operating loss lost profit tax provision taxation measure
tax measure non-profit institution State of residence price reduction
semi-manufacture unfinished good semi-finished product trailer
total wage bill beet sugar cane sugar usufructuary
limited owner compensatory payment quality wine CDPC
ECCP paprika extract Helsinki Follow-up meeting ECSA
European Insurance Committee EUROFONTE EUROFONTES European Standardisation Forum
European Association EEA Court North Sea Conference CEPI
EUROPARC Troc project EBPA Score
EFMA Fertilizers Europe Ectra Corinair project
European Poetry Centre paralysis BASP OETH
EIUF forestry warden network EuroACE European Radiocommunications Committee
European Alpine Park ECOPFA EAEC EATMS
Ruding Committee ECSAM ECWC European Cup-Winners Cup
WEAG wagon provision agreement EUROSURDITEC CENYC
Knight Grand Cross pomace industrial property agent EATP
EAAP coronary insufficiency conference agreement FEEE
FEANI Detergent Ingredients Database National Coordination Centre All-European Transport Conference
EMBC CSCE European Democratic Union EAZA
SCEEMAS Warsaw Treaty Organization Warsaw Pact residents committee
residents assembly Regional assembly Regional consultative council Municipal consultative council
District council Regional legislative assembly municipal council Parish assembly
Municipal assembly Civil governor Regional government parish council
Regional council Government ministerial representative residents association parish council chairman
Regional council chairman Administrative region Municipal councillor Parish councillor
Regional councillor Assembly Assembly of Members Local Assembly
Cell Basic Action Unit Municipal Admissions Committee National Arbitration Committee
Regional Arbitration Committee Executive Committee District Admissions Committee District Fundraising Committee
District Disciplinary Committee Regional Executive Committee National Executive Committee National Committee
National Jurisdiction Committee District Standing Committee National Standing Committee Municipal Political Committee
Federative Political Committee Section Political Committee District Political Committee Branch Political Committee
National Political Committee Central Committee National Congress Advisory Council
Regional Coordination Council District Jurisdiction Council National Jurisdiction Council National Council
National Convention National Ecological Convention Branch Leadership Regional federation
Parliamentary Group branch autonomous organisation Women s Organisation
local units control board political action units decision-making bodies
executive bodies local organization national body regional bodies
higher-level bodies plenary council party chairman Federative Secretariat
Central Committee Secretariat National Secretariat General Secretary member
anti-aircraft artillery family workers beef and veal antiballistic missile
return on equity LINAC linear accelerator IOOA
ATC Agreement build-up of surpluses free food scheme direct measure
direct action indirect measure indirect action market-related scheme
sideline work sideline farming feedingstuffs additive part-time farming
mountain farming extensive quality farming price compensation aid agrimonetary adjustment
grassland improvement land improvement forestry improvement land improvement
human genome analysis SAST wine-growing year wine year
equity infusion outside contribution multisectoral approach lagoon aquaculture
International Dairy Arrangement start-up assistance ALAPE qualified intervention
qualified intervention rules on-farm consumption working family reduced set-aside
labour market area travel-to-work-area TTWA employment area
quota entitlement intervention butter cooking butter supply balance
high quality wheat reference framework raw coffee green coffee
fuel enrichment capacity milk intake capacity active breeding life Community movement card
UHT milk carton subpole intermediate centre multi-service centre
production certificate zymotechnology onset of ripening vintage
wine harvest crop of grapes selection of bunches gleaning
late vintage grey rot Botrytis rot oenology
enology fermentation off skins fermentation on skins vine-stock
vine wine technology graduate oenologist graduate enologist
viniculture wine-growing viticulture vitiviniculture
oenologist enologist cessation of farming old burden
forest road non-breeding livestock latent unemployment cost-price squeeze
mandatory retaliation clause penalty coefficient orderly trade eligible application
farming trends GATT binding safeguard quota swap transaction
lines of communication managerial input tied-aid credit non-budget appropriation
interinstitutional appropriations price decision rural decline rollback commitments
rural depopulation depreciation of stocks desertification average economic size
secondary agricultural law vegetation dynamics statistical sampling ageing effect
forest pruning meat production intensive livestock rearing intensive livestock farming
dairy farming pig husbandry pig farming producer-farmer
off-farm employment packaging costs early retirement incentive liquid fertiliser
potassium fertiliser horizontal cartel horizontal agreement marginal farm
cereal equivalent farmland surplus rural-urban migration part-time farmer
feedstock part-time farm main-occupation farm general cropping farm
horticultural farm intermediate farm permanent crop farm tobacco-producing holding
tobacco farm exotic foot-and-mouth disease spelt production forestry-timber activity
third-party financing cut flower sliced bovine liver neutral margin
dried fodder dehydrated fodder heifer business management
farm management rural public management lady s fingers okra
gumbo field crop large combustion plant adult cattle
adult bovine animal least-favoured group farm housing crofter housing
herbivores drystock ornamental horticulture business service centre
edible seed oil computer-generated graphics reduced-levy imports stand-by allowance
needy deprived people confectionery industry host infrastructure
Community inspectorate inward investment irradiation of foodstuffs Eurotech Capital label
liaison laboratory low-fat milk hot-rolled wide strip plant-health laws
plant health legislation veterinary legislation enzootic bovine leukosis enzootic bovine leucosis
broken flax water-retted flax mobile machinery farm workers
innovation management poor land quality effective export market high-temperature materials
reference materials brush-clearance equipment biological matrix VAT clearing mechanism
stabiliser mechanism predictive medicine woodlands memorandum farming household
related measure accompanying measure social support measure blanket scheme
self-financing arrangement health protection measure restructuring measure stabilization measure
stabilising measure horizontal measure incentive cropping method
industrial metrology applied metrology non-operational status splinter development
land mobility vessel inspection procedures rural society changes in farming
rural NCI green NCI broadband communications node afforestation scheme
financial guideline start of buying-in flat rate payment prices package
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