coupling clutch fuel injection control unit
independent action daytime running lights driving lights running lights
day-time running lamps idling dry charcoal feed pump
running order in running order indirect injection indirect fuel injection
injection advance curve injection piping lens lighting device
light-signalling device load-capacity index air injection locking system
preferential customs regime absolute instruction absolute command scrubber
positive displacement compressor pressure regulator rear-view mirror rear wheel drive
reference fuel trade description reference mass performance criterion
refrigerating unit cooling equipment section height section width
sidewall spare part spare spare wheel
antidepressant unladen mass tax debt numeric code
water injection windscreen wind tunnel withdrawal of approval
tilt angle rake angle tempered glass toughened glass
pre-stressed glass turbocompound engine Danube salmon Scanning Electron Microscopy
international humanitarian law cobalt chloride telematic service ceramic shell
vane inspection report discharge audiovideograph
audiovideographic terminal audiographic terminal power supply terminal videotex decoder
card bus bioclimate cut in a call audioconference
caulerphenyn break-pull functional unit functional group
tracheid length ACTEL connection strip plesiochronous telephone conference
teleconference sphagnum peat time indicator clock
rock oyster Pacific cupped oyster shield shielding
reverse clipping processing establishment avermectin CELMA
Community reserve fat content images per minute administrative procedure
light petroleum hexyl acrylate mordanting repeatability
cold start system reproducibility draft bill of exchange
fillet silverside viral arteritis botulism
poisoning intoxication hectare aid per hectare aid
acreage aid rabies forequarter implementation
coldstore axilliary lymph node axillary lymph node costocervical lymph node
ischiatic lymph node popliteal lymph node prescapular lymph node post-mortem inspection
reference method injurious pricing margin rump salting
pig s bristles means of defence thick flank knuckle
basic salary basic wage basic pay beneficial owner
commercial contract interest-rate contract foreign-exchange contract national currency equivalent
value adjustment mortgage credit short-term credit computerised marketing
computer aided marketing family doctor adopt measures grouping
three-dimensional imaging arbitrary discrimination audit requirement audit obligation
award procedure potential flammability basic industrial research cargo
BMPT confidential fungicide conformity to type
credit balance active balance parasiticide construction product
passenger traffic contractual liability disqualification from driving provider of funds
current payment language processing act unanimously advisory capacity
delivery terms stocking density dental practitioner diplomatic mission
trade diversion diversion of trade dozer borrowing rate
thiourea manufacturer s plate electricity supply agency fee
cementing engine power bulk transport use-by date
expiry date means of production factors of production financial transaction
financial operation fire-extinguisher fixed-income security general rule
dazzling device fuel consumption funicular railway gainful occupation
usual residence habitual residence customs transit procedure proceedings
dispute frequency channel fuel tank geographical information system
geographic information system data acquisition system defrosting fire detection
optical alarm vertical plane vertical dimension status display
burning rate drain drop off cut-off
kingklip SLIM emergency evacuation sampling error
exhaust apprentice Colorado beetle definitive duty
wild radish anti-adrenergic nuclear island nuclear block
aeronautical telecommunications network pain reliever painkiller analgesic
LIDAR shelf-life shelf life exclusive sales right
hot line surface-active preparation town hall transmission line
line rental full load fully loaded loadsheet
load sheet preventive maintenance competition provisions Competition Protection Act
Beer Act Knight sound-level meter loss of flesh
emaciation modularization monitoring station sodium hydroxymethylglycinate
navigation warning global network public data network endocarditis
nationality by birth national origin sorter passive corruption
penitentiary institution National Budget Law commercial enterprise business concern
status of refugee refugee status material damage action for damages
open court exclusivity arrangement exclusive dealing agreement unilateral law
procedural infringement defence witness degree of relationship delaying tactics
depreciation amount desertion embryo dissuasive effect
deterrent effect conflict of jurisdiction legal dispute local sickness fund
duty of care managerial prerogative employer s managerial authority economic crime
principle of effectiveness employment Code enforceability enforcement action
exemption clause hearing of witnesses hearing of evidence middlings
f o c free of charge temporary public employee certificate of employment
downgrading ladder effect de-skilling infectious bronchitis
swollen-head syndrome turkey rhinotracheitis cocoon vehicle
intermediate undertaking rind Healthy Cities programme benzothiazolethione
separated hindquarter unseparated forequarter accident en route administrative law
agricultural worker agricultural labourer autonomous work group bargaining structure
company-level bargaining concession bargaining Taylorism selective distribution system
disciplinary sanction social stakeholders social actors industry-wide agreement
flow measurement device itemised pay statement layoff legal force
legal effectiveness managerial prerogative minute of conciliation no-strike clause
pressure blower occupational class occupational category Miner
Ministry of Industry part-time contract social plan redundancy programme
right to employment personnel management strike committee warning strike
token strike trade union activity unionisation union density
unpaid leave filling warp binding weft filling weft
use-surface mercerised fibre materials programme currency programme
response burden flammable substance geographical mobility payment aquatic environment
most probable number faecal streptococcus electrometry photometry
absorption photometry partitioning and transmutation hot-plasma physics blackfin tuna
dicumyl peroxide deposit of securities Lippizaner horse barock horse breed
reciprocity clause sensitive constituent deciduous species controlling undertaking
controlled undertaking netting agreement national trade mark totally unemployed person
MEANS MEANS programme ground for revocation propulsion power
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