relative prosperity protein plant protein crop Sugar Protocol
minimum bread-making quality reference quantity guaranteed total quantity collective quota
delivery quota individual quota mountain breed hardy sheep breed
television broadcasting activity television broadcasting readjustment of entries raising of capital
monetary realignment currency realignment EEC type-approval exploratory research
forestry research artificial reef varietal conversion Community buying-up arrangement
national aid scheme cessation scheme guarantee limitation arrangement quota system
plant health regime eligible region structurally backward region structurally lagging region
laggard region island region insular region operative rule
operational rule structural regulation price recording equipment handover
milk yield yield per cow expected profitability share-out
Symbiosis information network EIONET monetary reserve severance bonus
corrosion resistance food supplies degressive refund food aid refund
standing refund restructuring of plantations set-aside of farmland rhizomania
refund milled rice wholly milled rice hulled rice
spray carnation multiflorous carnation standard carnation uniflorous carnation
bloom carnation husked rice paddy rice semi-milled rice
lard satsuma artificial heat-drying non-food industrial sector
wine-growing sector wine sector Guidance Section general product safety
bread-making rye selection sowings certified seed
spelt for sowing basic seed grassland seed herbage seed
grass seed fodder seed fodder plant seed air cargo service
investment service gateway all-cargo service intervention threshold
guarantee threshold production threshold lactose syrup raw silk
bran by-product of winemaking transnational subcontracting cross-border subcontracting
agricultural stabiliser intervention stock memorandum account offset account
suspense account liaison account recently constituted stock buffer stock
seasonal storage conversion strategy agricultural structure farm structure
functional structure hormonal substance milk substitute grain substitutes
cereal substitutes import subsidy global grant raw beet sugar
raw cane sugar area of cereals area under cereals cereal acreage
areas under beet reactor safety temporary linear suspension recycle symbol
accreditation system equalisation scheme delivery quotas system raw tobacco
baled tobacco leaf tobacco table of equivalence financial table
through rate humidity limit standard interest rate oxygen sensor
rates of assistance agricultural conversion rate rate of refund daily conversion rate
green central rate green rate parafiscal levy parafiscal charge
technique of intercomparison television projection equipment volatile acid content aflatoxin content
sugar content released land freed land hunting region
area of hunting thermisation cold-rolled sheet maize cake
oilseed cake oilcake heat treatment annual instalment
transparency of appropriations water-engineering work European size unit agricultural work unit
manpower unit annual work unit land use suckler cow
sucking cow breeding cow agricultural value added buying-in value
sale value veal calf breakdown of appropriations interim disbursement
payment in advance advance payment carcases hormonised meat
ATLAS competing meat quick-frozen meat frozen meat
poultrymeat boneless meat boned meat bone-in meat
pigmeat liqueur wine open transfer approval of commitment
overbooked flight zebrule zeranol adjacent area
utilisation area collection area consumption area deficit area
vaccination buffer zone technical entity liquid crystal display ASIC
ASICs silver iodide zinc-coated tube inventive creativity
AM-LCD Chinese wood oil tung oil China wood oil
myrtle wax convention applying implementing convention application convention
method of bio-substitution hybrid vine pre-alarm phase avoparcin
package container free of odour isotactic polypropylene
NEFA non-esterified fatty acid free fatty acid palmitic acid
erucic acid length height blue
light ultramarine gold dark chromium yellow pusher tug
pusher craft Paralympics para-olympics Paraplegic Games
Paraplegic Olympics Paralympic Games clinical chemist newsprint industry
large exposures composite video signal flexible manufacturing system burnt-particles index
advisory tool Universal Time weldability pyralene
equity market capitalization operator effective radiated power machinability
wild onion value added network digital audio tape depreciation percentage
ladle furnace net grant equivalent subordinated perpetual bond alkyl benzene sulfonate
nitrilotriacetic acid prior information advance information notice quality wine psr
qwpsr development gap radiotelephone radiophone
joining and assembly participating security convertible bond grinding
pressurised fluidised bed quarantine centre operating mode system bearing
adaptor external diffusion MIPS reference fare
terminal dues maximum permissible concentration maximum allowed concentration Elsbeth automobile engine
surface treatment coating satellite debris collective aerial
metallic yarn fish flake smokeless tobacco product smokeless tobacco
advanced-technology centre maximum residue limit Maximum Residue Level sweeteners
cloacal swab Economic Interest Grouping returns on research meal voucher
luncheon voucher PIBOR stock-for-stock takeover bid underwinning
seal-proof net livestock unit adult bovine unit full duplex data-transfer
intentional abortion supplementary trade mechanism original producer intervening party
joined party intervener Eastern Tropical Pacific Coastwatch Europe Network
butter milk powder national standards organisation national standards body Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis
tracheal swab microcomputer progesterone hail protection measures
outer combined package outer interoffice link asynchronous communication element
anti-dumping electronic data processing local executive body implementing provisions
landing stage pine wood nematode pinewood nematode pine wilt nematode
European coastal policy consultative document water gas generator producer gas generator
low-NOx technology gas recoverer regular health check pulp
chemical pulp mechanised poleline call forwarding unconditional automatic reverse charging
Management Board natural language processing meet-me conference CONF
conference call add-on add-on conference call declining industrial area thalassotherapy
chromium pollution phasing out Expect procedure revenue-producing file
San José dialogue magnetic welding European climatology school infected poultry
multi-fuel engine multifuel engine flag logotype coordinated tax examination
magpie current file dormant file man-made Earth-orbiting object
cultural tourism horse-riding centre recreational service undesirable alien
secondary picketing environmental labelling information exchange system ELINCS
Police special group shared ownership yellow spreadable fats non-EC citizen
little bustard actinolite subfecundity mechatronics
means of integration extension of a right access to a right preclinical effect