cigar-band mouth end double banding filler
busher threshed filler short filler strip filler
cut filler long filler bunch buncher
rolling device mould burn meter wrapper
puff draw sorting burning qualities
softening the wrappers wrapper cutting die wrapping machine rolling machine
powdering matting wet matting liquid matting
mildness burning time smoke smoke condensate
smoking machine Falk method nornicotine nicotine analysis
filling power filling power index filling uniformity tabacosis
nicotine content drawing qualities sales green weight
dry weight weight loss decalo per capita consumption
bale starter leaven wild yeasts
selected yeasts low-temperature yeasts agglutinating yeasts flocculating yeasts
agglomerating yeasts dried yeasts floating cap submerged cap
punching the cap plunging the cap after-care clarification
fining binding Moeslinger fining blue fining
germ-proof filtration sterilising filtration close filtration aeration
preservation preservation in argon stabilising temperature treatment
partial concentration sweetening addition of sugar acidification
sulphiting de-sulphiting desulphisation plastering
topping topping up filling up racking
bottling tasting storage maturing
ageing oenological charcoal fining agent finings
clarifying agent animal albumin albumen casein
ion exchanger pectolytic enzymes kaolin silicic oxides
silicic powder products ammonium carbamate ammonium glycerophosphate ammonium phosphate
diammonium orthophosphate neutral ammonium tartrate L-ascorbic acid liquid paraffin
potassium bicarbonate racemic acid orthophosphates phytates
calcium phytate oenocyanine hexametaphosphate table wine
still wine white wine red wine rosé wine
pink wine pale wine blend sparkling wine
quality sparkling wine sweet dietetic sparkling wine diluted vinous alcohol
total alcoholic strength total alcohol content actual alcoholic strength potential alcoholic strength
potential alcohol content acidity natural acidity titratable acidity
total acidity titrable acidity volatile acidity non-volatile acidity
fixed acidity total sulphurous acid total sulphur dioxide free sulphurous acid
free sulphur dioxide total sugar sugar content reducing sugars
residual sugar extract total dry extract dry extract
lees wine lees bottoms argol
over-oxidation maderization blue casse phosphatic casse
white casse ferric casse copper casse oxidasic casse
tartar deposit sweet wine disease acescence graisse
flowers of wine tourne musty taste mouldy taste
hydrogen sulphide odour taste of garlic bitterness solar flux
precipitation pattern photodegradation stationary industrial plant air quality standard
leeward on the lee down wind ferrous metal foundry
marking meteorology basic inorganic chemical underflow
overflow telecomputing teleinformatics teleprocessing
remote processing polluting emissions adaptive routing memorandum of association
smelting plant smelting installation non-metallic mineral product wavelength dependence
telewriting statutory instrument decree ozonosphere
ozone layer greenhouse effect abiotic financial imbalance
identity document place of issue prior permission advance authorisation
obligation of confidentiality Joint Committee EEC-Czechoslovakia Tripartite Liaison Group nominal heat output
word length parts per million market garden crop computer network
conger eels concatenation collusive behaviour demodulation
demultiplexing demultiplex drum plotter fixed point
floating point hybrid computer hybrid calculator transfer of businesses
business transfer picture processing image processing indentation
indent loading coil login minicomputer
mid-range server luminophore pixel picture element
plasma panel plasma screen plasma display panel project scheduling
project management real time recursion remote maintenance
remote management restart separator space switching
transcoding verifier coding scheme sorting
insulating material onion roasting metal ore roasting
replacement cost diphenoxylate oven temperature regenerator equipment
thrust chamber living conditions sulphite-reducing clostridium illegal abortion
criminal abortion intentional abortion induced abortion legal abortion
spontaneous abortion unintentional abortion miscarriage IGBT
I-TV interactive television Sibeca computer
central birth rate crude birth rate birth rate EHRF
Biofuels colloquium New European Architecture monitoring schedule management chart
Invalidity Division Revocation Division Cancellation Division COSS
Subcommittee on Fisheries Retex Experimental Coordinated Project EDPW
MED Committee ESTA Cartagena Agreement official meeting
departmental meeting user service client service Community Telecommunications Committee
National Audit Institution DSIS Mint Directors Conference Palmiers programme
ADOP Parliamentary Association Committee Association Parliamentary Committee FEPORT
resignation resignation from office relinquish office GTAF
COGECA non-quota programme transitional operational programme frontier surcharge
Utilities Directive Phaeocystis project Coastwatch Europe project Ornis database
Eurocustoms Association DISKMA Socialist Group EUCLID
MVEG Consultative Association Committee rolling framework programme KAROLUS
Quota Administration Committee Pedip Advisory Committee State Property Agency MEEI
Information infrastructure system customs legislation caustic potash ICSI
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection vehicle alarm system letter of intent heavy metal compound
mineral fibre suspended particulate organic compound airborne pollutant
atmospheric pollutant air pollutant reheating furnace product of combustion
generating capacity emissions of pollutants mesosphere existing plant
existing installation multi-fuel firing unit dibromotetrafluoroethane dichlorotetrafluoroethane
trichlorotrifluoroethane marine phytoplankton trichlorofluoromethane bromotrifluoromethane
chloropentafluoroethane emission of CFCs alternative substance alternative equipment
ultraviolet solar radiation ultraviolet radiation UV-B radiation climatic effect
spectral region radioactive process UV-B atmospheric ozone
rate coefficient spectroscopic data biosphere atmospheric trace constituents
atmospheric dynamics meteorological parameters photochemically related species satellite sensor
aquatic food web photorepair agricultural chemicals climate parameters
troposphere satellite system carbon substance ground-based system
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