non-durable goods trade activity less developed country North-South relationship
technical regulation doctrine law administrative instructions right of access
pollutant flow cycle phenomenon chemical degradation contaminated area
atmospheric inversion water table protection ocean outfall water corrosivity
water taste bulky waste pollution abatement waste health-care activities waste
treatment residue dechlorination dangerous installation dangerous materials transport
flora document information centre technical information natural dynamics
industrial plant organism speciality chemical convenience food transport mode
mode of transportation income tax transport cost data processing law
organisation law data processing system behavioural science composition of population
trend of opinion bank wood hauling chart act
cutting vegetative propagation oven bovine approval
cleansing inner city durability sluice-gate
noise effect deciduous wood mixed woodland coniferous tree
emergency lodging sorting at source coastal management ministry building
aerial photography legislative process returnable container waste gas dispersion
intermediate product municipal heating network dipteran coniferous wood
underground railway government contracting pleasure cruising surface active compound
pH-value craft industry animal remain chart nautical
nature conservation policy environmental sanitation green fiscal instrument mining
intergovernmental governmental Euxine Sea Black Sea
Mediterranean Sea academic professional society subject
attribute co-ordinate system coordinate system industrial or commercial
underground dump services providing company international transaction mountain refuge
space research flash-ball summary safety information energy-related
latch Operating fund not for publication entrepreneurship training
industrial liaison office informal investors innovation finance innovation relay centre
knowledge base LPRI NTBF new technology-based firms
research base spin-off spin-out tacit knowledge technology brokerage
technology foresight technology valley technology-based firm COTER Commission
ECOS commission EDUC Commission CONST commission RELEX commission
DEVE commission dimethylnitrosoamine bis chloromethyl ether anthracene
dibenz HENU Serious Crime Department Outline Work Programme
FFFR state administration payment notice search notice
legal basis customs inquiry office certification stamp accession candidate
fraud case incorrect classification code of conduct incorrect code
irregularity code quarterly report quarterly irregularities report conclusion of procedure
administrative finding inadequate contribution fictitious purchases routine control
tax control usual control relevant court voluntary statement
major financial crime economic offence transport infrastructure soft commission
suspension of implementation customs monitoring expansive polystyrene Styropor
expanded polystyrene ECHP Iskcon ISPO
Textiles Monitoring Body MOCVD point of presence Greater London Council
FAWEU Directorate-General for Telecommunications EMIT disease vector
maize starch corn starch cottage-industry fabric BCAS
ESAPTA PTAESAS Document of Compliance SEPHA
SACIM AJAS incentive measure Albanian Workers Party
Albanian Telegraph Agency Omonia Albanian Democratic Party Enterprise Restructuring Agency
National Liberation Front Algerian dinar ECGL GLEC
IACCP AIPO ASEAN Interparliamentary Organisation FEFC
chloroacetaldehyde public officer kwanza Fisheries Research Centre
Bahraini dinar taka Barbados dollar Belize dollar
Croatian Democratic Community ethnic cleansing Brunei dollar Bulgarian Socialist Party
Project Management Unit Territorial Statistical Office NSIAD NSI s Agricultural Department
National Statistical Institute Burkinabé Shippers Council Burundi franc NCHRF
robotised automation New Independent States CHECIR CHERCIR
inheritance tax succession duty estate duty Cuban peso
display screen display screen equipment monitor screen
video display unit visual display unit display device one-parent benefit
general medical practitioner Independent spotted grains ZIRRCON
Costa Rican colon Djibouti franc Industrial Development Board Ulster Defence Association
Ulster Volunteer Force Poultry Meat Inspector Ulster Freedom Fighters London Metal Exchange
fine carbon steel Central Statistical Office Benefits Agency BABT
independent financial intermediary independent financial adviser Oftel Office of Telecommunications
visa regional electricity company Batnec Batneec
National Insurance Contribution NFFO Noffo Non-Fossil Fuels Order
Non-Fossil Fuel Obligation severe disablement allowance Animal Health Act Community Charge
NFFA NFPA non-fossil purchasing agency Compulsory Purchase Order
Environmental Health Officer Express Reading Service chatline BGSA
MIDO British Display Society new town corporation MAFF
appeal security service satellite-tracking device Milk Marketing Board
attendance allowance Invalid Care Allowance THORP innovation support grant
British Furniture Manufacturers landlord Know-How Fund sickness funds association
Lord Privy Seal Lord Chancellor ECSO ESPO
underwater communications system stroboscopic light system heating device NIESR
Contributions Agency Fossil-Fuel Levy EMAS BFMF
COSB days-at-sea regime GPMU SPEF
Coopers Employers Federation CTRL natural butter combustion chamber
ISIS Regional Development Grant UKIAS Immigration Advisory Service
fire damper SSSI Overseas Service Medal foot-operated loom
Energy Conservation Scheme Cons Conservative Party Conservatives
Democratic Unionist Party Labour Party SDLP Scottish National Party
Ulster Unionist Party British Standards Institution pressure transducer Welsh Development Agency
chartered surveyor building surveyor ICSTIS British Youth Council
British National Party raw material Lib Dems Liberal Democrats
IBAP Energy Efficiency Scheme Road Haulage Association LCCI
hand-operated loom homogenised meat Lloyd s Underwriters Association CARAD
Oscar decarburisation National Audit Office fused silica
leasehold law SEAC red grouse BISPA
gene transfer Technological Services Programme amanitin grated cheese
whole grains clipped grains Chilean peso alkali metal
EOHR rescue package bolivar active corruption
French franc baseplate CIVC French Overseas Territories
joint shipping committee Delegation for Industrialisation Joint Military Council Joint Defence Council
electronic trading SMEL Machine-Tool Programme IFREMER
French Oceanographic Institute Mining Code Verts UPC National Front
French Communist Party Republican Party Radical Party Les Verts
Radical Left Movement Association of Democrats non-party candidate Social Democratic Party
Joint Declaration basis of calculation cystine working
PDMS polydimethylsiloxane silicate surface-contaminated object