vegetation zone yarovisation vernalization vertebrate
aging process xeromorphy xerophilous xerophilous plant
xerophyte drought-persistent plant zoidiogamy lightless zone
aphotic zone bathypelagic zone dysphotic zone neritic zone
epipelagic zone euphotic zone limnion limnetic zone
oceanic zone profundal zone sublittoral zone supralittoral zone
trophogenic zone tropholytic zone zoochory animal dispersal
zoogeography animal geography zooplankton original equipment manufacturer
nuclear panoply nuclear arsenal biochemical weapon tracks per inch
silicon carbide antitank helicopter antiarmour helicopter ALCM
air-launched cruise missile electromagnetic pulse all-out nuclear war electronic document management
thin film transistor boost phase ASAT ASATS
antisatellite system NORAD neutron bomb enhanced radiation weapon
FOBS UMTS maritime patrol aircraft air-to-air missile
STOL Object-Oriented Programming DMSO dimethyl sulphoxide
vitrification plant vitrified product store packet-switched data services shared use
protocol conversion physical interface interoperability of services conformity specification
SCCP alpha helix INF-α leucocyte interferon
leukocyte interferon alpha interferon denaturation ACE Mobile Force
nucleotide sequence Athens News Agency KEDKE Democratic Renewal Party
DI ANA Democratic Renewal New Democracy PASOK
Panhellenic Socialist Movement New Left Current Greek drachma drachma
ADEDY Arctic char ASKE automatic wage indexation
Athens Police Headquarters Public Power Corporation Hellenic Aerospace Industry United Democratic Left
botrytis Athens Labour Centre EKKE National Documentation Centre
Revolutionary Popular Struggle Greek Alumina Industry ELGA gas burner
ELKEPA Hellenic Productivity Center ELOT GNTO
ESAK Forest Research Institute presidential decree Mediterranean Information Office
National Land Association Industrial Reconstruction Organisation International Dodecanese Society KYDEP
Anti-Cancer Association KEPE NFRD Hellenic Railways Organisation
Greek Railway Organisation POASY Greek Police Federation Deputy Prime Minister
GSEVEE NFRRRG EAPTA exhaust control card
POL AN PolAn Political Spring PEGDY
prefecture EOMMEX special fishing permit Central Archaeological Council
SEVGAP principle of care TSAY reuse of sludge
citizen s band home port factory farming methyliodide
root vegetable leafy vegetable mycelium early potato
deciduous shrub borosilicate glass equipment flame retardant
stem breaking load barge carrying vessel barge-carrying ship
LASH-carrier LASH-ship lighter-aboard-ship carrier barge carrier
transit port port of transit low tide customs declaration
animal charcoal high water highwater flood
weaning food knot polyploidy inert gas
frontal impact front-end collision head-on collision front crash
nominative data Data Terminal Equipment Extremely Low Frequency Extra Low Frequency
local network architecture pages per minute direct access Automatic Call Unit
auto-call unit handset Information Provider digested sludge dewatering
antimissile missile air-to-surface missile air-to-underwater missile MRBM
medium-range ballistic missile SRBM short-range ballistic missile surface-to-surface missile
ground-to-ground missile ULMS EFEO addict
psychic life drinamyl dexamyl carboxylic acid
ester carprofen fenamate yttrium-aluminium-garnet
laser beam dilaudid hydromorphone dihydromorphinone
arachidonic acid ketone aspartic acid serine
dimepheptanol ischemia active abuser inserted gene
confiscation genetic identity biomolecular engineering bacteriological weapon
cartoon film animated film advertising spot dubbing
subtitling television advertising televised advertising master
safeguards agreement low enriched uranium silo-launched surface-to-surface missile vulcanised fibre
air blower all burnt range shipborne aircraft carrier-based aircraft
MRCA multi-role combat aircraft homing head seeker
seeker head homing device active homing active homing guidance
active guidance thrust jet thrust reference mark
reference point benchmark iterative guidance polyvinyl acetate
Telecommunications Act antimissile satellite ballistic trajectory ballistic curve
VTOL nuclear mine atomic mine stroke device
curve follower deterrent force deterrent ECCM
Forward-Based System FEBA GLCM Land-Launched Cruise Missile
LLCM ground-launched cruise missile MARV manoeuvrable re-entry vehicle
subsurface-to-surface strategic missile Commander seat Safety Management Certificate
analogue analog foam ascender
mean deviation average deviation colony character set
command concentrator console delimiter
Military Committee synthetic staple fibre electrostatic plotter Brazilian groupers
flatbed plotter antitank missile scatter bomb fragmentation bomb
throw-weight fighter-bomber heavy bomber cruise missile
nuclear potential nuclear capability helicopter-carrier choking gas
CIMI Native Missionary Council FUNAI National Indian Foundation
fixer Federal Environment Agency IBAMA facility attachment
Brazilian forestry code PROEX export financing programme Federal Inspection Service
fluctuation variation deviation wood millet
millet CDDPH SCAN Advisory Veterinary Committee
Comac Committee Single Committee EAC NGO-EC Waste Management Committee
VAT Committee Customs Cooperation Committee low-cost housing programme Budget Committee
EJIX EEC-Austria Joint Committee EEC-Finland Joint Committee EEC-Iceland Joint Committee
EEC-Sweden Joint Committee administrative arrangement Transit Committee Lisbon Agreement
TACIS programme STRIDE CAMAR Ecos programme
TIDE Experts Committee MISSOC Programme upgraded post calendar of meetings
ECBASES central documentation service closed access area reading room
documentary resources authorised signature cancellation legislative backbone
Transport Infrastructure Committee breeding sow CAPD national convergence programme
Eco-audit Child survival programme European Sports Charter ETHEL
PEJA AEFPR Sutherland committee AMBAR
Tacis Committee EC-Japan Plenary Meeting Network Working Group Sakharov Prize
working document Technology Management Plan REDWG HELIOS
CEFA Espace Léopold complex Libex system Act of Accession