testamentary option title by alienation unpatented voluntary alienation
affirmative condition apparent condition compulsory condition condition in deed
condition in law condition inherent conditional stipulation consistent condition
copulative condition disjunctive condition illegal condition impossible condition
lawful condition mutual condition negative condition positive condition
possible condition repugnant condition restrictive condition single condition
true condition precedent unlawful condition intermediate estate locatarius
locatio conductio locatio custodiae locatio et conductio locatio operis
locatio operis faciendi locatio rei owner-lessee non-expert
actionable tort conveyance by grant fixed work acquisition by descent
affirmative covenant agreement of conveyance alienation by subinfeudation benefit of a covenant
benefited land burden of a covenant burdened land charging lien
chargor charter of feoffment cloud on title clouded title
covenant collateral common law conveyance conditional covenant conveyance by assignment
conveyance by confirmation conveyance by exchange conveyance by lease conveyance by partition
conveyance by release conveyance by surrender covenant for possession deed inter partes
deed of feoffment deed of indenture demise and redemise encumbrance on title
express assignment first purchaser general warranty head purchaser
head-vendor immediate buyer immediate seller involuntary conveyance
last purchaser lienable lineal warranty mesne conveyance
parol demise passive lien present demise purchaser s lien
resell retaining lien running of a covenant special warranty
special warranty deed statutory grant statutory transfer sub-buyer
sub-purchase sub-sell sub-vendor subsequent purchaser
tortious conveyance tortious feoffment touch transfer of possession
transfer of title transferability unconditional sale vacate
vendor s lien warranty in deed warranty in law writ of covenant
mitigation law of sale existing goods specific goods
spes potential property unascertained goods future specific goods
non-existent goods perishable goods second-hand goods consumer sale
consumer law consumer loss non-delivery defective delivery
insufficient delivery excessive delivery instalment delivery part delivery
ascertainment deliverable state free from encumbrances sale by description
sale by sample buyer in possession seller in possession unpaid seller
unpaid seller s lien right of disposal power of resale right to reject
sub-sale passing of property usage course of dealing
ex-works contract ex-store contract direct sale sale on consignment
documentary title title document document of title trust receipt
banker s commercial credit international sale credit-broker conveyance by gift
Canada Gazette central securities register certificate of amalgamation certificate of amendment
certificate of continuance certificate of discontinuance certificate of dissolution certificate of revival
comparative financial statement consolidated financial statement Consolidated Revenue Fund constrained share
continuance convertible security convertible share corporate seal
coupon cumulative dividend cumulative voting debt obligation
Deputy Director directors circular dissenting offeree dissenting shareholder
dissolution distributing corporation dividend preference dividend re-investment plan
equity share event of default exempt offer extra-provincial corporation
federal company final order financial assistance first directors
fractional share fungible bulk general counsel governing body
Governor in Council gross revenue holding body corporate horizontal short-form amalgamation
incorporation incorporator incumbent director insider report
interim costs interim financial statement internal regulation joint holder
licensed corporation liquidation preference liquidation proceedings loan company
managing director manual signature Minister of Justice notice of meeting
notice of dissent offeree corporation outstanding share overissue
party defendant party plaintiff prescribed form reinstatement fee
proposed contract proxy circular realizable value record date
redemption of shares redemption price registered document registered holder
registered security holder reinstatement of registration reissue restate
retained earnings account rival offeror sale under execution securities register
security certificate security holder selling broker series
stated capital account stock option plan stock purchase plan supplemental list
surplus account scrip certificate Royal Gazette transfer agent
unanimous shareholder agreement unauthorized endorsement unincorporated business unissued share
unlimited dividend right financial position solicitation class of shares
insolvent corporation Lieutenant-Governor in Council limited company registered corporation
subsidiary body corporate articles of amalgamation articles of continuance articles of dissolution
articles of reorganization articles of revival attorney for service audit committee
auditor s report authorized share basic list branch securities register
branch transfer agent business combination business corporation law corporator
business partner buying broker accrued dividends affairs
affiliate alternate proxyholder amalgamated body corporate amalgamated corporation
amalgamating body corporate amalgamation agreement annual financial statement partnership agreement
managerial powers administrative jurisdiction private business corporation business enterprise
charitable enterprise business concern going concern value family corporation
family partnership family business corporation family business open corporation
corporation law corporation sole corporation aggregate statutory corporation
stock corporation business corporation non-stock corporation senior security
group of companies amalgamate amendment of a by-law corporate reorganization
political dissident dissident implied partnership incorporating act
information circular partnership articles partnership certificate professional corporation
proxy solicitation quasi partner quasi-partnership repeal of a by-law
secret partner secret partnership sub-partner voluntary association
nominal partnership club fishing club literary club
nominee incorporator nontrading partnership sporting club constrained-share corporation
corporate act corporate agent corporate entity corporate liability
corporate management corporate veil financial structure recapitalization
called meeting corporate charter corporate powers corporate purposes
corporate records corporate trustee domestic corporation foreign corporation
foreign resident corporation stated meeting statutory meeting majority rule voting
minority protection shareholder agreement shareholders rights arrears of dividends
debt financing declaration of dividend dividend coverage ratio dividend in kind
dividend warrant extra dividend guaranteed dividend income dividend
passed dividend subscription right unpaid dividend conglomerate company
diversified company conglomerate business combination horizontal business combination vertical business combination
target company bidding company taken-over company acquiring company
conglomerate merger redeemable stock retractable share retractable stock
participating stock non-cumulative share non-cumulative stock cumulative stock
cumulative share convertible stock cancelled share affiliated body corporate
stock option contract articles of amendment amendment of articles class meeting
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