methylprednisolone database nystatin nistatin
phospholipide phospholipid plasmid pyrimidine
red blood cell red blood corpuscle erythrocyte respiratory syncytial virus
seropositivity seropositiveness toxoplasmosis curlew
tumour necrosis factor Tumoral Necrosis Factor viral antigen card-index cabinet
card index pulley tackle weaving machine loom
CATV Community Antenna TV teledistribution network cable television
CISC constant-linear-velocity central processor mainframe
processor central processing unit digital analogue digital analog
tax on export export tax preferential raw sugar direct memory access
Direct Drive Memory electronic publishing desktop publishing bar code
floating point unit floating point processor hard disk load board
object-oriented language object language metropolitan area network credit title
read-only storage read-only memory memory management unit metal oxide semiconductor
MOSFET microprocessor NMOS remote job entry
read write serial communication controller transistor-transistor logic UART
voltage-controlled oscillator video graphics array basic rate interface basic rate access
direct dialling-in direct-inward-dial direct dial-in social group
automatic telephone log central switching office digital switching system automatic switching system
pre-cabling network ball bearing telecommunications service banana plantation
electronic typewriter glazier soot remover acetylene gas generator
outervalance rain flap air water separator energy absorber
pulverised water spray self-tracking axle self-steered wheels lifting axle
tyre contact patch digit compact disc player isopropylamine
gum-resin inlaid wood pruning knife clock
videotuner photocathode microassembly gauze
gauze fabric diaphanous tabby terry fabric terry towelling
woven terry fabric pile fabric chenille fabric net fabric
ammonium sulphate ammonium sulphate-nitrate calcium cyanamide fattening establishment
long-grain husked rice chemically pure fructose gentian juniper
laurel invert sugar sloe anise
star anise anethole marasca cherry free range egg
deep litter egg perchery egg barn egg optical reading head
laser diode photodiode single-use camera throwaway camera
disposable photographic camera chromatic tuner quartz oscillator point-type frequency meter
restricted act decompiling decompilation PS-RAM
pseudo-static random-access memory property tax automobile framework haul
smare picarel swimcrab piezo lighter
waste water sewage recycling of sludge recirculation of sludge
municipal waste water urban waste water municipal effluents grey water
household waste water domestic waste water industrial waste water collecting system
population equivalent primary treatment secondary treatment appropriate treatment
run-off rain water total oxygen demand sodium carbonate soda
nameplate capacity home market principle purchase for resale refining aid
money launderer EEPROM inkjet printhead bubble memory
thermal printer head dot-matrix display plasma display HEMT
S-cache-RAM write buffer double row buffer multiplier accumulator
burst error processor ECDU monochrome display controller font generator
character generator DCCG interpolation pulse generator graphic display controller
AVDC page mode operation simultaneous processing interleaving
SLIC EPCI multiple bus buffer phase locked loop
emitter-coupled logic programmable logic device SPLD programmable logic array
FPLA clock generator RAMDAC DUART
solids-no fats non-specified indicative limit value claim
signatory bureau handling bureau paying bureau explosive when dry
cornea opacity redness of conjunctivae oedema of conjunctivae chemosis
toxigenicity genotoxicity degradation potential deep coastal waters
tomato flakes ld PE LDPE low-density polyethylene
cellulose acetate cellulose acetate butyrate melamine formaldehyde urea formaldehyde
unsaturated polyester polybutylene terephthalate AMMA acrylonitrile methylmethacrylate
PEPEX cross-linked polyethylene cadmium plating monomethyl-tetrachlorodiphenyl methane
monomethyl-dichloro-diphenyl methane CERIF Common Communication Format must-match fields
whole-time equivalent full-time equivalent archives science archivistics
archives administration onomastics orthopedagogy physical sciences
bioenergetics phylogeny palynology ontogeny
andrology psychonomics plausibility monitoring spontaneous cover
coastal engineering beach nourishment self-navigation of vehicles IBC demonstrator
operations support system telecommunications management network free text anthropogenic
telluric hazard self-inspection trefoil seed black medick seed
food shortage hardiness non-disruptive commercial use organic animal production
non-processed animal product biodynamic preparation flame weeding rollover protective structure
ROPS roll-over protection structure deflection-limiting volume crawler loader
wheel loader lime wheel tractor lifting accessory
separate lifting accessory guided load enabling device dead man s handle
tacit renewal automatic renewal silicon-electrical steel rainbow trout
main compensating product secondary compensating product quantitative scale method value scale method
equivalent compensation monthly aggregation quarterly aggregation seal
clip-mark float glass system on a chip scene interpretation
informal interaction magneto-optical storage system scanning technology livestock lease
lessor lessee ANIMO non-programmable resources
reclosable package child-resistant package central axle trailer recipient organism
adventitious agent phasmid minichromosome progenitor genetic element
phage immunity nic-site linker non-impact printing technology
prokaryotic recipient particulate pollutant tailpipe emission exhaust emission
hot soak loss rotating piston engine rotary piston engine crankcase emissions
NDIR analyser non-dispersive infrared analyser HFID chemiluminescent analyser
NDUVR EUDC extra-urban driving cycle extra-urban cycle
glycopeptide efficiency requirement energy-saving programme final energy demand
household hot water domestic hot water non-quota measure unzoned
monitoring system decision-taking authority ring test sample of milk
capital flow sound insurance principles risk management bottleneck
special compound feedingstuff interim protective measure toroidal magnetic confinement insect pest
injurious insect hydrometallurgical processing optomatronics nanostructural engineering
net shaping computational fluid dynamics telefax paper fax paper
jumbo reel coil SGA expenses attenuation characteristic
irradiation target material dose-effect curve time-effect curve clipped oats
cabbage lettuce wilking collagenous protein tendon collagen
defraying of costs sheet piling support tariff pirate importing
formal requirement full line installation turn-key plant turn-key installation
milk line emergency vaccination HCLA heated chemiluminescent analyser