additional period external currency upheaval micro-holding small-scale metalworking
phthalimide commercial piracy ornamental plant perfume plant
diversification watering place water point white fish
market-oriented policy tight pricing policy nitrogenous pollution indigenous potential
endogenous potential budgetary power anticompetitive arrangement anti-competitive practice
anticompetitive activity restrictive business practice unfair pricing practice pre-oxidation
pre-standardization ewe premium non-marketing premium support price
input prices standard problem final agricultural output total output
tobacco production crop production plant productivity livestock product
thin product flat product non-surplus products expenditure profile
heavy section interactive services agricultural development programme stock-holding programme
multilingual co-production transport infrastructure project PAGIS vegetable protein
dried sugarbeet pulp individual radio-sensitivity wine grape table grapes
dried grape sheepmeat review production levy receipt hormone residue testing
pre-standardization research pre-normative research refillable container airport tax
airport charge customs user fee ore reduction cessation scheme
intervention support system carryover arrangements buying-in rule yield per hectare
output per hectare unit yield cable network restructuring of vineyards
non-farm income multimedia centre basic local sector enrichment service
reprocessing service oversupply situation mutual guarantee society underemployment in agriculture
mass spectroscopy mixed farm officially free status modular stellarator
active market-penetration strategy organisational facilities polyhalogenated aromatic substance preferential sugar
wine-growing area area under vines tariff suspension agrimonetary system
guarantee system seed certification system STABEX robotic system
remote-handling system European certification system IDIS dark air-cured tobacco
flue cured tobacco fire cured tobacco ecological buffer real exchange rate
uniform flat rate central rate selection technique fluorocarbon tracer technique
high-performance technology new materials remote working telecommuting
tele-commuting teleworking distance working heavy trend
integrated economic fabric heavy plate treating irradiated individuals cross-frontier financial transaction
cross-border financial transaction spot purchase financial transfer welfare transfers
drainage work screwdriver plant domestic use consumption FNVA
farm net value-added umbrella variety boneless manufacturing beef goatmeat
horsemeat chilled meat red meat ordinary wine
immobility of prices stickiness of prices target zone lowland area
ecologically sensitive area internal area fire belt handicapped rural area
transfer of ownership point of sale natural asbestos fibre Short-Range Nuclear Forces
artificial MCA ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile aquifer
noble rot green turtle medically assisted procreation airport charging
overlapping clones contigs asylum application request for asylum
application for asylum array processor MBFR MURFAAMCE
Total Quality Management marker price intra-uterine device processed cereal-based food
local firm Saint Beekeepers meeting humane slaughter
integrated plant ATGM anti-tank guided missile chemical weapon
electronic countermeasures HEAT high-explosive anti-tank projectile identification-friend-or-foe
tibia index tremolite virtual reality thyme
market rate rosemary MIRV Eurocorde Agreement
acyclic alcohol joystick thermo-copying apparatus airport authority
zootechnical certificate research bursary TIR carnet attractiveness
unwanted sexual attention sexual harassment Mediterranean Cooperation Council progeny testing
collaterals testing artificial corundum harmful externality non-volatile storage element
testing station Mediterranean Forum OTC derivative instrument price labelling instrument
multi-interval instrument Community structural assistance stationary fluidised bed options market
options exchange European Cultural Month saturated monohydric alcohol shrimp vessel
incubated egg industrial egg broken egg research park
demersal fishing perennial plant net open position dietary foodstuff
spraying process computer mouse simple pressure vessel land rehabilitation
body snare preventive withdrawal position risk research grant
central testing underlying security self-propelled works truck self-propelled work truck
direct access display principal display secondary display zone of flexibility
fisheries scientist fisheries expert recording pedigrees blueprinter
diazocopier biotope Personal Digital Assistant electronic notepad
exchange-traded instrument switching technical regulation robotics
electronic data-processing facility computer system azidothymidine Compound S
Retrovir zidovudine ansamycin model local activity
local model activity ACNAT CELAD local employment initiative
regional development programme Consumers Consultative Council PINC European Free Alliance
PEDRAA superlevy interinstitutional agreement MEDSPA
Human Rights Unit specific fusion programme BRIDGE Delors Committee
Banking Advisory Committee SOAC AC-FBI Food Aid Committee
Regional Policy Committee STAR Monetary Committee STCF
explanatory statement European Democratic Group European Democratic Alliance Left Unity
CERT DOSES Biotechnology Action Programme CADDIA
STAR THERMIE maize corn
methanoic acid SPES RENAVAL LEDA
PAIA POSEIDOM MAGP Multiannual Guidance Programme
integrated development programme SCIENCE JESSI RESIDER
High Definition Television Ecu Banking Association ACP-EEC Joint Assembly CPMR
Parliament s Bureau Bureau Bureau CSPEC Christian-Democratic Foundation Bureau
Political Bureau College of Quaestors Colloquium on Transport EFTA Parliamentarians Committee
Steering Committee Executive Committee ELDR Executive Committee ECD Foundation
Congress Drafting Committee Environment Committee Finance Committee SIMEC
Solidarity Committee European Culture Committee Committees Conference
Mining Areas Conference Congress CSPEC Congress Coordinator
European Commission delegation Commission Delegation National Delegation Information Campaign Committee
African Foundation Centre Union Middle East Think-Tank ACP-EEC Working Party
EFTA Working Party ASEAN Working Party WISO WISO Working Party
Women s Working Party IMF Working Party Mediterranean Working Party Multidisciplinary Working Party
stupor stuporous state mental numbness fibroblast interferon
INF-β beta interferon cell division information form
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease cryptosporidiosis hepatitis D virus hepatitis delta virus
delta agent gastrointestinal tract gastro-intestinal tract GI tract
digestive tract gene genetic information germ cell
hypoxia internal medicine metabolite metabolised product
protein molecule protozoan simplex half duplex
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