energy transfer natural enrichment entomophily insect pollination
entomogamy silting siltation epilimnion
epiphyte ecological equivalence land erosion control apomictic species
self-pollinating species dominant species host species migratory species
estivation summer dormancy aestivation abyssal-benthic zone
abyssal zone bathyal zone archi-benthic zone euryphagous
euryphagic eurythermic eurythermal eutrophic
evapotranspiration exobiology exosphere biotic factor
biotic environment edaphic factor limiting factor trophic factor
falconry deep-sea fauna abyssal fauna aquatic fauna
benthic fauna bottom-living animal soil fauna wildlife management
methanogene fermentation aquatic flora seabed organomercury fungicide
fungistat fungicidal property needle-leaved forest soft-wood forest
coniferous forest deciduous forest forest fire plant formation
genetic exchange gene exchange geophyte pathogenic germ
germ carrier game bird ground game seedeater
seed-eating granivorous taxonomic group marsh plant
helophyte hemicryptophyte herpetology heterogeneity
wintering ground homeostasis hydrobiology water dispersal
hydrochory hydrogeology hydrology hydrophyte
aquatic plant hydrosphere hypertrophy hypolimnion
immunology aquatic insect harmful insect plant-eating insect
phytophagous insect pollinating insect insect pollinator predacious insect
insect attractant organochlorine insecticide organochlorine insecticide Thiodan host-parasite interaction
methylmercury poisoning lead poisoning ionosphere ecological isolation
oligotrophic lake fresh-water limit limivorous limnic
limnology lipo-soluble fat soluble lithosphere
pest control biocontrol macroclimate macroconsumer
biophage Minamata disease marine mammal plant material
settleable solid faeces feces faecal matter
dissolved organic matter fermentable organic material volatile solids digestible organic matter
dead organic matter non-regenerating raw material putrescent material putrescible matter
vital biochemical process industrial melanism mesophyte metazoon
metazoan microbiology microhabitat aquatic microorganism
micropollutant inorganic micropollutant migratory path ecological environment
mimicry mineralization intention movement multiplication rate
mutagenesis mutualism nanoplankton nekton
neurotoxin nerve poison neuston ecological niche
nesting site trophic level food selection nyctihemeral
nycthemeral migratory bird breeding bird ground nesting bird
ground nester nidicolous bird altricial bird precocial bird
nidifugous bird trapping of birds oligotrophic omnivore
rank order dominance hierarchy osmotic regulation osmoregulation
ovicide egg killer oxidability photochemical oxydation
oxygenation of water oxygen consumption oxygen depletation oxygen content
marine park food particle paleocology palaeo-ecology
pedology olfactory perception periphyton serious ecological disruption
disturbance threshold chemical pesticide rapidly degrading pesticide persistent pesticide
use of pesticides wildlife population phanerogam seed plant
anthophyte phanerophyte phenology pheromone
phonoreceptor phoresy phoresis photoperiod
photoperiodism photoreceptor light receptor photosynthesis
phytobenthos phytochrome plant climatology phytoclimatology
geographic botany phytogeography plant geography geobotany
plant hormone phytohormone plant plankton phytoplankton
plant sociology phytosociology plankton aeroplankton
air plant aerophyte food plant anemophilous plant
calcicolous plant calciphyte calcicole plant floating plant
halophyte heliophyte sun plant heliophilous plant
herbaceous plant hygrophyte hygrophilous plant pioneer plant
creeping plant creeper skiaphyte skiophilous plant
shade-loving plant terrestrial plant land plant vascular plant
zoidiogamic plant plant nutrient migratory fish fish kill
pollinator pollinating agent biodegradation of pollutants toxicity of pollutants
prey population population dynamics population development population fluctuation
reproductive potential biotic potential penetrating power preadaptation
osmotic pressure selective pressure selection pressure competitive exclusion principle
self-purification process enrichment process primary production self-destroying product
environmental chemical corrosive product oxygen absorbent prey
harmful biological growth biological protective mechanism sand plant psammophyte
putrescibility pyramid of numbers food pyramid food interrelations
trophic relationships feeding interrelations avoiding reaction avoidance reaction
water re-aeration diet predator-prey relation predator-prey relationship
predator-prey interaction assimilation efficiency reinforcement clumped distribution
random distribution uniform distribution dispersion pattern restocking
reproduction asexual reproduction sexual reproduction reproductive rate
reproduction rate repellent insect repellent biogenetic reserve
partial reserve special reserve respiration non-regenerating natural resource
rutting season salting of soil salinisation saprobiont
sapropel saprovore saprophage saprophytic plant
saprophyte mineral salts nutritive salt taste sensation
gustatory sensation successional series sere sessile
seston warning signal alarm signal animal sociology
care of young brood care parental care putrescible solids
suspended solid volatile organic solvent submissive gesture species formation
speciation biological spectrum larval stage stage of succession
seral stage stenophagous stenothermous stenothermal
tree stratum tree layer brushwood layer herbaceous layer
ground layer thermal stratification temperature stratification trophic structure
active washing ingredient bioaccumulable substance dangerous chemical substance nutrient
mineral nutrient odorous substance odoriferous substance persistent synthetic substance
ecological succession primary succession secondary succession linear alkyl sulphonate
overgrazing excessive grazing symbiosis synoeky
synoecy synecology ecology of communities animal systematics
littoral system rate of increase teratology territory defence
territorial defence territory marking territorial marking territorialism
territoriality territorial behaviour methylene blue test toxicity test
therophyte vegetable tissue vegetative tissue plant tissue
total hardness enzyme-induced transformation trophallaxis ecological valence
vegetation loss vegetation belt story of vegetation vegetation type