preferential lien prepayment privilege present lease present ownership
preservation of property prior chargee private right private sale
substantive institution privity in representation privity in succession privity in tenure
privity of blood privity of estate privity of possession probate duty
succession proceedings probate practice probate stamp probate suit
probate value take out profit à rendre profit of estovers
profit of pasture profit of piscary profit of turbary property settlement
property detained property in specie matrimonial property marital property
public property succession property transferable property unincumbered property
property tax proviso for redemption public lands honorary trust
quarter section quarterly lease quasi-profit quit rent
quit claim assessment rates water rate real hereditament
alternative remainder redemption period re-enter proviso for re-entry
registry system customary relief improper relief prescriptive relief
relieve rent by grant rent by reservation rent in gross
rent of assize rent service continuing rent remainder for life
remainder in fee remainder in tail simple remainder remainderman in tail
remote interest residential lease residential premises restraint on anticipation
revenue-bearing real estate reversion expectant reversion in fee reversionary estate
reversioner right of drainage right of eavesdrop right of entry
right of fencing right of flotation right of flow right of navigation
right of water right to air right to water riparian right
rule against inalienability taking of security seignory seisin in law
abeyance of seisin equitable seisin simple seisin servient tenant
settled estate ante-nuptial settlement voluntary settlement in severalty
share in land shifting interest simple reversion socage
special tail general specific bequest spiritual tenure springing devise
springing interest statutory easement statutory tenancy stumpage
statutory tenant subdivide commercial subdivision sub-landlord
subsequent encumbrancer subsearch superior landlord sub-tenancy agreement
subtenure succession duty successive estates superior lease
surrendered surrogate court probate court co-ordinate survey system
record of survey Dominion land surveyor tacking tax code number
temporal tenure tenancy in fee tenancy in severalty sole tenancy
tenant at sufferance tenant in dower tenant in fee tenant paravail
tenure in chivalry tenure in frankalmoign tenure in serjeanty term of life
title search title to goods title title to land
land title adverse title ex facie title extinction of title
Torrens system tortious operation tract of land trust will
unity of interest unity of time unity of title unnamed party
unreleased land use and occupation use plaintiff existing use
Statute of Uses capitalized value vested by conveyance vesting of title
villein socage V L A deed voluntary waste water rights
wear and tear weekly lease weekly tenant defeasible estate
widow s election wild land suppression of will notice of will
with due care words of limitation words of purchase words of substitution
worthier title writ of attachment chattels personal personal chattels
chattel personal clear title actual waste adverse enjoyment
adverse possessor agricultural fixture allodial title apartment ownership
bad title benefit of survivorship business lease co-lessee
colessee co-lessor colessor colour of title
commissive waste common right compulsory partition concurrent estate
concurrent interest concurrent right conditional interest conditional life interest
condominium apartment continuous possession conventional interest conventional life interest
corporeal interest corporeal possession defeasible life interest defective title
derivative interest derivative possession derivative title discontinuance of possession
discontinuous possession disseise divided interest divided share
doctrine of occupancy doctrine of survivorship doctrine of waste double rent
double waste easement by estoppel easement for years equitable disseisin
equitable entailed interest equitable lease equitable licence equitable life interest
equitable rentcharge estate in common estate in coparcenary exclusive licensee
exclusive owner exclusive ownership express invitation express licence
factum possidendi fee simple condominium feed freehold condominium
freehold interest freehold title general common elements gratuitous licensee
horizontal property immemorial user implied license implied licence
impure personalty incorporeal interest industrial condominium inheritable interest
interest in reversion invitor joint lease joint lessee
joint lessor jus tertii landlord s fixture lease by estoppel
leasehold condominium leasehold owner leasehold title legal concurrent owner
legal easement legal lease legal life tenancy legal remainder
legal waste long possession mineral lease mining lease
mixed action mixed personalty mixed property mixed use condominium
negative prescription negligent waste non-use non-use novel disseisin
ordinary life interest original interest particular interest penal rent
periodic interest perpetual rentcharge plausible title positive prescription
possessor possessory freehold interest possessory licence alienation inter vivos
precarious title qualified interest quasi-possession real action
rentcharge for life rentcharge owner rentseck residential condominium
resort condominium right of occupancy right of possession severable
several right simple licence single rent sole interest
sole tenant special occupancy statutory prescription successive life interests
surface lease tenant in severalty tenurial title term certain
termor time-sharing condominium title by estoppel uncertain term
undivided right unit owner want of title adeemed legacy
administration ad litem administration caeterorum administration on intestacy admission of assets
advance advancement by portion affinity airman s will
ambulatory ancillary executor ancillary representative attesting witness
attorney administrator beneficial bequest certain legacy cessate probate
chain of executorship class-closing class-closing rules collateral consanguinity
collateral relative competent testator conditional revocation consanguinity
corporate executor defaulting administrator defaulting executor degree of consanguinity
demonstrative devise denial of assets dependent relative revocation distributive share
domestic will domiciliary administration domiciliary administrator domiciliary executor
domiciliary probate donatrix double probate double will
draft will ex parte materna ex parte paterna exclusive appointment
exclusive power executor by representation executor nominate executor s year
failure first taker foreign administration foreign administrator
foreign executor foreign grant foreign probate foreign will
formal will general administration general grant general legatee
general personal representative grant pendente lite half brother half sister
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