment passive concealment liquidating dividend liquidation dividend
dividend in liquidation non-cumulative dividend noncumulative dividend scrip dividend
dividend in scrip docker dockworker longshore laborer
longshoreman dock worker doctrine of stages multi-modal transport document
multimodal transport document leasehold estate estate in joint-tenancy estate in jointure
joint estate estate in dower dower estate estate by sufferance
estate at sufferance estate at law estate in equity equitable estate
fee estate estate in fee fee simple estate freehold estate
freehold of inheritance mere freehold several estate estate in severalty
less-than-freehold estate non-freehold estate estate not inheritable qualified estate
remainder estate estate in remainder estate in tail estate tail
fee tail estate entailed estate special estate tail estate tail special
sole estate conventional life estate equitable life estate harm
damage damage by collision collision damage general damage
damage in law indirect damage consequential harm special damage
actual damage foreseeable harm foreseeable damage donator
voluntary donation optioner optionor record at trial
tenancy in dower dower inchoate dower dower inchoate
dowress doweress duplicate right to possession
right to possess collateral right ancillary right right appendant
appendant right right of accretion right of accruer jus accrescendi
right to support right of support right of dower dower right
inchoate dower right evidentiary law law of evidence evidence law
common at large common in gross right of access right of passage
title to enter cartway way in gross right of pre-emption
pre-emptive right property law right of ownership property interest
expectant estate estate in expectancy right to a view right of prospect
right of redemption redemption right right to rescind right of rescission
right to a lien right of retention right to resell tenurial right
right to light right of light right appurtenant appurtenant right
law of agency right of user right of common equitable right
expectant right sole right exclusive right right in land
inheritance right heritable right mercantile sea law shipping law
law of shipping sea-law of Rhodes Rhodian sea law senior interest
title paramount paramount title leasehold interest rights of admiralty
admiralty rights canal tolls canal dues pilotage charge
quayage surface sewer storm sewer supervening force
intervening force upon trust in trust indorsee
endorsement indorsement in blank endorsement in blank posthumous child
after-born child registration of deeds deeds registration artificial body
fetter stevedoring company stevedoring firm stevedore firm
physical milieu physical environment fundamental mistake fundamental error
mistake of identity substantial error error in substantialibus valuation
place of business loss-spreading sewage disposal disposal of sewage
measure near possibility common possibility title examination
examination of title intermediate inspection intermediate examination spontaneous exclamation
excited utterance general executor full executor tort executor
substituted executor substitutionary executor executor by substitution strict performance
literal performance total performance entire performance executorship
eject evictor evicter termination of agency
determination of agency contrivance fabricated fact fabrication
false fact concoction recent contrivance recent fabrication
recent invention late invention precipitating force controlling test
palm fact in issue factum probandum fact in dispute
jural fact dispositive fact relevant fact material fact
principal fact ultimate fact main fact evidentiary fact
evidential fact similar happening similar fact persuasive burden
probative burden risk of nonpersuasion burden of evidence evidential burden
evidentiary burden secondary burden fault private wrong
civil wrong false testimony false evidence folium
constructive trustee fiducial fiduciarily fiducially
trust for purposes purpose trust education trust living trust
inter vivos trust will trust testamentary trust feud
feudum fief feod modified fee
qualified fee fee qualified fee simple defeasible defeasible fee simple
qualified fee simple modified fee simple fee simple determinable determinable fee simple
legal fee tail equitable fee tail tail female fee tail female
fee tail male in tail male tail male general tail
tail general fee tail general tail female general general tail female
tail male general general tail male special tail tail special
fee tail special tail female special special tail female tail male special
special tail male feoff infeoff enfeoff
unlawful purpose improper purpose fixation fleet
corporeal land quasi-dominant tenement quasi-dominant land quasi-servient tenement
quasi-servient land riparian tenement unreasonable force excessive force
Lloyd s open form stock split share split charges
costs of administration administration expenses lighterage charge frank-almoign
free alms frankalmoign f o t contract free on rail
free on truck f o r contract person under disability under disability
incompetent as a witness time freight time-charter hire time charter hire
back freight lump sum freight lumpsum freight lump freight
advance freight pro rata freight prorata freight chartered freight
charter hire consolidation horizontal merger horizontal amalgamation
short-form amalgamation short-form merger short form merger vertical merger