Symbiosis network European Business Week Third Air Package Less Favoured Region
disadvantaged region old-for-new regulation European Security Council European Defence Community
Interprise scheme ECRS Green Team network SYSDEM
EACRO PSULG Maritime Forum Language Engineering Directory
slender snipefish coal consumption loan mail sorting department Inter-institutional European Centre
European Interinstitutional Centre grant delivery price delivered price
Early Childhood Centre intervention area field of activity regeneration
consultancy service advisory service agency agreement arms control agreement
peace agreement acetylcholine turning angle steering angle
blade licensing authority refractory acrylic acid
reaction rate National Armaments Director IACA SQUID
polyacrylonitrile maximum torque electrical seismic signal appropriation made available
polycarbonate contractual licence Common Appeal Court European Armaments Agency
Portland cement brining B-ISDN compact fluorescent lamp
Personal Communications Network angiotensin converting enzyme consuming member fax transmission
facsimile transmission carcass body Finance Committee
mobile deformable barrier deposit bank palm kernel pay per view
extrasensory perception ignition lead ignition advance relative standard deviation
CRT indicator stall warning indicator stall warning air intake
air duct pulsojet ramjet aeropulse
jet wash jet blast incident avoiding action evasive action
evasive manoeuvre jinking avoidance manoeuvre expansion joint
employment opportunity baffle wheelbase baseline
self-propelled seagoing vessel engine compartment engine bay beam steering
chlorodimethyl ether methyl ether magnetic bearing air supply
lock blocking bore banana-shaped arc
hot banana activity core certified seed potato basic seed potato
bulk carrier bulk ship bulk cargo vessel Observer State
strong gale humanitarian task marine turtles zinc chromate
erionite gating generator rescue task
incompetence undeveloped land ground clearance taxiing and queuing
ground roll femur force criterion tariff barrier customs barrier
point of observation ribbon cable general call all call
air freight air cargo port of refuge common carrier
countermeasure cellular rubber barbiturate plenum chamber
air temperature sensor aiming field aiming symbol aiming circle
silencer steering wheel air-flow sensor diammonium hydrogenorthophosphate
axial flow compressor centrifugal compressor wind sock wind cone
relief curve contour line ratchet control speed governor
constant speed control quality control access port Aeronautical Medal
control unit governor control element caffeine
cut-off point standard deviation cylinder wave front
travelling wave actinide propeller wash prop blast incident
zero level ataxia video frequency antihistaminic
antihistamine cyanoderma cyanosis cyanemia
facilities phageborne virulence determinant yellow grains finger
fire alarm fire hydrant supplementary benefit ownership interest
mixed licensing agreement skirt additional import duty aerobic bacteria count
scheduled flight scheduled air flight teratogenesis de-icing fluid
mastic stabilised waste time frame time increment
time block UNSCEAR UNCITRAL CLC Convention
WCED Brundtland Commission World Food Council Committee against Torture
UNCD UNDRO UNAVEM International Refugee Organisation
hard rubber protractor Global Environment Fund Inland Transport Committee
consolidated resolution Geneva Recommendations Conference of Donors INCB
IRPTC Biosphere Reserve UNTACDA II human development indicator
New York Convention orange book PrepCom Preparatory Committee
Environmental Security Council Ecological Security Council STANAVFORMED Earth Summit
Stockholm Conference UNCHE UNSCOM dipentene
ONUMOZ UNOMOZ test bench calcium L-ascorbate
Disarmament Committee Committee on Disarmament registered office coercive measure
CERD NIEO Soil Expert Panel UNDHA
administering authority children s allowance Plan Bleu Blue Plan
Sanctions Committee Security Council Committee Conciliation Commission MERSAR
Executive-Secretary ICPD linoxyn farming lease
agricultural tenancy Foliar Expert Panel recognised installer PvdA
Labour Party Regenboog CPN Regenboog PPR Rainbow Radical Party
Calvinist Political Party Political Reformed Party Calvinist Party telematics installer
Christian Democratic Union Christian Democratic Alliance Digital Compact Cassette Netherlands guilder
Dutch guilder guarantee threshold Dutch Film Fund Agricultural Inspectorate
charcoal interior lining Working Conditions Act Labour Conditions Act
germline gene therapy labour force manpower labour
nuptiality Social Security Bank Social Insurance Bank special motor-vehicle tax
social renewal programme juniper berry juniper Dutch State
Plastic Arts Fund Social Security Council licence fee State Aviation Service
Green Left Alliance Green Left fruit juice Produktschap for feedingstuffs
New Community Instrument industrial relations observatory integrated development operation Forestry Action Programme
integrated Mediterranean programme maximum guaranteed quantity Rules of Procedure IPMR
BC-Net Business Cooperation Network EFDO UNICE
Corine-biotopes list FYSAN Community ship register motion for a resolution
draft implementing measure Administrative Board European Common Market European Blue Flag
AHGI Community railway policy RECITE beef special premium
hard ECU European anthem Eurotech club Supervisory Board
Ephos ESSI Fast Lane Information Systems Engineering
umbrella methodology Global Communication Experiment non-attached Member Eurocoop
Euro Coop European Movement ECYO CSPEC
Community financial assistance common defence policy public service obligation separate base area
European non-governmental organisations Area Frame Sampling ground survey yield survey
credit guarantee METRAN POLIS formal inaugural sitting
general rapporteur OLAS on-line accounting system ECIA
typing Urban Environment unit European Coordination Office PHOS
PHARE Operational Service specific European statute EIMI EIMS
Community crisis unit sealant Childcare Network Community preferential ceiling
Transport Infrastructure Fund EC IIP ECIIP EC-IIP
ECIP self-regulation EARSEC binding mandate