seminal case leading case administrative act administrative law
statute law written law business association corporate structure
corporate administration combining corporation statutory amalgamation amendatory statute
economic unit affiliated group acceptance by conduct oral acceptance
acceptance in writing written acceptance conditional assent misdirected acceptance
communication of acceptance qualified acceptance conditional acceptance mental assent
revocation of acceptance notice of acceptance notification of acceptance principal offer
revocable offer standing offer general offer collateral offer
cross-offers express offer firm offer implied offer
irrevocable offer offer by conduct request for information Dutch auction
private auction public auction puff auction without reserve
highest bidder reject revocation of offer withdrawal of offer
unconditional offer contractual term implied term fundamental term
innominate term standard term terminable contract rules of remoteness
damage too remote head of damage acceleration clause pre-assessment
penalty penalty pre-estimate appropriation of payment gold clause
gold value clause index-linking clause release under seal parol release
executory satisfaction executed satisfaction general release prospective frustration
supervening illegality impracticable performance frustration of purpose allocation of risk
supervening prohibition antecedent prohibition foreseeable event frustrating event
personal performance refusal to perform of the essence conditional payment
absolute payment restrictive injunction balance of convenience implied rescission
subsequent rescission avoidable loss Incidental loss recoverable loss
loss of bargain loss of profit loss of reputation speculative damages
substantial damages cost of cure contemptuous damages actionable damage
minimum payment clause agreed damages pre-estimated damages assessment of damages
anticipatory mitigation contract price market price difference in value
breach of condition actual breach continuing breach major breach
non-severable breach severable breach repudiatory breach breach by repudiation
trifling breach primary obligation secondary obligation subsidiary obligation
general secondary obligation anticipatory secondary obligation secondary liability third party beneficiary
mistake of law oral contract express contract unilateral contract
synallagmatic contract personal contract continuing contract executed contract
apportionable contract lump-sum contract void contract voidable contract
valid contract invalid contract enforceability enforceable promise
unenforceable contract binding agreement contractual capacity incapacity to contract
contractual incapacity physical incapacity general disability special disability
personal disability absolute disability perpetual disability canonical disability
contract for necessaries necessary goods mental competence duress of goods
economic duress non-economic duress practical compulsion physical duress
misrepresentor misrepresentee non-fraudulent misrepresentation innocent misrepresentation
negligent misrepresentation non-negligent misrepresentation active misrepresentation misstatement of fact
statement of belief representation of fact representee representation by conduct
failure to disclose inducement of contract honest belief non-existent principal
disclosed principal named principal unnamed principal foreign principal
ostensible principal general agent mercantile agent factor
confirming agent gratuitous agent self-appointed agent advertising agent
agent of necessity agent without authority public agent agency by estoppel
agency of necessity deserted wife s agency agency from cohabitation del credere agency
implied actual authority express actual authority express authority customary authority
usual authority statutory authority ostensible authority presumed authority
authority of necessity incidental authority agency agreement warranty of authority
misrepresentation of authority double agency principal-agent relationship sale of goods
bargain and sale agreement to sell spot contract unconscionability
consideration money illegal consideration illusory consideration invented consideration
estoppel by convention proprietary estoppel essential reliance incidental reliance
reliance interest reliance loss expectation interest expectation loss
loss of expectations gross expectation interest net expectation interest lost profit
restitution interest actual reliance subsequent reliance substantial reliance
trivial reliance unfair advantage unjust contract unreasonable contract
oppressive agreement unconscionable act unconscionable advantage unconscionable agreement
unconscionable bargain catching bargain inequality of exchange unconscionable practice
unconscionable term unconscionable transaction unjust term unfairness
unreasonableness failure of consideration want of consideration moral consideration
adequacy of consideration inadequacy of consideration inadequate consideration sufficiency of consideration
insufficiency of consideration insufficient consideration continuing consideration substantial consideration
fair consideration separate consideration additional consideration fresh consideration
mutuality of assent mutuality of obligation factual benefit legal benefit
factual detriment legal detriment mere forbearance equitable forbearance
forbearance to sue forbear promise to forbear variation of contract
technical breach acceptance of breach termination for repudiation lawful termination
repudiation of obligation retract contractual intention closing date
conditional offer express acceptance implied acceptance original offer
original offeror retraction of offer collateral agreement conditional agreement
implied condition material term non-material term sub-agreement
apportionment of contract conditional contract dependent contract open contract
covenant in deed covenant in law covenant of warranty express covenant
implied covenant inherent covenant joint covenant limited covenant
material covenant personal covenant positive covenant qualified covenant
severability of contract several covenant statutory covenant statutory implied covenant
usual covenant satisfaction contract executory instrument executed instrument
acceptance by silence mere puff display unenforceable promise
enforceable contract misrepresentation of fact contract inter praesentes contract inter absentes
discharged party discharge of contract dischargeable contract discharging contract
partial discharge discharging agreement discretionary promise mutual promises
separate promise independent promise contractual statement puffing
puffer contractual promise promise by parol promise by deed
illusory promise true promise express promise fictitious promise
promise under seal concurrent promise co-promisee joint promise
dependent promise principal obligation dependent covenant extinguished contract
extinction of contract bilateral discharge prohibited contract unilateral discharge
immoral contract lawful contract essential term rescission for misrepresentation
judicial rescission rescission ab initio rescission in futuro affirmation of contract
terminated contract wrongful repudiation repudiator repudiatory act
effective termination ineffective termination contractual draftsman qualified payment
equitable assignee statutory assignee unconscionable contract successive assignees
successive assignments revocable agency express agency commission contract
commission agreement power of termination revocation of authority renunciation of authority
confirmer del credere commission express release equitable release
physical impossibility frustrated contract supervening event foreseeable loss
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