secrecy of inventions utility certificate utility model short-term patent
acquired rights industrial democracy amine tunnel boring machine
mole optionality stabilisation agreement tank vessel
tanker tanker ship tank-ship tank lighter
retail pay-TV suscription television toll television pay-TV
absorbent digital image processing exchange rate loss foreign-exchange loss
loss on exchange exchange loss scope group of companies
labour management relations industrial relations propylene oxide ethylene thiourea
isobutylene isobutene chemical product chemical
chlorohydrin deck-arrestor aircraft deck-arrestor gear PECA
ITER-EDA subsidised short-term loan diisocyanate di-isopropylamine
desalting invert sugar syrup invert sugar solution speed category
isomer crystallisation synthetic rubber straight-chain hydrocarbon
unbranched acyclic hydrocarbon unbranched hydrocarbon linear hydrocarbon cupric chloride
copper chloride air cooling gas treatment straight chain paraffin
Minister of Agriculture Minister for Agriculture disulphur dichloride inverter
INF-γ gamma interferon petroleum refining commercial law
lubricating oil sieve boiling processing
valve tray Federal Chancellor customs authority saponification
liquid-cooling glycine settlement of accounts neuro-degenerative disease
tensile strength current cost accounting perspiration standardised rate
adjusted rate judicial system adversarial principle individual ageing
resident alien alien resident apportionment of appropriations allocation of appropriations
admissible action decision on appeal Association Committee delivery contract
currency revaluation revaluation appreciation of currency key telephone system
surface area living area visual arts physical integrity attack
Polish Antimonopoly Office Anti-Monopoly Office double decrement table double attrition table
public sale moving average launch under attack contribution
solid phase micro-extraction Cattle Indentification Document cattle passport Bovine Identity Document
technical assistance office Board of Appeal financial implications Value Relay Centre
Community Innovation Survey instrument of ratification seconded national expert Detached National Expert
Community Design Office Community Design Court Community Design Bulletin Community design register
ethoxy group THOD theoretical oxygen demand contract staff
Accession Compensatory Amount DECT European Parliament Member
Quaestor standing committee Age of Enlightenment soil conservation
make a recommendation impose sanctions issue directives Treaty of Rome
EEC Treaty red swamp crawfish Louisiana crayfish Ecarda
social statistics observatory GOOS Registry financial leasing
CCHFV social concertation SRINF common vetch
Eurasian vetch vetch winter tares blanche fleur
cytotoxic validation procedure isolate toxic equivalence factor
automatic gain control attachment of salary attachment of earnings solar-powered water-heater
solar water heater gasket peak power peaking power
peak performance thermal insulation market organisation aerobiosis
labour law social legislation social security law social law
part-time work night work Executive Director absenteeism
beam weapon works council employee council LRINF
refund levy discretionary bonus bonus
childcare freedom of religion summary termination breach of contract
Christmas tree user-accessible programmability chlorine trifluoride maraging steel
film TIMS cyclotetramethylenetetranitramine Wels catfish
Som catfish aerial survey Lassa fever virus arc remelt furnace
BHFV Machupo virus roll monkey pox virus
unit of consumption yellow fever virus foreman CISNER
space-based antiballistic-missile system work permit leave to work lactic bacteria
Rome Convention cyanamide ethiofencarb metamitron
N-propyl-N- prochloraz N-propyl-N- surplus brought forward
teflubenzuron cable filament yarn textured filament yarn azamethiphos
enforceable judgment enforceable decision septic tank spinning
scratching ropery patient contribution establishment emitting nuisances
variation fee meadow foxtail yellow oat grass golden oat grass
white mustard mustard wild mustard black mustard
Indian mustard Egyptian clover berseem uranium ore concentrate
yellow cake uranium concentrate national old-age pension troopship
steepwater screenings ribbed melilot honey lotus
lactic ripeness conflict of interest peace obligation boycott
workers self-management self-management working hours hours of work
annual holiday sit-in sit-in strike work-in
industrial dispute labour dispute industrial conflict sales representative
commercial representative homeworking indirect discrimination job enrichment
related undertaking connected undertaking severance package severance pay
layoff pay transfer of undertaking political strike positive action
positive discrimination reverse discrimination special measures affirmative action
reinstatement re-employment break disciplinary power
lock-out Agriculture Ministry trade union freedom guest worker
immigrant worker foreign worker freedom of labour free enterprise
working day concept of deterrence dense pack closely spaced basing
directed energy beam fast-burning booster laser antisatellite weapon laser battle station
laser gun LRTNF major nuclear attack no-first use declaration
ocean surveillance satellite orbiting laser weapon prescribed nuclear stockage retaliatory strike
space-based ballistic-missile defence space-based defensive system space-based weaponry target satellite
directed-energy weapon directed energy weapon miniature homing vehicle high sea
shipbuilding bulkhead dry dock port of shipment
port of loading dock work ships stores floating structure
floating equipment coastal state applied research welding
radiotelephone apparatus compensated quarter recipient country beneficiary country
cause-specific mortality cause mortality cause-specific mortality rate cause mortality rate
boarder white pox ceasefire agreement composite family
statistical family census family mark sensing census tract
trend sample survey sample census certificate of manufacture
EAILD pay television service anti-knock additive anti-knock agent
anti-knock compound anti-knock preparation anti-knock product anti-pinking agent
anti-detonant agent stratum layer type-approval mark
approval mark automatic transmission automatic gear box braking force
iodoform catalytic convertor cetane cooling
cord corrosion inhibitor deactivation deterioration factor
chromatogram direct injection direct fuel injection disc brake
drive ratio drop hammer drum brake dwell-angle
pulsair footrest Polisario Front front wheel drive
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