allotment issued appropriation authorised pro forma appropriation residual appropriations
technical appropriations cream thermal-zone cooking food crop
combination and overlapping disbursement full turn-out slaughterhouse waste
implementing decision Declaration of Intent industrial decline cereal incorporation premium
degree of self-supply degree of self-sufficiency degree of rurality reduction of stocks
overrunning overshoot overrun current expenditure
intervention expenditure running costs refund expenditure market support expenditure
eligible public expenditure examination of tenders extraordinary depreciation additional depreciation
locational disadvantage release from store removal from storage inventory rundown
goat keeper goat farmer supplies Directive ONP framework directive
spray-suppression devices special provision market control measures support distillation
preventive distillation voluntary distillation discussion paper FFTP
Fft-paper Food-for-thought paper consignment note accompanying document
two limits dual structure right to replant fifth-freedom traffic right
fourth-freedom traffic right third-freedom traffic right monetary gap applied monetary gap
real monetary gap timetable schedule indicative timetable
indicative schedule forest ecosystem disposal of sugar synthetic sweetener
artificial sweetener spreand effect stimulus pump-priming
variable component silkworm rearing extensive livestock farming off-land livestock farming
off-land livestock farm mixed livestock farming issue recovery orders agricultural employment
adjusted rule accounting commitments global commitments nitrogenous chemical fertiliser
chemical fertiliser green manure pig farmer provisional registration
pro memoria registration technical obstacle technical barrier ginning undertaking
carcase equivalent milk equivalent discount deduction in advance
seed producer multiplier market study market survey
market research preparatory study Audiovisual Eureka Europartnership
butterfat surplus virus free previous financial year precompetitive requirement
pilot scheme livestock rearing stockfarming livestock production
management of woodlands closed circuit holding off-land farm intensive farm
extensification of production dry matter computer integrated manufacture computer integrated manufacturing
holonic production agile production wheat meal wheat flour
rice flour rye meal rye flour potato starch
farina starch manufacturer tenant farming cotton fibre
textile fibre generic service timber industry forest-based industry
beef veal sector regressive funding conditioning flaked rice
Epizootic Diseases Fund sun-dried fodder neutral margin storable cheese
long-keeping cheese oleaginous fruit fruit grower fruit and vegetables
limited price guarantee full price guarantee stock management farmed game
rural holiday accommodation glucosinolate wheat gluten maize gluten
corn gluten seeds seed for sowing slaughterhouse fat
cutting-room fat principal operational unit large animals heavy livestock
granivores citrus pellets Community classification scale field bean
pigeon bean broad bean SOG-T producer group
groats and meal food habits eating habits thin skirt
homogenisation horticulturist semi-fine olive oil rape-seed oil
vegetable oil waste incinerator waste incineration plant incentive to investment
insurance payment cessation annuity financial indicator physical indicator
traditional farm-income indicator implicit price index inserted sequence food industry
brewing industry European non-food industry starch-using industry rural infrastructure
professional insertion occupational integration accounting instrument specific market instrument
storage intervention public intervention structural intervention heading
description productive investment agro-industrial fallow testing laboratory
school milk milk powder wire-drawing standardised whole milk
liquid milk milk for suckling minority Community language animal husbandry legislation
absolute limit textile flax fibre flax linter
validation milk delivery American foulbrood grain maize
plasmacytosis Aleutian disease forward commodity market agricultural market
agri-foodstuffs market exchange market cash flow standard gross margin
milk fat agricultural raw material agricultural commodity animal fat
renewable primary product natural negative MCAs transferred negative MCA clawback system
complementary alternative medicine complementary medicine complementary therapy alternative medecine
coloured masterbatch memorandum bill of costs Message Handling System
agrimonetary measure grubbing up technical assistance measure afforestation work
co-responsibility measures preparatory measure conversion scheme control measures
microelectronics electronic microcircuit electronic microassembly mini-tender
implementation of action productivity drive external role financing arrangement
higher-range Community model monomethyl-dibromo-diphenyl methane uniform standard amount standard amount
nectarine intervention stock levels guide level seasonal scale
occupational level voluntary non-delivery production objective programme objective
silkworm egg egg in shell collective irrigation works free distribution operation
withdrawal cash operation financed operation approval body
accreditation body malting barley barley for brewing barley grain
fodder barley feed barley type of farming ornithosis psittacosis
ovalbumin wool-bearing animals sheep deficiency payment
food shopping basket feedlot science park public procurement order
fruit paste ergocalciferol paying agent eligible country
peripherality remoteness peripherals over-exposure
agrochemical product SCTV leghold trap jaw trap
quotation centre observation point indicative financing plan potted plant
pot plant energy plant fuel crop energy crop
commercial seal veterinary seal average carcase weight pear in syrup
dehydrated potato agricultural population farm population agricultural community
rural population marketing possibilities marketing outlets item
hop powder battery hen table type chick oenological practice
precompetitive work pre-fixing import levy super levy
supplementary levy additional levy reference presentation first-hand evidence
estimate premium per she-goat goat premium production premium
headage payment income premium additional premium adrenal cortical hormone
denaturing premium marketing premium guidance premium minimum purchasing price
public buying-in price derived price input price European translation prize
additional target price European literary prize mixed price disposal price
signal price cold storage process recovery procedure appropriate decision-making procedure
computational linguistics cereal production cereal output cork production
overproduction milk production marginal production temperate-zone agricultural product
starch product alternative crop basic product base product
derived product co-product wheat-derived product forest product
milk product imitation milk product oilseed plant early crops
processed product fission product pastry products bioethanol programme
positive action programme Priority Information Programme stock reduction programme disposal scheme
DPRA rural development programme multiannual budget forecast specific proposal
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