FLNC Supreme Broadcasting Council Corsican People s Union request for a derogation
derogation request construction index CFONB retinol
social status category turnover sales Decentralisation Aid Fund
INRA national wholesale market regional planning grant industrial park
industrial estate National Consumers Institute EIRO transfer tube
curdled milk curdled cream suction blower Serbian Renaissance Movement
Serbian Renewal Movement Serbian Renewal Party Serbian Democratic Party IMRO
VMRO SFRY Yugoslav National Army Serbian Radical Party
SAWPY Sanctions Assistance Mission sulphur trioxide AFESD
Arab Cooperation Council Cyprus pound AKEL Communist Party
DISY Democratic Rally EOKA TRNC
Diko Democratic Party EDEK Cyprus Development Bank
Provincial Government Home Government abrogate a decision Austrade
Australian Trade Commission Chinese Communist Party option multiplying farmer
Centre Democrats Folkeb mod EF Conservative People s Party Social Democratic Party
Socialist People s Party Liberal Party Danish krone Danish crown
Ministry of Health Difmar Danish Employers Confederation Danish Tennis Federation
fisheries bank extrusion Social Liberal Party Radical Liberal Party
HKTDC Trade Development Council excessiveness threshold B Tselem
mixed community Labour Party export processing zone CSRP
EMAP UPILD usual marketing requirement NPFL
polished rice crop year NOAA technical standards order
targeted export assistance Export Enhancement Programme Set-aside Program Central Intelligence Agency
Federal Aviation Administration FDIC DARPA phosphorus oxychloride
APHIS D of A USDA Department of Agriculture
disinfectant Strategic Air Command Federal Trade Commission kiwi
kiwi fruit Chinese gooseberry benzothiazole disulphide ACDA
Executive Director gross value added chickpea chickpea milkvetch
chick pea ThCC thorax compression criterion ACCUNET
ACCUNET network ARPA Rapid Deployment Force strategic air force
coherent fibre IIHR Inter-Agency Testing Committee National Security Council
National Science Foundation OSTP COBE Cosmic Background Explorer
allocation cell density Export Coordination Division typhus fever
SERDEC Republican Party Grand Old Party FSIS
veterinary medical officer delivery under contract recruitment tool carrier
Exempt Wholesale Generator RERTR Coordinating Committee Standing Consultive Commission
Small Business Administration red-backed shrike GT-MHR air inlet flap
vaccine preventable disease RDJTF VDEW Interparliamentary Working Party
arbitrator Red Army Fraction Christian Democratic Union Christian Democracy Union
Christian Social Union F D P Free Democratic Party Free Democrat Party
GRÜNE The Greens Republicans Social Democratic Party
registered healer Technical Supervisory Association Technical Inspection Agency agricultural production cooperative
Berlin Promotional Law deutschmark German mark Deutsche mark
German People s Union Century Treaty century contract cooperative research scheme
agricultural credit programme Food Register State Treaty Unification Treaty
Treaty of Union rural settlement programme Chamber of Handicrafts German retail association
storage facilities programme hypacousia partial deafness hardness of hearing
wireless subscriber line wireless connection line Non-Medical Practitioners Act Waste Disposal Act
Toepfer Act light-ship-to-full-load displacement ratio cross-flow filtration equipment fermenter
multiple seal valve absorption column fluoropolymer reaction vessel
multiple-seal pump multi-walled piping ichthyosis chemical absorber system
chemical scrubber system neck injury criterion Hexcl hurdle
microchip German Bundestag Federal Parliament foreign trade regulation
Federal Constitutional Court paediatric nurse physiotherapist hearing-aid technician
hearing-aid maker Accelerated Procedure Act village-renovation programme technology development programme
Road Construction Act induction system Income Tax Law Employment Promotion Law
Employment Promotion Act edible meat offal Land development board infiltration
discount rate vitamin E aromatic plant Federal Law Gazette
Foreign Trade Law confinement degradation tannin FPOe
Freedom Party Austrian People s Party SPOe Democratic Socialist Party
Austrian schilling threadfin breams ballyhoo halfbeak IIASA
Liberal Forum Surveillance Authority jacks crevalles
scads Christian Democratic Union current asset Joint Opposition Platform
Ethiopian birr Southern line dalasi economic recovery programme
PAMSCAD local inshore fishery Peasants Unity Committee administrative arrangement
National Reconciliation Commission self-defence patrol Democratic Socialist Party bush telegraph
structural adjustment programme Special Drawing Rights Extended Financing Facility Extended Fund Facility
Extended Finance Facility Social Development Fund systemic transformation facility Export Oriented Unit
BKPM wireworm Iraqi National Congress LAIA
IADB Inter-American Development Bank LAFTA motion sensor
LAES Intergovernmental Hidrovia Committee Group of Three Silver Medal
non-returnable bank deposit High State Authority National Assistance Council AVICENNE
Avicenne Initiative Aford Alliance for Democracy standard import system
Internal Security Act National Transport Office MFUA walnut
CNROP MEDASSET Institutional Revolutionary Party EZLN
ZNLA Civil Merit Medal sub-tenant pre-test
pilot survey MOSOP little bittern sheep s parsley
coriander office supplies signed right of renunciation
experimental development ENSO WCIP Bougainville Revolutionary Army
DUMR HDUR MDUR Rwandan Patriotic Front
dobra angina pectoris TTVMA TNSC
Motherland Party SDPP True Path Party Refah party
Welfare Party Prosperity Party Democratic Left Party Southeastern Anatolia Project
State Planning Organisation HADEP People s Democracy Party UAE dirham
CPSU SONET Synchronous Optical Network addressed signalling system
Belgian State Railways SNCB Belgian railways social rift
social divide FPSO College of Aldermen Agalev-Groen
Christian People s Party Christian Social Party Liberal Reform Party Francophone Socialist Party
Flemish Interest Vlaams Belang Flemish Bloc VU-EVA
coordination centre Belgian franc BLEU Belgo-Luxembourg Economic Union
Belgian Independence Front Brussels Regional Authorities Bio-Fuels Committee CPAS OCMW
NACDA National Labour Council church council arbitration clause
Brussels-Capital Region Economic Expansion Law infant industry funeral costs
Occupational Accidents Fund Industrial Accidents Fund subrogation Antwerp water board
Magistrate participation of workers employee involvement career break
overtime hour hour of overtime social peace industrial peace
employer s obligation employee s obligation full employment pressing
National Front carburettor net power lysine
leveller subsistence level human ecology littoral zone
target population commitment sainfoin stigmastadiene