heir at law heir by representation hereditary successor hotchpot clause
incorporation by reference informal will instituted executor intermeddle
intermeddling international will intervention joint administration
joint grant joint probate joint representation legal descendant
limited administrator limited executor limited grant lineal consanguinity
literary executor local administration local administrator local executor
maternal line reciprocal will mutual testament notarial will
open class original administration original gift original probate
partial probate partially intestate paternal line pecuniary legatee
pedigree plene administravit plene administravit praeter posthumous heir
power of selection preferential share preferred legacy presumption of survivorship
principal administrator principal grant principal representative privileged testator
privileged will probate caeterorum propound proving executor
refunding relate relation back relative by affinity
reseal resealing residuary beneficiary retraction
revocation by implication right of representation rule of representation second taker
soldier s will sole administrator sole executor special administration
special executor special grant special personal representative special probate
specific devisee stirpital distribution stock of descent subscribing witness
substitutional legacy survivorship clause temporary administration temporary administrator
testamentary document testamentary gift testamentary guardian testamentary guardianship
testamentary law testamentary provision trust legacy uncertain legacy
uterine brother uterine sister additional collateral additional security
advice of credit after-acquired property after-acquired property clause appointment of receiver
authorized signature branch filing office branch registrar business debtor
business debtor index care of collateral caution filing contract of annuity
corporate security debtor in collateral debtor s interest deputy registrar
disclosure of successor earlier interest earlier security interest equipment trust
estate of a bankrupt extending statement financing change statement financing statement
fungible collateral fungible portion goods in bulk individual debtor
individual debtor index disposition of collateral monetary claim no-assignment clause
non-possessory lien notice of registration notice of repossession notify
obligor on instrument order of attachment order of registration order of perfection
original collateral particulars of registration Personal Property Registry personal property security
postponement statement prior encumbrance prior party priority of a lien
proceeds proceeds of inventory purchase-money security interest purchaser of securities
registered financing statement registering agent renewal statement repossessed goods
secure secured obligation secured party security agreement
security document signing officer statement of assignment subordinate security interest
subsequent assignee subsequent assignment subsequent mortgage subsequent mortgagee
subsidiary agreement transition filing uncollected collateral unregistered assignment
perfection perfected security interest unperfected security interest account debtor
abatable nuisance abnormal use accidental harm action for assault
action for defamation action for negligence action of trespass actionable wrong
active negligence actual last opportunity adult trespasser affirmative defence
aggravate animal mansuetae naturae apportionable damage apportionment of damages
appreciate assault and battery assumption of responsibility assumption of risk
battery business visitor careful cattle-trespass rule
causa causans causal condition causal factor causal responsibility
causally relevant chain of causation child standard child trespasser
combination commentator common employment doctrine common honesty
common liability common law negligence common law privilege compensable injury
complete indemnity complete privilege composite liability comprehended meaning
comprehension of risk concerted action concurrent negligence concurrent tortfeasors
concurring cause consequential injury conspirator constructive last opportunity
continue continuing trespass contribution claim criminal conversation
culpable cause dangerous chattel dangerous premises dangerous thing
deceive defamatory falsehood defamatory material defamatory allegation
defence of necessity degree of negligence degree of violence delegable duty
deliberate harm deliberate injury deliberate wrongdoing deterrent danger
direct causation direct cause direct consequence test direct damage
direct inducement direct injury direct intervention disadvantage
disclaimer of responsibility disparagement divisible harm doctrine of allurements
double liability duty issue effective cause effective consent
egg-shell personality thin skull principle emotional shock enticement of child
enticement of servant ex delicto expel express consent
explicit consent express disclaimer fair-minded false allegation
falsity faultless causation finder foreseeable injury
foreseeable risk foreseeable shock future loss genuine consent
harbouring harmful hinder illegal act
illegal means illegal threat illegally improper motive
imputed knowledge imputed liability imputed malice imputed negligence
inadvertence inadvertent harm incidental to employment incomplete privilege
inconsistent contracts inconsistent dealings independent cause independent supervening force
independent tortfeasor independently unlawful means indivisible harm shrub
off-street parking land level surface drainage preservation
planting public water supply pollution control electric power
integrated development zone site layout site design parking area
landscaping external design spacing rezoning
elevation flood risk area floodway flood waters
flood-water storage capacity resurfacing excavation landfill
block lot size set-back regulation drainage ditch
water line sewer line tentative plan lot area
grid distance adjoining parcel registration data proposed subdivision
watercourse domestic water supply legal survey monument transparent linen
transparent material tracing linen future street circular curve
central angle Amending Subdivision Plan amending plan Director of Surveys
building by-law National Building Code deferred widening by-law adjoining planning region
adjusted grid distance supplementary building code planning advisory committee area plan
unincorporated area plan basic planning statement development renewal scheme urban renewal scheme
zoning by-law zoning regulation gravel shale
municipal planning director municipal planning officer development officer development scheme
Provincial Planning Director district planning director district planning officer integrated survey area
body of water conservation area open space green belt
buffer area protection area slope area municipal plan
municipal development plan non-conforming use substitute opaque material planning committee
Provincial Planning Committee planning district planning region regional development permit
regional development regional development plan unincorporated area use of land
zoning deferred widening controlled access street subdivision by-law
subdivision regulation building inspection service social development physical development
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